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Location: Stockholm, Hybrid, or Fully Remote

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Samer Al Moubayed

Job Description

LLM Practitioner: Conversational Character Tools Developer


Are you fascinated by the potential of AI-driven conversational characters to transform human-computer interactions? Do you have a passion for building emotionally expressive digital entities that can seamlessly integrate into various platforms and touch people's lives? Are you excited by the advancements in natural language processing and you spend your time exploring new AI technologies such as LLMs, Search Augmentation, Prompting, and how they are being used in building AI tools for individuals and businesses? If so, then this might be a great opportunity for you.

About Us:

Furhat has been a leader in social robotics and conversational AI for the last ten years, being one of the first companies to bring rich voice-based experiences to people’s lives, pioneering the development of cutting-edge conversational characters that combine expressive voices, customizable appearances, and easy development tools. With the new advancements in Natural Language Processing, many of the biggest barriers to bringing human-like conversational characters to people have been removed. We live in very exciting times in this space, and are now working on a new product that we believe can be used by millions of people in the very near future.

Why This Role is Unique:

As an LLM Practitioner, you will play a pivotal role in selecting, adapting, fine tuning, and integrating LLMs and other neighboring tools to build sophisticated, simple, and intuitive authoring tools for building conversational systems. You will leverage your expertise in language models, machine learning, and user experience to create tools that are both intuitive and advanced, tools that enable the development of both simple and fun conversational systems, and also advanced industry-grade ones that can be safely and reliably be used by small to mid-sized businesses.

Job Description:

As an LLM Practitioner, your core mission will be to design, develop, and improve novel character and conversational creation tools, making them very simple to use.

  • The role will include the exploration and testing of different new and up and coming tools in the industry and evaluate their fit and accuracy when deployed in the context of building digital conversational characters. The role might include the development of Micro LLMs, the finetuning of available models, attempts to measure and reduce/control hallucinations, and iterate on prompt authoring to bring more capabilities to interacting with Foundation models that make them suitable for the use in fluent, real time and interactive conversational systems, with very little latency and rich visual expressivity of the characters.
  • Collaborating with UI/UX designers to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enable seamless character training and deployment for users of all technical levels.
  • Optimizing the character training process to be accessible and efficient, enabling individuals with minimal technical experience to train and fine-tune characters with ease.
  • Integrating and testing new tools, API, and techniques, to bring more capabilities to the character development tools.
  • Staying abreast of the latest advancements in language models, NLP, and AI to maintain our product's position at the forefront of the industry.
Skills & Requirements
  • Bachelor's/Master's/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field with a focus on NLP, language models, and conversational AI.

  • Experience in developing conversational AI applications, with an emphasis on expressive voices and customizable characters.

  • Experience in developing solutions and deploying them into real-world production use cases, maintaining them through their service life.

  • Proficiency in Python and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.

  • Familiarity with additional languages such as Java, Kotlin, and C#.

  • Familiarity with UI/UX design principles to ensure characters are easily trainable and deployable for users with minimal technical expertise.

  • Experience integrating AI models into real-world applications and digital platforms.

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively within a multidisciplinary team.

In this role, you will work directly with the Chief Scientist, the CEO, and the Head of Engineering, on building the first generation of a new product the company is currently working on.

Join us in creating expressive conversational characters that empower users to connect, engage, and build lasting relationships in a way that feels deeply human.

About the company

We are an artificial intelligence and social robotics startup with the vision to make interaction with technology truly human. Founded by four PhDs in social robotics at KTH, we are an ambitious small team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs backed by prominent investors. Our product is the most expressive and customizable social robot on the market. It is powered by a state-of-the-art multi-modal conversational platform and a developer suite used by 3rd party developers to build robot applications. We are looking for high-achievers that share our passion and wants to join our ride.

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