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OPEN APPLICATION – Sr. User Researcher

Role description

As a User Researcher, you will play a crucial role in driving the team's research efforts. You will be a valued member of Conversionista's insights team, which combines quantitative data and qualitative data to provide valuable insights through triangulation. Your research will contribute to the ongoing optimization process and help generate actionable insights for our clients.

You have the confidence to make independent decisions, but also possess a humble and flexible attitude when it comes to adapting your approach to meet the needs and conditions of our clients. You have a strong passion for data-driven methods and a deep understanding of user behavior and experience. Additionally, you bring valuable experience in the field of user research and human behavior, whether through relevant academic background or solid working experience in the industry.

What you will do

In your role, you will employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative user research methods. Your aim will be to collect and analyze data in a structured manner, presenting it to stakeholders in a way that is easily understandable and actionable.

You will collaborate with various teams and utilize your expertise to train client team members on conducting appropriate user research methods. It's important to note that your projects may vary in duration, and you may work either on short-term assignments or be stationed at a specific client, this will change over time.

We put a big emphasis on study design and believe that defining the research question and selecting the right methodology is the key component of being a user researcher at Conversionista!

  • Work closely with a cross-functional, geographically distributed team of data scientists/analysts and user researchers

  • Define, plan, and conduct user research

  • Deliver compelling insights to help drive evidence-based product and design decisions.

  • Contribute to the wider Insights team at Conversionista

Typical deliverables

  • Qualitative research such as usability tests, user interviews, user journey mapping, customer feedback analysis, card sorting, personas etc.

  • Basic quantitative data analyses from e.g. surveys, Hotjar, Contentsquare, Google Analytics, or equivalent

  • Presentations and reports of research findings and insights

  • Preparation for, and facilitation of, workshops based on the research

  • Stakeholder management

  • Setup and apply processes for continuous research work

  • Setup and apply processes for data sharing within organizations

Where You'll Be

Our team is spread across Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, with offices in each of these cities. The specific location where you will work will vary depending on client and/or project. To facilitate collaboration, we require candidates to be located near one of our offices.

Who You Are

You possess a people-oriented mindset and thrive in a flexible and adaptive work environment. You enjoy working iteratively and are proactive in driving initiatives forward. Your curiosity is fueled by an interest in behavioral psychology, and you have a strong focus on data. You are both confident and humble, finding joy in educating others. With your patient and analytical mindset, you approach challenges with a user-centered perspective. You excel in communication, possess critical thinking skills, and have the ability to empathize with different perspectives. Your data-driven approach and storytelling capabilities make you a valuable asset to the team.

  • You have a degree in Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Science, Behavior Science or a related field or the equivalent of 6+ years of related professional experience.

  • Comfortable with conducting, analyzing and communicating research in a zero-to-one space.

  • You have experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methods such as diary studies, usability tests, in-depth interviews, contextual inquiry, surveys and more.

  • Have strong interpersonal skills and can easily connect with your partners in product, tech, business and design.

  • A dedicated advocate of a user-centered approach to product development, while also balancing business needs.

  • You have worked in a research role at a consumer-focused or a business-to-business company.

  • You have professional proficiency in Swedish as you will be conducting usability tests with Swedish users on Swedish websites. However, our company language is English.


You are driven by at least some of these factors:

  • Driving change, explore and get out of your comfort zone

  • Passionate about finding the users' perspective and needs

  • Team work

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Do awesome things!

  • Goal-oriented and a can-do personality

  • Focus on the big picture and business goals

Work with great people

Kajsa Hedqvist
Expert - Experimentation
"What I love about working in the Experimentation team at Conversionista is that my passions and strengths get to lead the way for my personal and career development."
Enes Terzic
UX Designer
"Perfekt miljø å optimalisere alt fra brukeropplevelser til deg selv, og få betalt for det!"
Peder August Winger
"Jeg trives utrolig godt med å jobbe hos Conversionista!. Utfordrende oppgaver, godt læringsmiljø og dyktige kollegaer!"
Sofia Hjulfors
"I Conversionista får jeg fritt utforske områdene jeg synes er interessante og utvikler meg med nye utfordringer"
Rebecca Dumont
CRO & UX research
"I love to learn new things, and there are a so many great people to learn from, both within and outside my expert area."

Great Place to Work

  • Centrally located offices

  • Highly refined people development process

  • Passionate colleagues

  • Wellness allowance

  • Worklife balance focused environment

  • Amazing coffee

  • HQ Located at the central part of Oslo

About the company

We are Scandinavia's largest team of conversion heroes.

At Conversionista, we aid our clients by using true insights derived from data. Combined with scientific methods we enable our clients to grow and reach their desired goals while also establishing a firm foundation for their future.

Our conversion heroes are the top priority, that's why we have processes in place that mentor, coach and develop them to be the best version of themselves. We know that consultants that grow their skills and can manage their work-life balance can deliver greater services.

Conversionista also founded the first CRO program called Conversion Manager and is currently hosting the largest Conversion & Growth Conference in the Nordics - Conversion Jam.

Today, we are over 80 conversion heroes in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Malmö and Amsterdam.

2023Expanded to The Netherlands, teamed up with Fabrique and Q42

2021ARC teamed up with Above, Umain, Cupole

2020Teamed up with Animal, Keybroker, Kurppa Hosk to create ARC

2018Started working together with Curamando and moved to Regeringsgatan 30

2011Company founded


Multiple locations
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