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Machine Learning Engineer
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Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Jakob Johansson

Job Description

As a machine learning engineer at Gleechi, you will do pioneering work towards realizing natural interaction in virtual reality (VR). “Natural interaction” is the keyword of Gleechi’s core technology. It requires human-like perception and action, which poses complex yet exciting machine learning challenges that range from thorough understanding of 3D environments and objects, generating human-like motion and animation, analyzing human interactive behaviors in VR, as well as user research in the next-generation VR-powered training games.

You will take the role as a machine learning expert working closely with our experienced and passionate R&D and game development teams. You will be responsible to design and setup a general, integrated machine learning framework which can collaborate with the analytical methods to solve the aforementioned challenges.

Main responsibilities include

  • Set up a data collection scheme that can gather data, such as 3D data of the environment, or player interactions and behaviors in our VR training applications.

  • Design and build a data-driven approach (preferably deep learning) to facilitate 3D environments and objects understanding.

  • Discover the metric and trends in player behavior through quantitative analysis, and provide key insights that shape the design and development of the training programs.

  • Actively explore the state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning to keep us at cutting-edge of interaction technology.

The successful candidate will enjoy applying the most cutting-edge machine learning technologies to help build and improve the first software to enable full interaction in VR!

Skills & Requirements
  • Proven experience developing complex machine learning algorithms.

  • Understanding of 3D representations, e.g. 3D shapes, animation and kinematic chains.

  • Solid knowledge of a variety of machine learning technologies e.g Caffe, Tensorflow, Python, etc.

  • Excellent communication skills to influence and present development ideas.

  • Preferably MSc or PhD in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Robotics, Engineering, or other technical field.

  • C++, Python, and/or data management.

  • The ability to solve complex data-driven problems and create solutions that achieve genuinely actionable insights.

About the company

At Gleechi, we want to enable natural interaction between humans, the virtual world and robots.

We are a Stockholm-based startup coming from robotics research and the first in the world to enable artificial hand movement and interaction in real-time. We now apply this technology to enable VR-based training for the manufacturing industry.

We're a team that combines awarded entrepreneurs, top-ranked robotics researchers and experienced developers. The company was founded in 2014 and since then we have been awarded the Super startup of the year by Veckans Affärer, won the European startup competition EIT Digital Idea Challenge and much else. We got a ridiculously exciting time ahead and we'd love to get more awesome people onboard!

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