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Senior Creative

At Radon, we create experiences in all shapes, sizes, and channels. Right now we’re looking for a conceptually strong individual with a love for big branding concepts, smart PR ideas, beautiful ad campaigns and everything in-between.

What you will be doing

  • Act as the lead creative with your own projects and clients.
  • Work with advertising, branding, PR, film, design - any type of communication
  • Do both B2C and B2B
  • Work in the creative team to build pitches, form concepts and oversee the full production from start to finish
  • Meet clients, pitch and be social
  • Get your hands dirty in every part of a project

Skills & Requirements

Who you are

  • A hybrid creative. You can write copy, understand design and be interested in strategy
  • Minimum 6 years of working experience
  • You can be a lead creative with large international clients
  • Storyteller. Great language skills – both written and spoken. Fluent in Swedish and English
  • Not just a creative. You understand business, you understand budgets and you can work creatively within their limitations
  • Split vision. You can work with several projects at the same time
  • Hungry. Radon is a place filled with underdogs and overachievers
  • Pragmatic. You’re neither a sensitive artist nor a push-over
  • Prestigeless. This is not a place for creative divas or people building their own personal brand
  • Autonomous. You don’t need to hide in a team and you have the ability to create stuff on your own
  • A fun, social and warm individual

About the company

What do you call an advertising agency / startup studio / PR agency / production house / media agency / restaurant? Crazy probably. But the truth is, by going our own way we can find our own solutions.

At Radon we’re firm believers in the positive cross pollination of craziness. We take away silos, learn from each other and speed up processes. We get the chance to nurture a creative vision from start to finish and we can launch, tweak, fail, learn and launch again - all within the four walls of our own house.