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Computation and analysis technical expert

  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2018
  • Gothenburg

Role Summary:

When developing software algorithms for harsh environments, such as driver monitoring algorithms for automotive it is crucial to test and validate the algorithms on a large number of drivers, with different ethnicities and behavior, driving in different environments.

We are currently establishing a new Data Management team with responsibility for data acquisition, correction, synthesis, annotation, storage, analysis and presentation. Data consists of mainly of huge amounts of film with associated meta data.

One important step in the validation process is to run the algorithms and compare them to a reference basis, ie. ground truth. The ground truth can be derived from annotation data from other sensors measuring eg. the position of the driver. When comparing the recorded data to ground truth we can derive various key performance indicators (KPIs) for the algorithms. KPIs is not always unambiguously defined and we have work ahead to set the Smart Eye world leading standard for tracking KPIs.

You will be the main responsible for KPI definitions, validation algorithms related to image processing, image and data manipulation and data presentation, which will involve statistical calculations. Data sometimes come unaligned in time and space and your work will involve how to correctly apply alignment corrections.

You will have active impact of the establishment the new team and will work in close cooperation with the other talented team members. Your contribution to how we create our tools and how we handle our data will be of crucial importance.

Reporting to: Data Management team manager
Location: Smart Eye AB, Headquarters (Gothenburg)

The work of Computation and analysis technical expert consists of:

· Define and develop KPIs for Smart Eye’s world leading tracker algorithms

· Develop data correction image processing algorithms for later implementation in software

· Statistical processing of data for evaluation and comparison

· Develop data presentation and visualization strategies

Work with great people

Markus Lindelöw
"The best thing about working at Smart Eye is waking up on Sunday and looking forward to Monday."

Skills & Requirements

· University degree in engineering with a strong mathematical interest and focus. PhD is not required but is considered meritorious.

· Team worker with delivery commitment

· The ability to find solutions to complex engineering problems

· A methodical mind with attention to correctness

· Programming experience, e.g. Python


· Automatic annotation techniques

· Image synthesis

· Advanced data visualization

Great Place to Work

  • Groundbreaking

  • Persistent

  • High-tech

  • Human

About the company

Smart Eye AB was founded 1999 to bridge the gap between man and machine for a better, more sustainable world tomorrow. We do this by developing groundbreaking eyetracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions. Today, we offer systems for future research and applied solutions for the automotive industry based on deep technical knowledge and investigative creativity, while persistently striving to achieve the unattainable. As a global industry leader, we continuously look ahead to first identify future requirements and then deliver real innovation. Smart Eye is listed on Nasdaq OMX First North and is a fast-growing company with headquarter in Gothenburg. Our team today consists of 70 talented, creative and passionate employees. Now we need to strengthen our organization to continue growing even more and to be even better. Are you good at what you do? Welcome to build the future together with us.

2016IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

2015Launch of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system

2008Embedded AntiSleep, a collaboration with Visteon whereby the system is integrated in a camera with a built-in processor

2005AntiSleep is launched for the automotive industry as the first system with a camera and full 3D measurement

2002Smart Eye Pro® is launched with three cameras and measurement in 3D; the first customer is Delphi Automotive

2001First system sale of two cameras to SAAB Automobile

1999Smart Eye is founded

Smart Eye AB

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