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Mobile Developer

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Helsinki
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Helsinki

Looking for the next adventure in your career? You are in the right place! We are always happy to get to know people who love learning and have their heart in the right place.

Skills & Requirements

We thought there is no better way to tell about a job than hear it from a potential future colleague

So we asked a couple of our senior mobile developers their views on their job. Let’s hear what Vera Izrailit and Alex Havukangas have to say:

“The daily life here as a mobile developer is building new apps, trying out new and exciting technologies, working with awesome people, checking out interesting services, and occasionally finding and fixing horrible bugs you've never seen before. Overall, it’s about helping customers build quality mobile services that their end users will really want to use. Usually this means more than just producing quality client side code, with the customers trust in us allowing us to have a big impact in their whole mobile service development process.

Building mobile services as a consultant for clients in different domains really gives a wide perspective for how mobile technologies are used in different contexts, and provides a chance to gather experience with technologies not necessarily used everywhere. You see all kinds of projects, from the apps that belong in a museum, to the latest in emerging technology, and everything in between. You get to try a variety of architectures, and to discuss them with other mobile developers. You get to see a wide variety of client organizations working in different fields.

Project team composition optimally consists of a nice combination of Futuricean technological and design expertise, and client side business and domain knowledge. The present roles doesn’t always match perfectly, which is why it is good to be surrounded by proactive teammates who are willing to take up the slack.“

Here are some practical things that would definitely help succeeding in this job

  • Solid experience in native development for Android and/or iOS.
  • Having experience in mobile development with React Native.
  • Broad knowledge of tools, frameworks and technologies related to testing and deploying software services.
  • Besides mobile development, an interest or experience in modern web development, or implementing the backend your apps will communicate with.
  • Appreciating and practicing good communication. You are fluent at least in English, Finnish is a definite plus.
  • At the end of the day, the technology is but a means to an end, and your willingness to learn new things is what counts.

We offer you the Ultimate Learning Platform

With us you get the opportunity to work with the most motivated and multi talented forces in development, design and strategy. As an agency, we have a versatile portfolio of projects and we solve different kinds of problems that require different kinds of tools – for you this means the chance of a lifetime to follow your learning goals and broaden your skill set. You will be inspired and supported throughout your journey as our aspiration is to be the Ultimate Learning Platform for your career. We are a people-first-company and believe that at the end of the day happy people are the key to great software and happy clients.

If you get good vibes after reading this, we would love to hear from you! Please click “apply” to show your interest and tell us a bit about your career background and why you are motivated to become part of the Futu family.

About the company

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. We inject life into digital solutions by designing innovative mobile apps and online software – all with a focus on user experience and interaction. We believe that the winning recipe for digital projects is happy people, happy customers, and happy users. We are co-creating the future. Our work has meaning and makes an impact on society. By helping our clients thrive, we co-create a better future.

Founded in 2000 we are over 650-strong and growing. We are all about people. We trust each other and care about each other. We are open and honest. We empower and encourage each other. We are committed to helping you become a better version of you. We challenge each other to find a path of personal growth. We support each other as we learn and grow as people and professionals.

We are cultivating a diverse and proud community, and committed to building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and grow.

As an international company with Nordic roots, our HQ is in Helsinki and we have offices in Tampere, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. We come from all over the world. Our clients are international, as are the opportunities we provide. Our culture is built on a Nordic heritage of trust and transparency.

Maria Calonius | Hiring Manager

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