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Sr. UX Designer

Do you want to create the future with us?

We are Nameless.today, a design consultancy within ARC. We’re here to change behaviours for the better, make businesses flourish, and help people in their everyday lives. And maybe most importantly, to have fun while doing so.

Creativity needs freedom to flourish. We share a fundamental passion for innovation and design. Through our curiosity we build deeper relationships with people, industries and problems around us. Our designs are never better than our understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve.

We’re strong believers in collaboration and that effective teams achieve world class results. Prestige is left at the doorstep. We set time aside to share knowledge, learn from each other and grow together.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a mature and senior designer with a great passion and understanding of UX, research, and building digital ecosystems. You have 8+ years of experience in design and are able to deliver exceptional quality, thanks to your ability to coach people, manage projects and meet business and user needs. You’re a firm believer in teamwork and know when and how to delegate, as well as how to bring the best out of a multidisciplinary team.

Who you are

  • An experienced UX designer who’ve seen and been through it all over the years.

  • You’re comfortable with leading teams of designers in delivering great experiences.

  • You are a leader within your craft, experienced in leading and coaching junior colleagues in taking on new challenges and building their skills.

  • You are comfortable taking on complex experiences with multiple channels and touchpoints, following it through all the way, making sure that the experience holds up, and creating the value it was intended to deliver.

  • You have experience in leading and educating organizations in user-centered design and how to work with experiences.

  • You are great at communicating design, adapting your communication depending on the audience, such as fellow designers and stakeholders at clients.

  • You are insight-driven in your work, always basing your design decisions on quantitative and/or qualitative data and looking for ways to challenge and validate your work through feedback and insights.

What you'll be doing

You’ll be taking a leading role in client projects, ensuring high satisfaction, high-quality services, and long-lasting relationships. You’ll use a variety of different research methods to understand user behavior, find issues in current states to improve, and take a central role in product teams to help to shape future solutions around human behaviors and needs.

Internally, you’ll be part of continuously raising the already high bar of knowledge within ARC and the group companies.

Typical deliveries

  • Independently lead the design work in major client projects and oversee associated workstreams

  • Scope and plan design deliveries for clients from an experience perspective

  • Establish processes and ways of working within design deliveries to make sure that the team delivers value for our clients, and that each team member delivers at their very best.

  • Work actively in complex UX Design deliveries for clients, balancing the business value and user needs.

  • Validate other designers’ work and secure excellent quality in all parts of Nameless.today’s design deliveries.

So, wanna be a part of a part of a team of humble and awesome designers? Together create amazing experiences and challenge companies to step their game up? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Work with great people

Christian Hammar
Design Director
"We're a bunch of clever, super-skilled designers who you can share a plate of olives and a few pints with. All of us on the same mission — to create something meaningful for the ones we design for."
Stella Friberg
Service Designer
"Quirky, kind, bouncy and fun. Like an unusually fuzzy tennis ball. That’s Nameless for me. But also something I’d consider wearing."
Alma Lindström
Visual Designer
"When applying for jobs I was looking for three things: a company that inspires me, a culture where I feel at home, and challenging projects. Check, check and check."
Ali Hamsis
UX Design Director
"I love the culture and the people here. Coming into the office each morning, you can feel the vibe, the energy and the drive that we're all in this journey together!"

Great Place to Work

  • 30 days of paid vacation

  • Occupational pension

  • Health insurance

  • Health care contribution

  • Parental pay top up

  • Bike lease scheme

About the company

We're part of ARC

From pioneering management consultants and brand creatives to digital experts – Animal, Ariel, Conversionista, Curamando, Cupole, Nameless.today, Kurppa Hosk, and Umain have come together to form ARC. We are here to help people, businesses and brands arise through digital transformation.

ARC is the fusion between some of Scandinavia’s most influential agencies within digital transformation — and now we’re setting out to create a global leader in Product development & Service design

Nameless.today, what is this?

We’re Nameless.today, a brand new design consultancy within ARC aimed at becoming a leading force on the global market. We’re here to change behaviours for the better, make businesses flourish, and help people in their everyday lives. And maybe most importantly, to have fun while doing so.

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