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TechOps Engineer

  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2024
  • Gothenburg
  • On-site
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2024
  • Gothenburg
  • On-site

TechOps Engineer – NOVO Energy IT Gothenburg

NOVO Energy is a Northvolt Volvo Cars joint venture formed in order to power the next generation of pure electric Volvo cars. We are building a state-of-the-art facility for research and development of the next generation of battery cells, and we need your help in making it happen!

The new European battery industry is key to the electrification of cars. By joining NOVO Energy, you get a unique opportunity to prepare for the electrification of automotive and at the same time contributing to a climate-neutral way of life for future generations.

What we offer

We are looking for a TechOps Engineer to join our IT team. You will be contributing towards building one of the first large scale European battery cells factories. We work with a "cloud-first"-mindset and get to work with unique and interesting challenges, pushing the traditional ways of working in manufacturing.

The person we are looking for has a wide experience spanning a variety of areas. It is likely that you in the past have had titles like SysAdmin, SysOps, System engineer, Infrastructure engineer, DevOps engineer, SRE engineer or System Architect. It is very valuable if you have experience with both *nix and Win platforms, and also a bit of networking.

We are in a scale up phase, so you have great opportunities to contribute to our future success. Thanks to the joint venture there is also an exclusive opportunity to collaborate and network with our parent companies.

Key responsibilities

  • Design, test, and deploy infrastructure to operate a modern factory producing large amounts of data and connected batteries daily and be at the forefront of a so-called 4<sup>th</sup> industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
  • Bring best practices from various technical disciplines to industrial world and be part of optimization and value-added engineering of products, services, and solutions.
  • Work to develop and help to document NOVO’s processes around design, provisioning, and deployment of our complete IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with the InfoSec team to continuously test, monitor, and improve the security of our IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with our networking team implementing SDN and IaC automation principles in our industrial, building, and private & public cloud networks.
  • Find ways to automate things that enables NOVO to be efficient from various perspectives.
  • Work with all our IT teams to help build out the right enterprise architecture and integrate a wide variety of systems and business applications to minimize manual administration, eliminate unnecessary repetitive tasks by smart solutions.
  • Make sure we implement the right things together for the right reasons.
  • Continuously learn and stay up to date with modern tech.

You and your skills

We believe you are a strong team player with an outgoing, holistic and fit for purpose approach. You understand that the mission is to establish a well-functioning Gigafactory where the timeplan is tight and the collaboration with our owners is key. Finding ways to proceed in a context where there are numerous of questions is something you are comfortable with. You also enjoy being hands on when required. It is important for us to work with people that are reliable, good at communication and structured.

  • Deep knowledge in provisioning and maintaining cloud and onprem virtual infrastructure resources leveraging infrastructure as code. 
  • Experience managing server operations by deploying, configuring, and maintaining virtual machines across our public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure and onprem cloud, including overseeing server backups and disaster recovery procedures. 
  • Experience in developing ansible playbooks or using similar configuration as code software. 
  • Experience working with monitoring and logging tools such as Prometheus and Grafana or similar. 
  • Understanding of SecOps principles to protect access and data across multiple networks. 
  • Ideally, some exposure to DevOps tools like GitHub Actions

In addition, we believe you meet the following requirements:

  • B.Sc. IT, Computer Science or equivalent working experience
  • Experience from similar roles
  • Experience from working with vendor/supplier
  • Fluent in English

Information about the recruitment process during the summer vacation period: 
We would like to inform you that our recruitment process may take longer than usual due to the holiday season. We ask for your understanding as our lead times are extended during the summer, and we appreciate your patience. We will review your application as soon as possible and get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to connecting with you! 

Work with great people

Senior Director of Advanced Materials
"I was attracted to NOVO Energy and Sweden, after having seen the impressive growth of the European electric vehicle market where Northvolt’s work on sustainable batteries is already well-known."
Mechanical Engineering Manager
"Our mission to produce the world's greenest battery spoke to me. I feel I'm doing something to help the world towards sustainability. This is what drives my colleagues and gives us a shared purpose."
Senior Construction Manager
"To me, it's exciting being part of this from the beginning and put down the cornerstone for a project of this size and scope. A once-in-a-lifetime experience and too fun of a challenge not to take on."
Senior Technical Project Manager
"I firmly believe that batteries are the future. We’re in an interesting time in history where everything we take for granted about cars will change. It's exciting being part of this technological leap."
Construction Field Supervisor
"To build a factory producing the world’s greenest battery, accelerating the transition toward a sustainable future is why I want to be part of this. I feel lucky and proud helping it become reality."

Great Place to Work

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    Leading Edge Technology

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  • Flexible working hours

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About the company

Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world. Northvolt is a leading supplier of sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems, dedicated to delivering the world’s greenest lithium-ion battery. Together, we have formed a joint venture, NOVO Energy, to power the next generation of pure electric Volvo cars.

Our Gigafactory in Gothenburg will be one of the largest cell production facilities in Europe, with a potential annual cell production capacity of up to 50 gigawatt hours (GWh) - thereby enabling a supply of batteries for approximately half a million Volvo cars per year. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility will gather leading expertise from all over the world, to create the next generation battery cells.

You can read more about this joint venture in these press releases, here and here.

2022R&D facility established

2023Start of construction of Gigafactory in Gothenburg

2024Volvo Cars will source 15 GWh of battery cells per year from Northvolt Ett in Skellefteå

202550% of Volvo Cars’ global sales will be fully electric

2026Production start of Gigafactory in Gothenburg

2030Volvo Cars will offer only pure electric cars

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