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Full-stack developer and potential CTO & Co-founder for KTH Edtech startup MINDPLEX AI

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Hybrid
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Hybrid

MINDPLEX AI is a startup company from both KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University developing the future of learning through Generative AI. MINDPLEX is an AI tutoring system designed to automate the making of study materials, e.g. Q&A, flashcards, and tests, as well as enhancing the user's studying skills, and providing effective guidance of learning through AI tutoring.

At MINDPLEX AI, our vision is to redefine the paradigm of learning and education. Instead of a single teacher or mentor catering to a group of 30+ learners, we offer a groundbreaking approach: every individual receives personalized guidance from their own AI teacher/mentor. This shift isn't just significant—it's a transformation that would have seemed like science fiction a mere three years ago!

The present team comprises two founders: Ahmed Aal Hasoon, the CEO, the designer, and developer of the beta application in TestFlight; and Akram Aal Hasoon, the COO and the company's esteemed economist.


In 5 months period we have accomplished the following:

  • Full stack development of the beta application in Swift.
  • Design, where 93% of users in a study said that the app is easy to use and with good design.
  • Market research of 73 interviews and 72 survey analysis, total of 145 people in the study.
  • We got 94 beta testers, got feedback from users, improved the application for testing and with 17% of them are early adopters that use the app each week, after 4 weeks from the first cohort.
  • 4 employees working in MINDPLEX AI to make the React Native app replica, as for their bachelor examination work thesis at Uppsala University.
  • Got accepted to the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator program.


  • We're developing the MINDPLEX app in React Native with thesis students until Summer. Then, we'll elevate it further until the start of the Autumn semester for a public release.
  • Tackling other customer segments for the remaining months of 2024.


We are currently looking to expand our team with talented developers that want to make a difference in the world, preferably with a good combination of both broad and specific programming skills.

As we are a startup with a small team you are expected to want to take responsibility and initiative and grow both personally and professionally. You will be an integral part of the team and is therefore expected to work well together with the rest of the team.

Skills & Requirements

It is important that you are a technically knowledgeable person that will be able to have an excellent understanding of our technical platform. You will also need to be able to deliver quality code, detailed and well tested, with a “less is more” mindset.

As a person we would like to see you being open-minded, have your own ideas and solutions and trying to ask the right questions to find the problems in existing/future structures. We believe you are an easy going, highly proactive, like doing things fast, driven, and passionate person that wants to be part of an exciting team and help shape MINDPLEX AI as a company.

Engineering background or some type of technical education is seen as a plus.

Good communication skills in written and spoken English is required. Speaking and writing other language(s) is seen as a big bonus.

Important skills to have:

  • Basic knowledge in iOS (Swift)
  • Good Designing skills with CSS, such as making animations.
  • Azure, AWS, MYSQL
  • Analytics tools, such as Azure, Google analytics, Mixpanel or something similar
  • An avid follower of the new technological tools such as:
    1. Have very good knowledge on integrating Langchain tool in Javascrips for the react native application
    2. Understand the basics of how Perplexity AI is built, and now to make something similar through Langchain
    3. Know their way around LLMs, and how to build a complex application using API from OpenAI GPT, Anthropic Claude and Mistral AI
    4. OCR AI tools

Good skills to have or be willing to learn:

  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • UI
  • UX


This is a chance to join an aspiring company right from its very start and take a key role in taking it from startup to a sustainable business. You will be working with a cutting-edge technology that provides value for students and learners around the world!

Our cooperation will, most likely, start with a semi-full time 2 months consulting agreement to address key commercial questions and lay the basis for company development. Thereafter, there is a great chance to become a full time CTO and a co-founder of the company with a shareholder agreement! As an early-stage, bootstrapped startup, this role of CTO and co-founder currently do not include a salary. Compensation, including equity and co-founder status, will be determined based on factors such as commitment and experience. Upon securing initial investment, all team members will become eligible for salaries.

We believe in diversity and therefore welcome all applicants regardless of gender, background, orientation or beliefs.

Great Place to Work

  • Business Development Coach from KTH

  • Centrally located office space (KTH Campus)

  • Be part of the thriving KTH Innovation Community

  • Access to mentor and investor network

  • Workshops and service packs from KTH partners

  • Proof-of-concept funding

  • Access to Media Studio and Makerspace

About the company

MINDPLEX AI is currently supported by KTH Innovation and part of a batch in the Pre-incubator program. The KTH Innovation Pre-incubator program is a 12 month program to accelerate the development of promising startup projects from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Startup projects receive extensive support from inhouse Business Development Coaches as well as additional support such as office space, community activities, team development support, IP and legal counseling, access to industry, mentor and investor networks.

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