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Senior Full Stack Developer

Wanted: Full Stack Developer 🧨🛠🏥

Dr Hud helps people with skin problems. We recently launched our BETA which connects patients with doctors, making instant, qualified care accessible for anyone.

Why Dr Hud*?

The health care system is broken, still breaking, and soon broke. Waiting times are increasing across the board (incl 6 months for skin). Doctors quit, which undermines future quality of care. Some healthtech startups exploit taxpayer money. Which in turn, eliminates funding, and risks worsening problems even further.

We are a team with personal struggles and wins in the public care system. We also have healthcare and scale-up experience from industry-defining ventures, and believe it’s time to build, in healthcare. Now, we’re starting our next phase - helping more patients, by expanding the scope and the scale of what we do.

To that end, we are looking for engineers who share our passion for changing lives, building something spectacular, and potentially, also fixing a broken system.

* And Yes, "Hud" means skin in Swedish and No, we will not keep this name when going international

We are looking for people who

  • Write great code, at several x the speed compared to other competent people

  • Work great with others + get things done yourself

  • Have excellent communication skills + low BS tolerance

  • Is ready to really get hacking, founder mentality and all, as one of first 10 in team

  • Have capacity to grow and learn very fast - we move at high pace

You will do

  • Build back- and frontend (serving doctors, patients and partners) in close collaboration with product & business team. Initially, web focus. See "Skills" for languages, dev tools and frameworks 👇

  • Many things not in this ad (we are building the plane as we are taking off)


  • Chance to show and discover what you’re made of, professionally and as a person

  • Work with excellent people + dedicated investors from relevant industries (ex Doctrin, Kry, Lexly, Uber & others)

  • Meaningful equity + salary

  • Health and personal assistant related services are included, to make you focus on both work and life outside

The team

  • We are a small, mission driven group with experience working in startups & scale-ups

  • We are agile and work in a fast-paced, fast-changing environment

We work from our office in central Stockholm (Sting Accelerator@ A House) and sometimes elsewhere

Work with great people

Linus Holmsäter
CEO & Co-founder
"Not a Doctor"

Skills & Requirements

Skills required

  • Fullstack developer with experience building scalable technology. We value early stage experience but that is not a must

  • Sound knowledge of Typescript, NodeJS and GraphQL. Experience working on a modern React frontend

  • Having knowledge + opinions on CI/CD tools and cloud based providers. We are powered by Github Actions and Google cloud, prior work in similar technologies is also a plus.

  • Experience with CI/CD (we use GitHub Actions)

  • And not least: We serve users, not systems. The users' win is the company’s, and yours. Never forget

Great Place to Work

  • Free workouts at a top Studio + health stipend

  • Personal assistant services (child care+cleaning)

  • Coworkers / board / investors from top scaleups

  • Equity for all FTE's

  • Office @ A House (Sting) in central Stockholm

About the company

Today, 7 of 10 Swedes walk around with an untreated skin problem. And even WITH a referral, you have to wait up to 6 months to get qualified help.

No more.

We started Dr Hud because we believe that skin patients deserve a better healthcare experience. Several of us have ourselves suffered from skin problems, long waiting times and incorrect assessments, and unfortunately we are not alone.

The team, which consists of both dermatologists and people with many years of experience in healthcare scaleups (incl Doctrin, Kry, Uber and others), aim to offer a service that is better for patients, doctors and the healthcare system as a whole.

Let's fix skin. One rash at a time.

Sting Accelerator 2023Part of the Sting Accelerator S/S batch

KI InnovationsPart of the KI Innovations coaching programme

Dr Hud

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