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Trainee, Risk Assurance Services, Helsinki

  • Application Deadline: July 31, 2024
  • Helsinki
  • Hybrid
  • Application Deadline: July 31, 2024
  • Helsinki
  • Hybrid

We are looking for future experts to join our risk management team to grow and develop with diverse tasks! Our team has a caring and flexible work environment, as well as great colleagues from whom you can get support and help.

As experts in risk management services, we collaborate with our clients to tackle a wide range of assignments. Our approach encompasses various business aspects, ensuring that our clients not only meet their goals but also explore new opportunities for growth.

We are an organisation that provides a comprehensive range of risk management services. We use industry-leading technologies and our own solutions to support our assignments. Our services consist of e.g. business process development related to regulatory compliance and assessments against leading practices, data analytics, IT system transformation assessments and internal audit. We also actively collaborate especially with our audit, capital market transaction, cybersecurity and ESG/sustainability teams. Our diverse customer base comprises both global and national private companies, as well as public organizations.

Your Role:

  • Conducting audits and evaluations of general business processes and system controls

  • Analyzing data from information systems

  • Internal auditing

  • Contributing to the development of risk management practices

  • Assisting in various other tasks.

Why should I apply to PwC?

💛 At PwC , you can expect a relaxed, positive, and inclusive work environment - We aim to be an open workplace for everyone. When you start, you'll have your own buddy, and usually, on your first day, you'll get to meet other new PwC colleagues at the company's joint induction day. We have various clubs where you can spend your free time with colleagues. You can go on group outings to museums, wine clubs, board game nights, football, ice hockey or CrossFit sessions. Additionally, you're welcome to join us for Christmas parties and summer celebrations, where you can enjoy performances by top-notch artists, among other things.

đŸŒ± Flexibility in daily life and work - With us, you have the opportunity to take responsibility for how you work - you know what works best for you. Although client work brings certain frameworks to everyday life, you can utilize our flexible work model and hybrid work in balancing work and leisure. We want to be an even more flexible workplace for our professionals and provide support in different stages of life and career, whether it's a promotion to a new role or returning from parental leave.

đŸ„ We invest in your well-being through wellness programs and benefits - Here are examples of upcoming employment benefits: mobile phone benefit, meal benefit, fitness, culture, and commuting benefit, comprehensive occupational health care, Auntie service, private gym and comprehensive accident insurance for remote work and leisure time. If something was missing, suggest it, and your wish may come true!

What We're Looking For:

  • Studies in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems Science, Statistics, Computer Science, or Risk Management

  • Fluency in English; proficiency in Swedish or Finnish is considered an advantage.

We hope you to have:

We appreciate candidates who possess the following skills or understanding, which can be acquired through summer jobs or studies. While it's not necessary to have proficiency in all mentioned skills, the trainee period will provide an opportunity to further develop them:

  • Data processing skills

  • Understanding or experience in financial management or other business processes and controls, as well as risk management

  • Experience with ERP systems and financial management applications, particularly SAP

  • Experience or understanding of corporate IT environments such as administration of applications or infrastructure.

Great, I want this job! What should I do?

To apply, please submit your CV and application no later than July 31, 2024. The trainee period will commence in mid September 2024 and conclude in February 2025. You can find the job description in Finnish and Swedish by following this link.

For more information:

Linda Nyberg, +358 (0) 505724697, [email protected]. Available: Thursday 27.6.2024 13-15 & Thursday 25.7.2024 9-11

Thank you for considering this opportunity with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Diverse, equal, and inclusive recruitment

All our recruitment decisions are made without discrimination, considering factors such as age, gender, nationality, health, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status. We strive to ensure that everyone feels included and valued for who they are.

Work with great people

Hanna Nyberg
Liikkeenjohdon konsultti
"PwC:n työyhteisöÀ kuvaa ÀÀrettömÀn kovan asiantuntijuuden ja osaamisen lisÀksi loistava tiimihenki ja toisista vÀlittÀminen."
Robert Försti
"Minulle työssÀni tÀrkeintÀ on uudet haasteet ja kehitysmahdollisuudet. Koen saaneeni PwC:llÀ ympÀrilleni yhteisön, jonka jÀsenet tukevat toisiaan ja jossa kehitysmahdollisuuksiin panostetaan."
Sanna-Maria Lanki
Yritysjuridiikan asiantuntija
"Olen työssÀni pÀÀssyt mukaan moneen itselleni merkitykselliseen asiaan ja oppimaan uutta. TÀmÀ on ollut mahdollista, kun olen kertonut kiinnostuksen kohteistani ja tarttunut mahdollisuuksiin."
Heikki Liukkonen
"Asiakkaan tullessa PwC:lle tarjoamme apua heidÀn merkittÀviin ongelmiin. On joka kerta merkityksellistÀ tÀyttÀÀ vaativa asiakaslupaus ja strategiamme mukaisesti luoda luottamusta yhteiskuntaan."
Sara Tiainen
"PwC:llÀ parasta on työkaverit ja joustavuus. Yhteisö kannustaa, eikÀ kukaan jÀÀ yksin. Tiimien vÀlillÀ tehdÀÀn paljon yhteistyötÀ, mikÀ on opettanut muiden alojen asiantuntijoiden työstÀ paljon."
Teemu Uusitalo
Business Analyst
"TyössÀni erityisen palkitsevaa on mahdollisuus jatkuvasti haastaa ja kehittÀÀ omaa osaamistani, ja sitÀ kautta pystyÀ vaikuttamaan positiivisesti koko tiimin ja sidosryhmiemme toimintaan."
Iida Mattila
PalvelupÀÀllikkö, IT
"PwC:llÀ olen voinut rakentaa omaa uraani eteenpÀin ja saanut vastuuta isoista kokonaisuuksista. KehitystÀ on edesauttanut huiput työkaverit ja talon tarjoamat kehitysmahdollisuudet."
Nella Koivisto
"Parasta PwC:llÀ on kannustavat työkaverit ja innostava työilmapiiri. LisÀksi on motivoivaa, ettÀ olen saanut toiveideni mukaisia lisÀrooleja tarkastustyön rinnalle."
Jaakko MyllymÀki
Audit trainee
"PwC:llÀ harjoittelussa olen työskennellyt monissa mielenkiintoisissa toimeksiannoissa, joissa olen pÀÀssyt nÀyttÀmÀÀn sekÀ samalla kerryttÀmÀÀn jo olemassa olevaa osaamistani."
Miriam Goetz
Senior Associate, Advisory
"In our team, we work in an atmosphere of trust and emphatic guidance. That inspires me to constantly challenge myself, improve and confidently take on new responsibilities."
Samuel Lassila
"Opin pÀivittÀin uutta ja pÀÀsen haastamaan itseÀni mielenkiintoisten tehtÀvien ja projektien parissa. Puolentoista vuoden jÀlkeen työ tuntuu yhtÀ raikkaalta kuin traineenakin."
Kerttu Rautaheimo
"Parasta PwC:llÀ on mahdollisuus oman osaamisen jatkuvaan kehittÀmiseen sekÀ uuden opetteluun."
Henri Klaavu
"Minulle tÀrkeÀÀ on, ettÀ pÀÀsen työssÀni mukaan merkityksellisiin hommiin ja ettÀ pÀÀsen joka pÀivÀ haastamaan itseÀni. Omalla kohdallani nÀmÀ asiat ovat ehdottomasti toteutuneet!"

Great Place to Work

  • Tukea ja työkaluja ammatilliseen kehittymiseen

  • Rento, positiivinen ja mukaan ottava työilmapiiri

  • Joustavuutta arkeen ja elĂ€mÀÀn

  • Bonusmalli ja uralla eteneminen

  • Hyvinvointiohjelmia jaksamisen tueksi

About the company

We believe that the key to success is a great workplace. Each and every one of us contributes to this by following our values: acting with integrity, making a difference, reimagining the possible, working together and caring for each other – all this is reflected in our encounters with our colleagues and clients every day. From our People Value Proposition, you can read more about what PwC offers its employees and is committed to developing.

PwC’s purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We help companies to improve their efficiency, promote growth and to report reliably in a constantly changing environment. In Finland, we have 1,300 experts working around the country. Our services include consulting, deals, tax, legal, risk assurance, audit and other assurance services.

Elina Kontiainen | Contact Person

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