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Web & Brand Designer


Build Planhat into a memorable, engaging B2B brand across every visual touchpoint.


You're joining Planhat's in-house creative agency – Studio Planhat.

We're building a disruptive B2B visual identity across web, social and traditional print media channels, embracing new methods like AI (Midjourney, Sora) and building plug-and-play design systems that scale high-quality output infinitely.

We're a team that's always hungry for new challenges. We prioritise scrappiness over seniority and do all our brand and design work in-house, instead of delegating out to agencies.

Processes, words and ideas don't matter to us: engaging, compelling visuals do. We're not researchers or prototypers, we generate production-ready work at scale every single day.

We're based in Planhat's NYC hub. We can work together if you're sitting somewhere between PST and EST and it'll be even more fun if you're in NYC with us!


If you succeed in this role, you'll be Planhat's first dedicated brand design hire. Naturally, you'll grow to own and evolve our entire visual identity as we scale. This includes:

  • building innovative new styles and campaigns across web, stills, motion design;
  • owning and architecting easy-to-use design systems for marketing to apply;
  • collaborating with our in-house creative team across photography, videography, copy, etc.


Following an initial pre-screen interview, we will provide a paid test under NDA. This test will be the closest possible representation of the core responsibilities of this role.

Work with great people

Erik Holm
Sanna Westman
VP of Partnerships
Gurprem Sagoo
Customer Success Manager

Skills & Requirements

You'll create the most value and grow fastest with us if you…

  • Have excellent visual and motion design skills
  • Can take cues from our new brand identity and push it to its next phase of evolution across our website, slide decks, ads and any other non-app collateral
  • Can transform our existing product assets into visually engaging, on-brand content
  • Are able to apply our highly photographic (Midjourney, Sora) Planthouse metaphor, together with typography and other branded elements
  • Have a strong ability with or willingness to learn Framer, to continuously enhance and build out our marketing site(s)
  • Are able to, or willing to learn how to, apply our brand through video
  • Collaborate closely with design & marketing leadership to crystallise our visual identity into a repeatable, scalable system

Great Place to Work

  • Flexible Work Location

  • Paid Parental Leave

  • Flexible Public Holidays

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Extended Leave

  • Meet-ups & Workations

About the company

Planhat is a customer platform that provides software and services to help organizations grow lifelong customers. Our platform powers sales, service and customer success products that scale with our customers’ needs all the way from startup to household name and beyond. Each day worldwide, over 2.6 million customers are attracted, engaged and delighted with our intuitive yet flexible system of action.

The Planhat platform empowers everyone in your organization to consolidate, analyze and act on all your data, becoming more customer-centric and data-driven than ever before. From rolling out autonomous transport systems to distributing new medicines, we’re proud to help make our customers better at what they do best.

Alongside our customers, we’re building at the forefront of healthcare & life sciences, finance, connected business, and more. And we need curious, daring minds to help us.

TOMCulture is what we say, what we do and how we treat people

GenuineNo corporate BS - just be honest

FearlessWe are bold - and we play to win

CaringBe kind to yourself and others

ImpactfulWhen you do something, do it right

Alberto Lambert | Contact Person

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New York | Hybrid
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