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Machine Learning Engineer

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

Who we are

Volumental is a young and supportive company with a friendly, talented and diverse team of 42 people, currently comprising 19 nationalities. We have a collaborative atmosphere and believe in developing our employees and growing our business while having fun at work.

At Volumental, we’re passionate about creating a great shopping experience and helping people find the best products for them (both fit and style) - starting with shoes. To do that we 3D scan people’s feet and use AI to find or create shoes that fit you perfectly. This data also helps our customers, mainly world leading brands, to develop better products. We do this by utilizing our beautifully designed high tech software and hardware, at present unparalleled in the global retail industry.

We’re also in a strong growth phase. Since we started rolling out in 2016, our scanners are now in stores in 35 countries and help thousands of people every day find shoes that fit. So we’re a crucial part of making retail more efficient, personalized and sustainable.

What’s your part in this?

Founded as a spin-off from a robotics and machine learning lab at KTH, Volumental is at it's core a technology company with deep roots in the machine learning community. We believe that AI and data will transform all parts of society in the coming decades. That includes not only our own products and our customers and partners, but every aspect of the business.

As a Machine Learning Engineer at Volumental, you will join the team of developers that makes this a reality. This can involve anything from compressing CNNs to run in real-time on a mobile device, to implementing analytics mining terabytes of data in the cloud. You will work both on developing and implementing algorithms as well as the practical engineering side of making those run smoothly in production.

Work with great people

Julia Krantz
Creative Director
"Expert at avantgarde fashion, blogs about the future of virtual clothing and 3D. "
Alper Aydemir
Co-founder and CTO
"NASA/JPL & Google X roboticist, PhD computer vision. Silicon Valley, Istanbul & Stockholm local. "
Samuel Carlsson
Senior Developer
"Passionate about fast & elegant applications. Avid xkcd reader, formerly at Rebtel & Tobii."
Mikael Andersson
Senior Product Owner
"I build stuff. Father of 2. Passionate about UX."
Anna Malkan
VP Sales
"Organizes Tjejer Kodar, studied at Columbia and SSE, dotes on office dog Mischa and mixes the best drinks"
Eveline Visee
Back-end Developer
"Backend and data developer. Runner and math nerd."
Lukas Tallund
Operations Manager
"Our hardware and China guru, he also likes to cook, travel and ski"
Caroline Walerud
Co-founder and Executive Chairperson
"Scientist, nature lover and foodie. Forbes 30 under 30 Leaderboard 2016 and #1 Swedish Supertalent of the Year 2013."

Skills & Requirements

These statements describe you well:

  • You prefer environments with low prestige and sharing of ideas and knowledge.
  • If someone says "loss function", "n-fold cross validation" or "variance vs. bias", you understand what they are talking about.
  • In the past you've had to navigate code bases large enough that you had to search for things.
  • You've worked on code that was used in a production environment, and learnt something about how that is different from working on a Kaggle challenge.
  • Two or more of the following are familiar to you, and you can mention some pros and cons of them: pandas, torch, tensor-flow, jupyter, scikit learn, dlib, eigen, opencv, caffe, theano, keras, mlpack.
  • When needed, you eagerly learn tools new to you and become productive in them.
  • Looking beyond the recent AI hype, you get excited by building ML-driven products that have an actual impact and deliver practical value to regular people.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to learn on the job, so don’t worry if you only fulfil a third of this wish list so far!

We’re excited about you because you:

  • Are a collaborative and kind team member
  • Are open to learning new things and happy to teach others
  • Have a helpful attitude, and are willing to jump in where you’re needed.

We encourage a diversity of applicants to apply. Welcome to Volumental!

Great Place to Work

  • Diverse and dynamic team

  • Super talented and passionate people

  • Fun, social and supportive environment

  • Swedish 5+ weeks vacation and parental leave

  • Focus on health and productivity, flexible hours

  • Options programs for all long term employees

  • Focus on training and learning

  • Office in central Stockholm (Fleminggatan 20A)

  • Best coffee in town (Johan & Nyström)

About the company

At Volumental we care about personal and professional growth, about building a great company culture as well as great products. We often hold internal talks/workshops and provide opportunities for taking courses and improving skills.

We also believe in learning fast and moving fast ‐‐ as an example, we went from being a pure software company to mass-producing the leading hardware (and software) on the market in a single year. 

We encourage Voumentalists to contribute to our ecosystem. Our employees are very active in organizing and speaking at events including Tjejer Kodar, Pink Programming, Django meetup, Sustainability and Future of Fashion events, working on open source projects and open-sourcing our code where possible.

As a well‐funded and fast‐growing startup with a flat organizational structure, we are open to new ideas. Volumental offers you a workplace where you as an individual can make a lasting impression, and where your contributions make a difference to the company culture and to the future of fashion and retail: how we design, manufacture and buy products in a world where customized is the norm rather than a luxury.

We have regular options programs, with the aim that everyone who works here long term should own a stake and take part in the long-term success of Volumental.

We know it can be hard to move. It’s a plus if you are already eligible to work in Sweden, but for exceptional candidates we do help with the visa process (it took one month last time). If you need to move to Stockholm, we will do our best to help you with housing and settling in!

Please read more about your future team members, values and life at Volumental here. 

June 2018We've just passed 1 million foot scans worldwide in our database. Amazing, right? The whole scanning process takes roughly 10 seconds, so that means our product has been used for more than 2700 hours!

February 2018Live in 35 countries across the world, and helping thousands of people a day find shoes that fit. Creating Cinderella moments every few seconds!

January 2018Kicked off the year in NYC with our own spot at the NRF Big Show, and our own customer event at New York Road Runners, a running hub that has one of our scanners, with speakers from Apple and New Balance!

June 2017Live in 32 countries and helping hundreds of people find shoes every day with customers like Bauer, New Balance and Wintersteiger.

February 2017We won Product of the Year at ISPO, the world's largest sports goods fair!

October 2016New Balance starts rolling out Volumental's foot scanner in stores world-wide.

January 2016Volumental presents its foot scanner prototype at the world's largest retail convention, NRF.

September 2014Demo of first 3D foot scanning using a laptop on stage at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco at Moscone Center.

August 2014$3M Seed investment from MOOR (Stockholm) and Founder.org (Silicon Valley). Team has grown to 15 people!

July 2013First employees Moritz, Mikael and Sumit join Volumental! Successful Kickstarter campaign takes place.

December 2012Volumental founded by Caroline, Alper, Miro and Rasmus. We were soon accepted at top incubator Sting.co, and got funding from Vinnova and KTH.

Josef Grahn | Hiring Manager

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