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Job Description


The Antourage product consists of user-facing apps, an administration and control system on desktop, and a backend and streaming apparatus to keep everything working together. Our system allows media professionals to do interactive, live media productions and distribute content to their own users on their own white-label viewer app. Because Antourage owns the app, we can watch user behaviour closely and provide relevant data to customers so they can optimize their audience’s viewing experience -- something that is not available to customers who are distributing their content through the major social platforms.

We are at the stage of delivering products to early customers and measuring the results in order to optimize and develop better features.


We need someone to join the Product team and act as an engineer, coordinator, and developer of the overall system. As our product develops and the company grows, this job will be performed by several people, but at this stage of development we need a generalist. We need someone who can guide the development progress from our current stage to the next stage, advising on the tradeoffs between quick deployment and long-term scaleability.

The duties are these:

  • perform analysis and research in order to make recommendations to the product owner, and participate in decision-making
  • some high-level design to support the execution of decisions
  • code as much as you want, or as little
  • maintain communication with all stakeholders.


You will not be doing this job alone. At present, coordination, project management, and decision-making is being done by a product owner. The Product Owner will continue in her role, with you supporting. Functional specs and wireframes will be provided, and you will be invited to refine them as needed. Development is being done by an offshore development team. They can scale up as needed to get the work done, and they are supported by a project manager.


You can send me a CV or a LinkedIn link, and please write me an email. It doesn’t have to be a carefully-crafted cover letter (I’m not hiring writers) but let me know what interests you about the job, what you have to offer, and where you’re looking to grow.

Skills & Requirements

The tech stack we are working with is this: Backend in Python/Django migrating soon to NodeJS, streaming infrastructure handled by Wowza CDN, other infrastructure running on AWS, iOS and Android native apps, and a web-based administration system.

  • 5+ years’ experience as a developer, having responsibillity in systems of increasing complexity

  • demonstrated understanding of system design

  • references who are able to talk about your ability to work with others, coordinate across competence silos, and prioritize team communication

  • must live in Stockholm. We can’t relocate anyone, and this role can’t be done remotely

  • English-speaking. Ukrainian, Russian, and Swedish are also assets.

Contact Person
Kirsten Zerbinis

About the company

Antourage is a media technology company whose mission is to give the world's greatest live media creators the tools they need to do their job in a changing media landscape. The media of the future is multi-platform, interactive, and collaborative. Our platform lets many creators work together to execute live, interactive experience for the audience

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