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Customer Success Manager (US)

Our mission is to unlock value for every customer.

We help people build their businesses around their clients, and unleash the capabilities of Planhat. We aim to redefine what customer success means in enterprise software.


Our role is to understand customers’ problems and objectives deeply, then help solve them through the Planhat platform.

When our clients are successful, so are we:

  • churn goes down 6% at a legal software company because we helped unify data from separate systems, survey qualitative customer feedback, and analyze product usage patterns
  • Faced with modest growth and heavy competition, we help an enterprise CRO and CFO conduct a white space analysis using data from Planhat, this kickstarts initiatives that help increase Net Revenue Retention by 7%
  • five overworked CS reps at a Fintech startup can handle 20% more clients; because we’re streamlining repetitive tasks like data entry and creating reports, as well as automating the onboarding of new customers

In short, we elicit the aims and pain points of global CS leaders, help open people’s eyes to new possibilities, and then consistently drive high-value outcomes using Planhat.

Most of our CSMs today have:

  • Succeeded in a ‘closing’ role, either in sales, or CS (renewals, expansions, cross sales, upsales and churn prevention) at a B2B SaaS/fast-growth company
  • Demonstrated success in managing a portfolio
  • Been in a managerial role (but not everyone on the team has)

Work with great people

Erik Holm
Sanna Westman
VP of Partnerships
Gurprem Sagoo
Customer Success Manager

Skills & Requirements

In customer success, the value you bring to the table can’t be summed up by years of experience or a list of skills on a CV:

Ambition: You’re ready to be a trusted advisor to global CS leaders, and help them overcome some of the biggest commercial challenges
Driven: The magic doesn’t happen with fancy slide decks; it depends on your ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. Strategizing with clients is the starting point, you’re not satisfied until you’ve handled all the nitty gritty details that ensure the business impact is real.
Flexible: You like variety and constant challenges. In the same morning, you help an EduTech company standardise and automate their product training, next up you’re pitching a multiyear renewal to the CFO of an energy company.
Tech-savvy: you enjoy working with software, mastering products, and driving their adoption, knowing the right level of detail to go into with different people.

Great Place to Work

  • Flexible Work Location

  • Paid Parental Leave

  • Flexible Public Holidays

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Extended Leave

  • Meet-ups & Workations

About the company

The customer platform built to acquire, service and grow lifelong customers.

TOMCulture is what we say, what we do and how we treat people

GenuineNo corporate BS - just be honest

FearlessWe are bold - and we play to win

CaringBe kind to yourself and others

ImpactfulWhen you do something, do it right

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