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Lead Frontend Engineer

  • Application Deadline: Aug. 8, 2024
  • Oslo
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 8, 2024
  • Oslo

About Handelsbanken’s digital unit
At Handelsbanken, we are building new digital and customer-centric banking services that, together with our digital office, will cater to all digital needs and inquiries from our customers. We are a unit that works as one team with a single purpose; to build the best digital banking solution for both mobile and web.

Handelsbanken's digital unit is established as a modern, agile organization, with ambitions to set a new standard for customer experience in digital banking and deliver leading mobile and online banking solutions to the Norwegian retail market. To succeed in this, we are now looking for a Lead Frontend Engineer with a solid foundation in leadership and frontend development who can drive the success of our Frontend Engineers and our digital solutions.

We have ambitious goals, work at a fast pace with lots of energy, and the entire bank is fully invested in the success of the digital leap being taken. We also continuously work on diversity among our employees and want to have groups of individuals with different experiences, nationalities, genders, and personalities to build a strong team.

What will your responsibilities be as a Lead Frontend Engineer?
As a Lead Frontend Engineer, you will take on a dual role, combining leadership and hands-on technical responsibilities. You will lead a team of 6-8 Frontend Engineers and Senior Frontend Engineers, ensuring their development and the delivery of high-quality code. While leadership is your primary focus, you will also engage in programming and architecture decisions. Your day-to-day will consist of both managerial duties and technical tasks, including code reviews and mentoring team members to enhance their skills. Our tech stack includes Typescript, React and React Native and is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

To thrive as a Lead Frontend Engineer with us, you should enjoy working in an organization which is evolving and changing continuously and be proactive in making your mark on our digital banking solution. You will be part of a cross-functional, full-stack setup, working closely with product, backend, frontend, quality engineering, and testing teams to ensure end-to-end feature delivery.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is motivated by making a positive impact in a traditional industry leading a team of Frontend Engineers. We are building a brand new digital banking application that is transformative to Handelsbanken, and we want you to take ownership of this journey.

Great Place to Work

  • Foreldrepermisjon - full dekning

  • Digital avispakke

  • Innskuddspensjon

  • Gruppelivsforsikring

  • Banktjenester

  • Helseforsikring

  • Health insurance

  • Banking services

  • Group life insurance

  • Defined contribution pension

  • Digital news package

  • Parental leave - full coverage

Skills & Requirements

We would love to hear from you if you have the following qualifications:

  • Solid leadership experience with a track record of successful mentoring and developing team members
  • Strong background in frontend development for both mobile and web solutions
  • Advocacy of modern development methodology (continuous integration, automated tests, cloud hosting)
  • Experience in a cross-functional setup with end-to-end feature delivery (joint squads combining product, design, backend and frontend)
  • The ability to embrace change as we are an organization that is constantly evolving
  • Strong communication skills to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and effective collaboration with team members and stakeholders

It would also be great to have experience in banking, payments, or similar regulated financial service environments, but this is not a requirement.

Why join Handelsbanken’s digital unit?

  • You will become a part of the most ambitious and exciting digital project in the Nordic banking industry
  • You will influence the benchmark for the online banking customer experience
  • We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package with great employee schemes for banking, loans, pension, and insurance
  • We have brand new offices in Oslo, Vika (5 minutes from “Nationaltheateret” station)
  • You will work with a business-driven digital solution that evolves according to customer needs
  • You will get to work with a modern tech stack and have the opportunity to shape processes around how we collaborate
  • You will have the pleasure of working in an agile and cross-functional environment where we are all co-located to facilitate effective collaboration across functions and knowledge-sharing

Join us in building the best mobile- and web solution for online banking with one of the most esteemed banks in the Nordics!

We are evaluating applications continuously, the application deadline is on Thursday 08.08.24. Due to summer vacation there will be a delay in feedback during July, but we will evaluate your application as soon as possible. We also perform a background check on relevant candidates through our partner Semac. Let us know if you have any questions, you can reach our recruiter Ingrid by email at [email protected].

Work with great people

Rådgiver på privatmarkedet
"Det beste med å jobbe i Handelsbanken er den varierte arbeidshverdagen. I min rolle møter jeg utrolig spennende personer og jeg digger å hjelpe kundene med å realisere sine økonomiske mål og drømmer"
"Det beste ved å jobbe i Handelsbanken er at du får bli en del av en helt unik Handelsbanken-kultur. Kulturen gir deg selvtillit til å gripe muligheter og til å utvikle deg. Vi har det gøy på jobb!"
Employer Branding ansvarlig, HR
"Det beste med å jobbe i Handelsbanken er den tilliten og det ansvaret man får. Handelsbanken gir de ansatte gode utviklingsmuligheter i et trygt miljø, hvor vi alle heier på hverandre"
Product manager
"Det beste med å jobbe i Handelsbanken er mine arbeidsoppgaver og at alle ansatte i sine ulike roller er med på å heve og utvikle banken sammen.  Arbeidsdagen er variert og dagene flyr av gårde."
Advisor on the private market
"What I like most about working at Handelsbanken is the variation in my work. In my role, I meet so many interesting people and I simply love helping customers realize their financial goals and dreams"
"What I like the most about working at Handelsbanken is becoming part of a unique company culture. inclusive culture gives me the confidence to seize opportunities and to develop. We have fun at work!"
Employer Branding responsible, HR
"The best about working at Handelsbanken is the trust and responsibility you are given. You get to develop in a safe environment, where we all encourage each other."
Product manager
"What I like the most about working at Handelsbanken is knowing that all employees support the mission to develop the bank together. The days are varied and they fly by"

About the company

You are given great personal responsibility and the possibility to influence your own and the Bank’s future development. Our various perspectives, insights and innovative ideas are the foundation for how we continue to build the Bank for the future. For us, continual progress is everything, and when you evolve, so does the Bank.

Our idea of running a bank is based on trust and respect for the individual. Our values and strong corporate culture are vital to our success and guide us in how we achieve our goals, co-operate, and support each other. Through a strong local presence, a decentralised way of working, and a long-term perspective, we create sustainable relationships that last through all the stages of life. To us at Handelsbanken, everyone is important. We come from different places with different backgrounds, experience and education. Together, we are Handelsbanken.

HiddenMore about Handelsbanken

TOMStiftet i 1871. Etablert i Norge i 1986

TOMEn av verdens mest solide banker

TOMVårt hovedmål er å ha de mest fornøyde kundene

TOMDesentralisert arbeidssett med tillit og respekt for individet

TOMLandsdekkende kontornettverk i våre hjemmemarkeder. I Norge har vi 38 kontorer

TOMHøye ambisoner innenfor bærekraft

TOMI konsernet jobber ca. 11 000 medarbeidere. 43% av alle ledere er kvinner. I Norge jobber ca. 950 medarbeidere. 41 % av alle ledere er kvinner

TOMHøyere lønnsomhet enn gjennomstnittet for sammenlignbare konkurrenter

TOMFormed in 1871. The Bank has been operating in Norway since 1986

TOMOne of the world’s strongest banks

TOMAll business starts with the customer

TOMDecentralised working method based 
on trust in and respect for the individual

TOMNationwide branch network in our home markets. 38 branch offices in Norway

TOMHigh ambitions regarding sustainability

TOMThe Group has just over 11,000 employees. 43% of all managers are women. The Bank has about 950 employees in Norway. 41 % of all managers are women

TOMHigher profitability than the average of peer banks

Ingrid Thingelstad | Contact Person

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