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Rikard König

Job Description

Ekkono provides a highly optimized machine learning library for edge computing. Typical applications are predictive maintenance and predictive control for edge devices ranging from trucks, bikes, lawn movers, alarms, coffee machines and toy trains!

As a Data Scientist at Ekkono you will join our outstanding team, consisting of both researchers and senior developers, focusing on making all connected things smart. Every customer case is unique, and hence you will work closely with our customers’ domain experts to create accurate solutions that meet the commonly tough constraints of an edge device in terms of memory and CPU.

You will also be involved in developing the core machine learning library by constantly scanning our customer needs and the latest in research findings to ensure that the library is state of the art, or beyond. Consequently, it is a high priority for Ekkono that our employees continue to develop and hone their machine learning skills. Several data scientist on the team are active researchers and are also giving courses at master level, thus providing an ideal learning environment.

Skills & Requirements

You should ideally be a machine learning generalist, having both theoretical knowledge and practical experience of supervised machine learning techniques.

Ekkono provides an embedded machine learning library and hence it is important that you are also a confident programmer.

As you will be working closely with customer domain experts, it is important that you are comfortable with leading discussions in a small group of experts to coax out that golden domain knowledge that is the key to a successful machine learning project. Finally, you should of course also have good communication skills in both verbal and written English.

You might also have practical experience of working with CRISP-DM, the ability to perform C++ magic, the capacity to solve Rubiks Cube in under 7s or wicked longboard skills.

About the company

Ekkono does machine learning for IoT. The solution, which is the result of seven years of research at the University of Borås, is a lightweight embeddd software solution that enables advanced machine learning out on connected devices, aka edge computing. This enables predictive maintenance and production optimization in industrial IoT, and more intuitive consumer IoT products. Ekkono makes connected things smart!

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