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Business Architect | Servitization

Are you ready to make a true impact on the world?

At NewCore Business, we are challenging the traditional linear business models. Helping manufacturing companies grow the Circular Economy through Servitization and efficient Product Life Cycle Management, addressing the worldwide environmental and social challenges.

Your next career opportunity

We are seeking a highly skilled Servitization Consultant to join our team. As someone with a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry and a passion for the environment, you will provide expert guidance within Servitization, enabled by traceability and digital twins. Using Servitization as an enabler for Circularity and Sustainable business models.

You understand the power of Servitization as an enabler for the Circular economy and the Product-Service-Systems (PSS). You will work directly with our international clients in large programs, either as a Project Manager or Business Architect, or both.

Work with great people

Katha Desai
Head of Business Control (former intern)
"To be a NewCorer you need to be an innovative mind, a self-leader and a very kind person."
Shay Hannon
Management Consultant (former intern)
"From the beginning, I have had a lot of hands-on experience, a lot of autonomy, working really close with key stakeholders and it has been nothing but growth and greatness since then."
Karin Björk
Co-founder and CEO
"Anyone can make an impact in the world with passion and drive, but you need a great team to make it a reality. We have assembled a fantastic team and hope to attract great people who share our purpose"
Emma Fundin
Head of People & Culture
"We are a growing team that burst with talent and dedication to shape a more sustainable and profitable world together. We want you to make an impact together with us!"

Skills & Requirements

Here's how you can contribute

We believe that your passion for Servitization and how it can enable the circular economy and a more sustainable business model will be a valuable contribution to our team. Specifically, you will:

  • Advise clients on specific areas within the Servitization domain.
  • Analyze and optimize clients' Servitization processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Design concept models and information models within the areas of Servitization
  • Perform process modelling workshops to optimize the Servitization business for our clients.
  • Contribute to the development of the Service portfolio roadmap connected to Circular business models.

  • Work closely with clients to understand their business needs and objectives and provide solutions that meet those needs.

To be able to contribute we believe that you have:

  • Understanding the holistic view of Servitization and how it is connected to Product Life Cycle Management.
  • Experience in designing Product-Service-Systems and how to manage the development and operation of these.
  • A strong understanding of the client's needs based on previous work as a consultant in several similar clients' programs/projects.

  • Strong analytical skills and ability to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations to optimize clients' PLM processes.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Preferably a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technical.

We are building a strong foundation for NewCore why every new team member is extremely important to us. Given that you have a strong foundation in the required skills, we believe that you can hit the ground running together with our clients on complex projects, but in the end we hire personalities and not CVs.

It’s vital that you share our firm beliefs of co-creation and care while contributing to growth for ourselves and our clients. We want you to have a high level of self-leadership and drive to contribute to the success of the team.

A few fun facts

This is a full-time position based in your preferred location in Sweden. You would be hired as a management consultant yet operating as project manager in our client projects. If you are based in Stockholm, you find us at Norrsken House on Birger Jarlsgatan at least one day a week. If you are not based in Stockholm, you will travel to our beautiful capital city a couple of times every month. We also travel to meet our clients on a weekly to monthly basis. We take pride in having very competitive benefits and a recruitment process where you have the opportunity to meet several of our team members.

Join us as we drive change and create a more sustainable future with our innovative approach to PLM and circular business models.

About NewCore

At NewCore Business, we are challenging the traditional linear business models. We help manufacturing companies grow the Circular Economy through Servitization and efficient Product Life Cycle Management, addressing the worldwide environmental and social challenges.

NewCore is growing at a fast pace, our first team member was hired in March 2021, and we are now a great multi-cultural team with employees with roots in India, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Costa Rica, Sweden and more. We have experience in a broad spectrum of business areas, such as, PLM, Servitization, Change management, Communication and Circular economy. We work in a fun, fast paced and hybrid environment where work-life balance, autonomy and personal growth is key.

Are you our next team new member?

Let’s make an impact together!

Please note that we do not provide any visa sponsorships.

Great Place to Work

  • Life balance

  • Autonomy

  • Personal and professional growth

  • Opportunity to co-create the company

  • Flexible public holidays

  • Wellness reimbursement

  • Parental pay

  • Monthly learning and development sessions

  • Great office space at Norrsken House

About the company

We have a passion for Sustainable and Circular Business models. We help our clients to build Circular and Subscription-based Business Models that will have less impact on our environment. Together with them, we design a Servitization strategy and plan for execution. We support the whole journey from selling Products to selling Product-as-a-Service. We are a fast-growing company with an ambition to be the leading platform within Sustainable and Circular Business models.




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