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Open Application

If you’re great, you’re unstoppable.

Open application

The weird thing about job descriptions is that they assume that a candidate will adapt to fit the organization. In reality, we are very well equipped to adapt to you and the talent you bring. Great people transcend job titles. They bring value that is really more important than an exact skills set or CV. There’s the awesome designer that also does front-end, or the strategic researcher that also edits social documentaries, or the rock-star strategist, who's also an NFT artist. If you’re great, you’re unstoppable. Same goes for the work we aim to create at code d’azur.

We might just be the most versatile digital brand and experience company on the planet. If you can swipe, tap or click it, we build it. We create award winning digital experiences, websites, component warehouses, digital campaigns, social media ads, content, voice tech applications and emerging technology innovations. Our work is seen and touched by millions and we feel a strong responsibility to make sure the experiences we create are seamless, flawless, existing and positive.

So. If you are this digital wanderer looking for a place to call home and join a diverse group of people with a shared drive to create great things. Give us a shout and let’s have a conversation.

Work with great people

Frontend Developer
"I couldn’t be happier about joining code d’azur - the remarkable culture, the exciting projects and especially the people make code an amazing place to work at."
Digital Designer
"I chose code to challenge my skillset with exciting projects. I enjoy the collaborative nature that has been built here, which makes it easy to learn from designers across other disciplines!"
Digital Producer
"I love working at Code d’azur because we have exciting projects and, also, because I have colleagues from all over the world, 22 different nationalities and counting!"
Digital Designer
"code d’azur is a great place to work with talented individuals, for exciting clients - making a significant impact while enjoying the experience and having fun!"
UX Designer
"code adopts the principle of people first not just as a motto, but as an integral part of the daily lifestyle. This created an environment where I can thrive, experience personal growth, and have fun!"

About the company

Surely you already peeked at our site and Insta, but here’s our formal introduction copy: code d' azur is a global digital brand and experience company based in Amsterdam, with offices in Austin, Barcelona and Dubai. We design and build digital products, ecosystems and campaigns that stand out, fit in. By combining creativity, strategy and technology, we make the possibilities of tomorrow work for brands today.

What we offer

We are nothing but our people. You will join a team of trained talent that closely collaborates to design platforms, services and campaigns that become industry defining and raise the bar across the field. This is our goal as a company.

People that join code tend to stay. And those who do leave tend to come back. We have legendary pub nights, code festival, our own game team and great office drinks. Never trust marketing copy. So perhaps just check in with someone you know that already works at code.

Life is not work alone. You will have deadlines, you will have meetings and you will have to collaborate with other teams, but when you don’t you’re free to work where-ever you want. Go swim in the morning or hit the gym. As long as the work is done, we’re all good.

There’s a lot of opportunity to grow. The company has branched out to Austin and Dubai relatively recently and doubled in size over the past two years. There’s growth and you’ll be part of it. Courses, events, training, all the stuff you need to do to make yourself better, we can help with that.

You’ll work for industry leading brands like Polestar, Philips, Lotus, T-Mobile and Ahold Delhaize. The industry defining work you’ll make will be seen, touched, used and shared by millions of people. The work we create is awarded and recognized internationally.

Contribution to a YourCampus subscription, Healthy lunch, Bi-weekly massages at the office (don’t worry, there’s also a secret drawer filled with cookies and candy), Long term remote work options, Travel allowance, Fifa tournaments, ping pong challenges, beer, wine, tea, coffee, fruit, snacks and darts.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our people are a true cross section of society. That’s how we make sure the services, campaigns and products we make uphold the same quality, regardless of who interacts with it. We welcome everybody irrespective of background, disability, religion, gender identity, sexuality or ethnicity. Hello world.

Pavlos Diamantopoulos | Contact Person

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