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Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer Wanted
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Entry level

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Location: Borås

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Hiring Manager
Rikard König

Job Description

Do you love programming but feel that you need a new challenge? Do you have a genuine interest in Artificial Intelligence? Then becoming an Machine Learning Engineer at Ekkono is the perfect next step!

Ekkono provides a highly optimized machine learning library for edge computing. Typical applications are predictive maintenance and predictive control for edge devices ranging from trucks, bikes, lawn movers, alarms, coffee machines and toy trains!

As an aspiring Machine Learning Engineer at Ekkono, you will learn the tricks of the trade hands on by working side by side with Ekkono's outstanding team, consisting of both researchers and senior developers. You will start with assisting our senior data scientists with preprocessing- and analytic tasks and as your competence grows so will your responsibilities. Several data scientist on the team are active researchers and are also giving courses at master level, thus providing an ideal learning environment.

Ekkono is an embedded machine learning library and hence you will mainly be working with the library through python, C# or C++.

Skills & Requirements

You should be a confident programmer, ideally with experience in more than one programming language. Additionally, a strong AI / Machine Learning interest is a must and real experience, also on a hobby level, has merit.

You might also have the ability to perform magic, the capacity to solve Rubiks Cube in under 7s or wicked longboard skills.

About the company

Ekkono does machine learning for IoT. The solution, which is the result of seven years of research at the University of Borås, is a lightweight embeddd software solution that enables advanced machine learning out on connected devices, aka edge computing. This enables predictive maintenance and production optimization in industrial IoT, and more intuitive consumer IoT products. Ekkono makes connected things smart!

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