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Android App Developer

At Vipps MobilePay, we remove hassle, create dazzle and make it very, very easy for users to send and receive money. Being the most loved brands in both Norway and Denmark, we impact people’s everyday lives by delivering great user experiences to 11 million users and collectively 400,000 stores/webshops across the Nordics.

Through joining forces, we want to make cross-border payments just as easy as ordering from any webshop over the entire Nordic region. Our primary focus is to consolidate our customers and users onto one common Nordic platform. This will enable us to build even better and highly scalable solutions.

About the role

Currently we have 15 Android app developers working across multiple product teams, and now we are looking for further exceptional developers to help create new solutions and maintain our existing solutions in the Vipps app.

To succeed with our goals, app developers work closely with the various product teams, but also actively take part in the strong app-developer community that we have in Vipps MobilePay.

As a developer in one of our product teams, you will work to create and release new products into the market whilst also maintaining and improving these products afterwards.

Our Android app is written entirely in Kotlin and we are well on our way to completely composifying our app. We appreciate clean, easily maintainable and readable code that solves the root of a problem, rather than code that treats symptoms with smart solutions.

Our developers get the freedom to work independently in a way that gives them technical ownership over the code they write. This gives developers the ability to make changes they personally feel are necessary to keep up a good quality of code.

Who we are looking for:

  • You care deeply about our 11 million users, and you strive to create simplicity in people’s everyday lives.
  • You like to create and improve products over time.
  • You bring your ideas to the table, listen to others' ideas and you love to improve these ideas
  • You’re not afraid to speak out when you disagree or don’t quite understand decisions that have been made

What we value:

  • Quality: We love simplicity but pay attention to adding that extra ‘dazzle’ to our products.
  • Delivery: We release app updates often so that we can evaluate the impact of the changes we make and adjust these changes as needed.
  • Collaboration: We work best as one team where we succeed (and fail) together.
  • Experimentation: We are not afraid to experiment, and we strongly believe in hypothesis-driven experimentation. Frequent changes help to create validated learning, something that we can always be better at.

Skills & Requirements

Skills and requirements:

  • Relevant study in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Proven experience with Android development.
  • Proven experience within product development.

  • Strong knowledge of Kotlin programming language.

  • Experience with RESTful APIs and third-party libraries.

  • Strong debugging and problem-solving skills.

  • Comfortable using English as a working language.

  • Ability to explain technical solutions in a product-oriented way to various stakeholders.

About you

At Vipps MobilePay, decisions are made in cross-functional teams. We work closely together, and we utilize our domain knowledge to solve problems collaboratively. We spend time looking at the bigger picture, whilst also considering the finer details, ensuring that we are able to intuitively solve complex challenges and turn them into simple solutions.

We are looking for people who enjoy learning new skills and who love to share those new skills with others. Collaboration is a huge part of the work that we do and therefore we are looking for more keen collaborators to join us. We love the work that we do, and we smile proudly when we hear our customers say “Vipps MobilePay really has that undeniable start-up team spirit.”.

If you’ve read up to this point and can already see yourself being a part of our team, then let's talk! We truly believe that there is no more of a rewarding place to work than at Vipps MobilePay. Applying for this position is as easy as sending money, just click on the button below and get in touch.

About the company

We are a Nordic mobile wallet that was once two: Vipps, founded in Norway and MobilePay, founded in Denmark. Both launched with a mission to deliver a service that made sending money as easy as sending a text.

Now our brands have come together as one Nordic mobile wallet for everyone. As one of the largest payment wallets in Europe, we make it easy for our merchants and partners to dream big – even if their business is small. So, whether you want to open a food truck at a flea market, a dessert shop downtown or a branch of the country’s largest superstore, Vipps MobilePay enables you to go wherever your business takes you.

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