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Job Description

We are now looking for a 3D Algorithm Developer to join Gleechi's team in downtown Stockholm.

At Gleechi, you will be part of pioneering work to solve one of the most challenging questions in the tech world: how to realize natural interactions between humans, computers and robots.

Our areas of development range from thorough understanding of complex 3D objects and environments to generating human-like motions and animations on virtual avatars and robots. In your daily work, you will be tackling new challenges of algorithm design and implementation, with a keen eye on making our core software - VirtualGraspTM - easily applicable to our clients, while always being in touch with the newest developments in exciting fields such as Virtual Reality, Machine Learning or Robotics.

You will be part of our highly diverse and startup-minded team of VR developers, algorithm developers, ML engineers, product engineers, and business heroes, and have the opportunity to join us in the accelerating stage of a startup that received a major funding to accelerate growth internationally. You will report directly to our CTO as a part of the team that keeps full responsibility of Gleechi’s interaction technology as a product.

Your tasks will include:

  • design, research and develop new groundbreaking methods, as well as improve our current state-of-the-art algorithms.

  • write, optimize and test C++ code with production code quality.

  • follow trends and state-of-the-art in new technology areas such as virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • plan, communicate and share status updates together with other developers, managers, and clients.

  • prioritize and implement new product features to meet real customer needs.

We want to build the world's first software to enable truly natural interaction between humans and technology, and we need your hands and brain to make it happen!

Skills & Requirements

As a perfect candidate for this position,

  • you identify yourself as a 3D enthusiast with solid theoretical and practical background in a 3D data domain such as computer vision (e.g. 3D scene reconstruction), robotics (e.g. complex 3D kinematics), or engine programming (e.g. 3D animation or physics).

  • you have an MSc or PhD related to one of these domains, and have proven your ability to understand and solve complex problems with structure, passion and commitment in order to excel at your solutions.

  • you have very good software development skills with C++, with a keen eye on creating highly efficient code for real-time applications.

  • you are a team-player who thrives in a highly-dynamic tech startup environment where plans and responsibilities may change quickly, and enjoy sharing your knowledge, findings, and opinions with colleagues of various professional and cultural backgrounds.

Other Beneficiary Skills for this Position:

  • Proficiency programming in C# and python.
  • Familiarity with Unreal and Unity3D game engines and how they use animations.
  • Experience with animation formats and tools (e.g FBX SDK/Blender/Maya).
  • Experience with game engine animation plugins (e.g. Mecanim or Control Rigs).
  • Experience from deploying applications in the VR or gaming industry.
  • Industry experience in any of the areas above.

If this sounds like a description of you, please do not hesitate to apply with your CV and a cover letter in which you elaborate on how your profile fits the requirements.

Hiring Manager
Kai Huebner

About the company

At Gleechi, we want to enable humans to interact naturally with the digital world, and robots to interact like humans. We are a Stockholm-based startup coming from robotics research and the first in the world to enable artificial hand movement and interaction in real-time.

We collaborate with world-leading game and VR developers, we make it possible for stroke patients to interact with virtual worlds, and we enable robots to collaborate with people in hospitals. We're a small team based in central Stockholm that combines awarded entrepreneurs, top-ranked robotics researchers and experienced developers. The company was founded in the end of 2014 and since then we have been awarded the Super startup of the year by Veckans Affärer, won the European startup competition EIT Digital Idea Challenge and much else.

We got a ridiculously exciting time ahead and we'd love to get more awesome people onboard!

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