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Business Performance Director - Mentimeter

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

Mentimeter is listed as THE fastest growing startup in Sweden by TheNextWeb. One of the main reason we are so successful is our contant focus on being data-driven in product development, in marketing and in sales.

We are now looking for a colleague to make this focus an even higher priority.

We work with customers from over 100 countries and are building a modern and diverse company based in Stockholm.

Mentimeter can offer:

  • A diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Leadership program (including external personal coach) for every team member
  • Paid relocation to innovative places around the world (San Francisco, Barcelona, Lisbon)
  • Continuous education to keep us state-of-the-art in how we innovate and build Mentimeter
  • Smart and driven colleagues

We need someone in the team who takes responsibility for analysing and suggesting business critical changes and experiments to reach high-set goals.

The person needs have both a technical and business mind-set;

  • Data mining from multiple sources (e.g, Google analytics, Mixpanel, SQL database) and ability to build script and minor applications to manage large amount of data
  • Super skills with excel
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data driven decision making with experience working with web development projects

You will be an integral part of the entire organisation and lead the work regarding data/business intelligence. You will both act on your own initiative and on proposed projects from colleagues. Areas where analysis will be done spans the entire company from Management, Marketing, Product, Sales to Operations.

We can offer you direct access and full transparency in building Mentimeter - continuous education and a global playing field. We also relocate and learn from all over the globe (this year we were in Lisbon and before that Barcelona and San Francisco).

Mentimeter has 20 million users today and want to be at 80 million users in 1,5 year… you will be a key colleague to bring us closer to that target.

Maybe most important: you will have fun with your colleagues while doing it: Our Instagram and Team Page

We hire smart, funny, ambitious, humble people. Our core principles when working are:

  • Inclusiveness - transparency, equality and diversity
  • Work smart - good-enough but know when to excel
  • Professionalism - "the consultant mind-set"
  • Be humble to others work

Concrete responsibilities:

  • Lead the work regarding data/business intelligence to support the organisation (Management, Marketing, Product, Sales, Operations) with insights, proposed actions and experiments on how to reach Mentimeter's business goals
  • Develop simple proof-of-concept analysis-system / SQL-requests to prove the value of more complex systems
  • Define frameworks, evaluations methods and concrete goals / metric
  • Own and develop processes and tools to make business intelligence and analysis efficient and scalable
  • Own "What", "When" and "How" things are measured
  • Act both on request from colleagues and on own initiatives when doing projects. All based on the business goal of Mentimeter
  • Work together with management and define/update the strategy. Also be project manager for big strategy projects.
  • You will be part of the Marketing team reporting to the CEO

Skills & Requirements

Skills & Requirements for the role:

  • MSc degree from a highly ranked University
  • 3-5+ years experience in analytical (data/bp/consulting/other) roles with high degree of exposure to critical business decisions
  • The ability to build proof-of-concept analysis-system / SQL-requests to prove the value of more complex systems
  • Proven track record of generating business-critical change based on your recommendations
  • Track Record of working with a web/gaming company
  • A genuine interest in connecting data to product, and data to business
  • Excellent understanding of statistics, the ability to interpret these with confidence and drive through your recommendations
  • The knowledge to create simple data collection (SQL) queries
  • A fascination and interest for scalable and global web services
  • Place of work is Stockholm, and we can support re-location within EU

Not requirements:

  • You don't have to know Swedish (all internal documentation are written in, and our business language is, English)

These are some of the fun projects that we want to discuss with you:

  • Product
    • Retention analysis
    • Do we have a “the one action that get people hooked”
    • What effect does different product releases have on growth/retention
    • What features / experience drive adoption / wow-moment
    • What drives conversion
    • User behaviour analysis
    • Find “the one feature/event/action” that makes a user into customer
    • Growth hacks and product innovation
  • Marketing:
    • What is our lifetime value of a customer (including on- and offline sales) and how much can we actually spend in online advertising based on this
    • “Cross-selling” in our marketing - what is the most effective way to lead people through the usage of Mentimeter (do first, then do, then do)
    • Challenge personas and other models that we use, using data to back up these challenges
    • Is churn based on that users did something / didn’t do something - can we mitigate this?
  • Sales
    • Which users / customers have the highest probability to become Enterprise customers?
    • What are our sales cycles? Per channel and per qualification (Sales Operations)
    • Do we have net negative churn (more expanding Enterprise customers than losing logos)

About the company

Mentimeter’s vision is to make the world’s presentations fun and interactive.

Mentimeter is a real-time, visual platform for live collaboration and interactive presentations. Today we support 20+ million users.

Mentimeter is used by many of the world's most demanding businesses; we are proud to name McKinsey, Microsoft, Harvard, EY and many other great companies on our customer list.

If you join Mentimeter you will be part of a truly global and fast-growing journey.
We are on our way to change the culture of meetings around the world!

We are listed as the 7th fastest growing startup in Sweden by TheNextWeb, and we are building a modern & diverse, state-of-the-art tech company.

2018-01-02Mentimeter has found its recipe for success - the company moves to Lisbon in 2018: https://www.mentimeter.com/blog/stay-current-with-mentimeter/mentimeter-recipe-for-success-the-company-moves-to-lisbon-2018

2017-01-15The entire Mentimeter team moves temporarily to Barcelona for one month to get inspiration: http://digital.di.se/artikel/mentimeter-dubblar-omsattningen-drar-till-spanien

2016-08-15Point Nine Capital lists Mentimeter as one of the most interesting SaaS companies in the Nordics: https://medium.com/point-nine-news/5-insights-into-the-scandinavian-saas-and-software-landscape-95be96b431a3#.kl7ktc8o1

2016-01-27Mentimeter temporarily moves to San Francisco to join Dave McClure's 500startups: techcrunch.com/2016/01/27/500-startups-announces-batch-16-focused-on-health-tech-fintech-vices-and-recruiting/

2015-08-11Mentimeter has unique collaboration with Way Out West in Gothenburg: http://www.breakit.se/artikel/1115/mentimeter-ska-samarbeta-med-musikfestivalen-way-out-west

2015-07-13Won Best User Interface in Microsoft Office App Store: https://dev.office.com/app-awards-winners Runner up was a company based in San Francisco with $500M in investment

2015-02-23Mentimeter in Dagens Nyheter: http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/jobb-karriar/hon-vill-satta-stopp-for-trista-jobbmoten/

2014-11-14Mentimeter Crew goes to Slush in Helsinki and Johnny is speaker: http://www.slush.org/3-startups-mood-tech-conference/

2014-06-07Angel Investment from Per Appelgren, Meg Charles-Horn, Lars Wiklund and Fredrik Linder

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