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Are you an IT graduate willing to boost your career? We have a great opportunity for you!

Join our global IT team and have an impact on our business and sustainable future.
Bread and pastries are staples in most countries in the world. When humans feel hungry or want to treat themselves, they often turn to baked goods.
As a global bakery group, we create high-quality baked goods on an industrial scale to satisfy this need all over the world.
Besides bread and pastries, in Lantmännen Unibake IT our world is IT and technology, and we love it!
If you share the same passion, then come and join us in September 2023.
You will be a part of our international team and grow fast by getting full responsibility from day one in a ‘real’ value-adding job in an ambitious and at the same time friendly, open, and fun work environment.
We will welcome 3 graduates to our global IT teams at our head office in Copenhagen for 18 months. During this time you will have the opportunity to work in any of the following tracks:
1. Business and Processes:
You will focus on processes, business analysis, and understanding the business in how IT can transform the business with the right solutions
2. Technical:
You will develop and create value-adding solutions for our business and users.

Specifically, we are looking for

  • 2 Solution Specialists within business workstreams
  • 1 Solution Specialist within Analytics/PowerBI

This is what you will do
We will offer you tailored training and you will be working on 2-3 different projects/ areas as part of a team that implements business-critical IT systems and services across Europe and other parts of the world. This opportunity is relevant for you who enjoy working on projects or service deliveries, where we implement and maintain IT systems and generate business value.
Here you will be exposed to real-life IT and business problems, and work hands-on to create solutions, solve issues, and collaborate with a variety of people, both externally and internally.
From day one, we will give you responsibility and you will be openly welcomed into a team where you will be encouraged, mentored, trained, and assessed.

What’s in it for you?
Throughout the 18 months, you will experience a steep learning curve, get hands-on in the daily IT implementation work, drive, and participate in projects, tasks, and processes that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the IT function in an international company. You will navigate in a constantly evolving environment, and work with many colleagues and collaboration partners at different levels. Quickly, you will build a strong network across Lantmännen Unibake alongside valuable experience in project management, and unique insights from a range of IT and business functions.

You have:

  • A Bachelor's or Master’s degree at above pass rate (or a projection that you’ll achieve this) in business development, business intelligence, business administration, engineering, computer science, or another discipline related to IT, obtained between the summer of 2021 and August 2023;
  • Passion and curiosity about technology;
  • High level of interest, engagement, and enthusiasm;
  • A truly international mindset and the willingness to travel;
  • Great communication skills in English both spoken and written;
  • Strong drive and will to develop;
  • Relevant work experience (no more than 2 years) from internships, student positions, or similar;
  • It is a plus if you have experience or interest in ERP (fx SAP, AX, or D365), Power BI, Azure DevOps, and the MS Office package;
  • The ability to start in September 2023.

What we offer to you
This is an excellent opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and fast-track your personal and professional development through the following elements:

  • Skills and knowledge: You will hold a business-critical position where you will acquire a vast technical skill set and develop a profound knowledge within your area.
  • Development and support: You will follow a structured development program tailored by your manager to ensure your satisfaction and personal growth. You will be assigned a mentor and a buddy, who will support your development, introduce you to the Lantmännen Unibake culture and ensure that you get the necessary training and introduction.
  • Fun and networking: You will be part of an engaged community where we have fun, and where you get a great opportunity to network with your peers and get a better understanding of our organization.
  • International: We are an international company, and you will work with many nationalities and cultures, both in our head office in Copenhagen, and with our colleagues across our international markets as part of our local deliveries. You should expect travel, as part of the job.
  • The first step in your career: We will offer you a permanent position within your field once you have completed your graduateship.


Place of work: Lantmännen Unibake International HQ in Copenhagen, Ørestad. Some traveling to our business units will be required.

Sounds interesting?

Apply through our recruitment system by submitting your resume, diplomas, and a motivational letter. We will be screening candidates ongoing until the positions are filled.
All applications must be completed in English and will be treated confidentially.

Work with great people

Petra Görman
Project Manager
"I truly appreciate the help I received from Lantmännen Unibake and my contact person during the relocation."
Yang Wang
Business Intelligence Developer
"There is a large diversity of nationalities in Lantmännen Unibake, and it is quite interesting to observe so many different people walking in and out the office everyday."
Carlo Rampini
Global Innovation Manager
"Before applying, I didn’t know Lantmännen Unibake, but I found that the company fits my personal values and interests."
Andreas von Bülow
Supply Chain Global Graduate
"People are working towards the same goals with a clear focus - also having the long-term development of the business in mind."
Henriette Penter
HR administrator
"Det, jeg er vild med, er frihed under ansvar og de mange forskellige kollegaer, jeg har. Her hilser vi altid på hinanden, og vi har rigtig fine værdier, som jeg meget nemt kan relatere mig til."
Anne Sofie Snoer
Marketing Manager
"Jeg har en dynamisk og tempofyldt hverdag, hvor jeg sammen med et stærkt team er stolt af at udvikle spændende nye brødkoncepter og markedsføring til danskerne."
Beston Ali Bekas
"Mine opgaver holder mig i bevægelse og giver en masse variation. Jeg har kendt både mine chefer og kollegaer længe, og jeg møder gode mennesker fra alverdens lande og kulturer hver dag."
Gitte Kloster Pedersen
"Som teamkoordinator er der ikke, to dage som er ens. Der følger et stort ansvar med, og der udvises stor tillid fra min leder."
Michelle Helt
Key Account Manager
"Kulturen forplanter sig gennem hele organisationen, og som ny medarbejder fornemmer man straks den stemning og passion helt fra bageriet, pakkeriet og til salgsafdelingen."
"Fra dag 1 har jeg fået mine egne projekter. Det er et stort ansvar, og forventningerne er høje, men der er altid tid til at stille spørgsmål, sparre med de mange erfarne kolleger og plads til at lære"
Jane Leth Jørgensen
Digital Manager
"Vi arbejder tæt sammen på tværs af afdelinger for at nå vores fælles mål. I Marketing er vi i fuld gang med at nytænke, hvordan vi digitalt kan understøtte vores forretning og skabe mest mulig værdi."
Johanna Seppänen
"Arvostan tosi paljon sitä, että Vaasanilla vastuullisuuteen suhtaudutaan vakavasti eikä se ole pelkkää puhetta."
Kari Mikkonen
"Minua motivoi työssäni se, että olen tärkeä lenkki leivänvalmistuksen ketjussa. Yksi ei voi tehdä yksin hyvää, vaan siihen tarvitaan ihan jokaista."
Vesa Leinonen
"Arvostan kulttuuriamme, jossa on helppo ottaa yhteyttä keneen tahansa ilman turhaa hierarkiaa ja muodollisuuksia."
Jussi Taskinen
"Haluamme nähdä toisemme menestyvän, mikä näkyy avoimena ilmapiirinä, jossa parhaat ideat ja käytännöt jaetaan rohkeasti eteenpäin."
Angelė Knizikevicienė
Panevėžio ekspedicija, dispečerė
"Mūsų kolektyvas šaunus, su visais puikiai sutariame. Jaučiu vadovų paramą ir žmogišką požiūrį į darbuotojo poreikius. Esu labai patenkinta darbu, niekuomet neatsisakau daryti daugiau."
Elvydas Urbelionis
Vilniaus kepykla, linijos operatorius
"Mano mėgstamiausia duona „Toste“. Aš dirbu tos linijos operatoriumi ir valdau visą šios duonos gamybos procesą. Tai labai geras jausmas. Nuo žmogaus daug kas priklauso."
Genė Plakienė
Panevėžio kepykla, kepėja-kūrikė
"Džiaugiuosi komandiniu darbu mūsų įmonėje. Čia vienas lauke ne karys. Kiekvienam iš mūsų labai rūpi galutinis darbo rezultatas - mūsų duona patenkintas pirkėjas."
Vladislav Bobrovskij
Vilniaus kepykla, elektrikas šaltkalvis-kūrikas
"Nors „Vilniaus duonoje“ dirbu jau 13 metų, mokausi ir darbo patirties įgaunu kasdien, nes kepykloje sumontuota moderni įranga. Labai patinka toks darbas, kai nuo tavęs priklauso galutinis rezultatas."
Vilma Šimienė
Klientų aptarnavimo vadovė
"Darbe supa profesionalūs kolegos, kurių kasdieniame darbe ir elgesyje atsispindi įmonės vertybės. Džiaugiuosi prisidėdama prie įmonės rezultatų ir būdama dalimi to, ką kuriame ir valgome kasdien."
Aurimas Matikonis
Pardavimų direktorius
"Visada norėjau dirbti rinkoje lyderiaujančioje, tarptautinėje įmonėje su karjeros galimybėmis visame pasaulyje, kurioje būtų svarbios žmogiškosios vertybės. Vilniaus duona viršijo mano lūkesčius."
Tadas Gaškauskas
Pardavimų atstovas
"Per mano darbo „Vilniaus duonoje“ laikotarpį su kai kuriais darbuotojais tapome ne tik kolegomis, bet ir labai gerais draugais. Tai pasako labai daug apie „Vilniaus duonos“ žmones."
Kristina Špokienė
Vyresnioji buhalterė
"Labai vertinu „Vilniaus duonos“ darbo aplinką, nes čia vertinama darbuotojo nuomonė, skatinamas atviras bendravimas, yra tobulėjimo galimybės, bei vieningas tikslo siekiantis kolektyvas."
André von Lindern
Head of Supply Chain
"Ich darf in vielfältigen Projekten Verantwortung übernehmen und mir wird ein eigenständiges Arbeiten ermöglicht. Gleichzeitig bin ich jedoch Teil eines internationalen Bäckereikonzerns."
Yanick Wendler
Export Coordinator
"Die Abwechslung der Produkte und die stetige Veränderung, besonders in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit, machen meine Arbeit interessant."
Susanne Voth
"Ich habe ein abwechslungsreiches, vielfältiges Arbeitsgebiet und kann sehr selbständig arbeiten. Durch immer wieder neue Herausforderungen bleibt es spannend."
Bernd Burmeister
Head of Development
"Mir gefällt insbesondere die Vielfältigkeit und weitreichenden Möglichkeiten bei Lantmännen Unibake."
Marina Avstriiskaja
"Minu peamine motivaator Leiburis töötades on teadmine sellest, et minu enda kätega loodud röstsaiu sööb suur hulk inimesi nii Põhjamaades kui ka kogu Baltikumis. See on äärmiselt väärikas väljakutse,"
Irina Novik
"Tean, et Leiburis on minule tagatud stabiilne töökoht ka muutuvas maailmas, see loob turvatunde homse osas."
Petro Dobõš
Vahetuse juhataja
"Leiburis töötamise juures meeldivad mulle väljakutsed ning võimalus omandada uusi teadmisi."
Roman Dombrovski
"Leiburis töötamise juures hindan kõige enam stabiilsust ja antud lubadustest kinnipidamist."
Kristel Pahv
Võtmekliendi müügijuht
"Leibur on kogu aeg arengus ja see hoiab ka mind tegevuses. Siin ei hakka kunagi igav"
Karl Erik Sahtel
IT spetsialist
"Töökaaslased Leiburis on professionaalsed ja mõistvad, peegeldades ettevõtte väärtusi. Minu jaoks on oluline ka tööandja paindlikkus ning töö ja eraelu tasakaal. Seda kõike Leibur mulle pakub."
Kristel Pahv
Võtmekliendi müügijuht
"Leibur on kogu aeg arengus ja see hoiab ka mind tegevuses. Siin ei hakka kunagi igav"
Nele-Riin Koskaru
"Minu töö ei ole kunagi rutiinne. Iga päev on täis uusi ja huvitavaid väljakutseid. Olen tootearendajana enda väljatöötatud leibade-saiade fänn ja soovitan neid ka oma sõpradele-tuttavatele."
Darren McNeil
HR Business Partner, UK
"I enjoy working with a diverse and dynamic workforce, our people engage with the business and enjoy what they do. Unibake has a passion for attracting and developing the best individuals."
Egija Klavina
Lead Buyer, UK
"I believe that hard work always ‘pays off’ and its valued in Lantmännen. There’s many opportunities to be involved in new things and the business supports this, if you want it."
Dave Gravestock
General Manager, Bedford
"My own story, from Packing Leader to General Manager, shows Lantmännen invest in their staff and give fantastic opportunity to grow, develop and apply for promotion opportunities."
Mohammad Nisar
Shift Manager, Milton Keynes
"We have great teams in Lantmännen Unibake. We all support each other through the good time and the more difficult times. We enjoy coming into work and are proud of what we do!"
Piret Riik
Key Account Manager, Estonia
"We operate in three different countries in the Baltics, and in three different cultures. Despite this we have been able to build a strong team that operates as one. I am very proud of that."
Ville Teelahti
Bakery Supervisor in Petikko
"I remember my first days in Unibake Finland Frozen. I quite quickly noticed that the hierarchy here is very flat. I can tell my manager and his manager things as they are."
Марина Австрийская
"Моим главным мотиватором работы в Leibur является знание того, что булку для тостов, приготовленную моими руками, ест огромное количество людей в странах Северной Европы и во всех странах Балтии. Это"
Ирина Новик
"Я знаю, что в Leibur мне гарантирована стабильная работа в меняющемся мире, это вселяет в меня чувство уверенности в завтрашнем дне"
Петро Добыш
Начальник смены
"Работая в Leibur, мне нравятся вызовы и возможность получить новые знания"
Роман Домбровский
Транспортный рабочий
"Работая в Leibur, я больше всего ценю стабильность и соблюдение данных обещаний"
Kristina Špokienė
"I appreciate working environment in “Vilniaus Duona”. The opinion of every employee is valued, and open communication is encouraged here. We have all the opportunities for improvement."
Tadas Gaškauskas
Sales Representative
"During my work at „Vilniaus Duona“, with some employees we became not only colleagues, but also very good friends. This says a lot about the people of Vilniaus duona."
Vilma Šimienė
Customer Service Manager
"Surrounded by professional colleagues, whose daily work & behavior reflects the company's values, I'm happy to contribute to the results of the company and be a part of what we create & eat every day."
Aurimas Matikonis
Sales Manager
"I have always wanted to work for a market-leading, international company with career opportunities around the world, where human values are important. Vilniaus duona exceeded my expectations."
Dainius Mažeika
Technical Maintenance Manager, Panevėžys bakery
"I am delighted to see our company ‘s development and growth in all areas of its activity, where is fostered open and supportive leadership culture. Here each employee shares successes and failures."
Dalia Zdanovičienė
Plant Manager, Vilnius bakery
"It feels like home working in bakery with each employee. All together we create open culture where are valued trust, transparency and cooperation."
Šarūnė Stankevičiūtė
CI Manager, Panevėžys bakery
"Work in production is not monotonous and full of daily challenges. The attitude of managers and colleagues towards employees motivate to go to work every day and overcome another challenge."
Mindaugas Lukoševičius
Production Planner, Panevėžys bakery
"We have great opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. By supporting and helping each other in solving difficult situations, we contribute to the success of the whole team."
Andrius Paužas
Techninės priežiūros vadovas
"Įmonėje žavi darbuotojų pagarba vieni kitiems ir pozityvumas, kad ir pačiose sudėtingiausiose darbinėse situacijose. Vertinu atvirą grįžtamojo ryšio kultūrą, kuri padeda mums tobulėti."
Julius Jancevičius
Gamybos projektų valdymo lyderis Baltijos šalims
"Aš labai vertinu didelės kompanijos teikiamas galimybes dirbti įvairiose pozicijose, kur gali dalintis patirtimi su kolegomis skirtingose šalyse."
Audrius Lataitis
Projektų vadovas, Panevėžio kepykla
"Čia vertinami darbuotojai, nes jie yra didžiausias įmonės turtas. Nors darbas Vilniaus duonoje reikalauja daug užsispyrimo ir kantrybės, bet dirbant atsakingai ir sąžiningai visada būsi pastebėtas."
Dalia Zdanovičienė
Vilniaus kepyklos vadovė
"Kepykloje jaučiuosi tarsi namuose, kur gera dirbti su kiekvienu darbuotoju. Visi kartu kuriame atvirą kultūrą, kurioje vertinamas pasitikėjimas, skaidrumas ir bendradarbiavimas."
Toril Kristiansen
Bakerioperatør, Langhus
"Jeg elsker å lære nye maskiner og ikke minst å lære bort, også til kolleger i andre land."
Amer Kazmi
Leder for kontinuerlig forbedring
"Helt siden jeg startet som operatør i bakeriet har jeg fått muligheter og støtte til å utvikle meg."
Cecilie Lysaker
"Det første jeg la merke til er hvor inkluderende folk er. Lagfølelsen motiverer meg til å gå på jobb."
Yosef Homsi
Bakerioperatør, Lier
"Jeg er stolt av å jobbe et sted der det ikke spiller noen rolle hvor du er fra så lenge du gjør en god jobb."
Caroline Adielsson
"Det bästa med mitt arbete är at få representera Lantmännen Unibake, med våra supergoda produkter och vara del av ett fantastiskt team."
Mina Langendal
Finance & IT Director
"Vi tar ansvar för genomförande av våra mål inklusive näringskedjan. Helhetssynen handlar inte bara om Lantmännen Unibake som bolag, utan också om hållbarhet och ansvar utanför verksamhetens gränser."
Mathias Gardemeister-Byström
"Lantmännen Unibake skulle jag beskriva som en trygg arbetsplats med högt tempo – jag gillar det."
Waad Gebrael Issa
"Jag stortrivs, jag älskar mitt jobb. Jag gillar alla nya produkter som kommer och att få nya utmaningar."
Caroline Adielsson
Area Manager/Sales representative
"The best part of my job is being able to represent Lantmännen Unibake, with our super tasty products and being part of a fantastic team."
Mina Langendal
Finance & IT Director
"We take responsibility for implementing our goals including the food chain. Our view does not only include Lantmännen Unibake, but also sustainability and responsibility beyond the business."
Mathias Gardemeister-Byström
Production technician
"I would describe Lantmännen Unibake as a safe workplace with a fast pace - I like it."
Waad Gebrael Issa
Bakery Operator
"I really enjoy it, I love my job. I like all the new products that are being launched and getting new challenges."

About the company

Lantmännen Unibake is a leading global bakery company within the Lantmännen Group. With expertise in bakery products for food service and retail, we serve consumers around the clock and across the world every day. The aim is to make bread and pastry a profitable business for our customers through tasty, high-quality products and innovative solutions and based on a sustainable mind-set and excellent food safety standards. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lantmännen Unibake operates modern bakeries around the world and has sales in more than 60 countries. The brand portfolio comprises a range of well-established B2B and BtC brands e.g. Schulstad Bakery Solutions, Schulstad, Bonjour, Vaasan, Pastridor and Hatting. Lantmännen Unibake has a turnover of EUR 1.1 billion and employs more than 6,000 people in 20+ countries. Appetite for more? Visit us at www.lantmannen-unibake.com

plupp5 reasons you'll be glad you chose us

#1It goes right. Right from the start. New people start at Lantmännen Unibake every day. We’re used to creating the right beginning, right from day one. We’re ready for you.

#2Baking is a people business. Lantmännen Unibake has flour on its hands and people at its heart. The whole process of making everyday products takes team work, open-ness and mutual respect.

#3It's a group thing. Working for a global business is different. You feel connected to something bigger. Your team has a higher purpose. Ripples turn into waves.

#4It's about baking the future. We are taking baking further. Not just geographically but in terms of innovation. We have a proud heritage but we want to explore new products, markets and opportunities.

#5Diversity is a reality. Not an ambition. Not only are we global, we hire a multitude of nationalities. At the moment, your future colleagues come from more than 40 countries.

#1Es funktioniert. Gleich von Anfang an. Bei Lantmännen Unibake beginnen täglich neue Menschen. Wir sind es gewohnt, gleich vom ersten Tag an den richtigen Start zu schaffen. Werden Sie Teil unserer globalen Familie.

#2Backen ist eines der ältesten Handwerke der Menschheit, von Menschen für Menschen. Wir bei Lantmännen Unibake haben Mehl an den Händen und Leidenschaft im Herzen. Der gesamte Prozess der Herstellung von Produkten des täglichen Bedarfs erfordert Teamarbeit, Offenheit und gegenseitigen Respekt.

#3Es ist eine Sache der Gemeinschaft. Für ein globales Unternehmen zu arbeiten, ist etwas Besonderes. Man fühlt sich mit etwas Größerem verbunden. Dein Team hat ein höheres Ziel. Kleine Taten erzielen eine große Wirkung.

#4Wir backen die Zukunft. Wir bringen das Backen weiter voran. Nicht nur im geografischen, sondern auch im innovativen Sinne. Wir sind stolz, dass wir Teil einer Geschichte sind, die so alt ist wie die Menschheit selbst. Unsere Traditionen verbinden wir mit den Lifestyle-Trends von heute und erkunden kontinuierlich neue Produkte, Märkte und Möglichke

#5Vielfalt ist bei uns Realität. Kein Ziel. Wir sind nicht nur global, sondern auch multikulturell. Wir haben alle unsere eigene Geschichte, Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen - wir sind alle einzigartig, wir arbeiten alle zusammen – derzeit kommen Ihre zukünftigen Kollegen aus mehr als 40 Ländern.

#1Stabiilne sissetulek ja boonus

#2Väljaõpe ja täiendkoolitused kohapeal

#3Ettevõttesisesed arenguvõimalused


#5Lisapuhkus ning ettevõttesisesed hüved ja toetused

#1Töö rahvusvahelises organisatsioonis

#2Kaugtöö võimalus

#3Ettevõttesisesed arenguvõimalused

#4Investeerime töötajate heaolusse ja arengusse

#5Lisapuhkus ning ettevõttesisesed hüved ja soodustused

#1Стабильный доход и бонусы

#2Обучение и повышение квалификации на месте

#3Возможность карьерного роста на предприятии

#4Спортивная компенсация

#5Дополнительный отпуск, а также льготы и пособия для работников предприятия

#1creating results together

#2international career opportunities from field to fork

#3proud of our heritage, aiming for the global growth

#4focus on innovation & sustainability

#1Rezultatus kuriame kartu

#2Suteikiame tarptautinės karjeros galimybes nuo lauko iki stalo

#3Skiriame didelį dėmesį naujovėms ir tvarumui

#4Didžiuojamės mūsų paveldu, siekiame pasaulinio augimo

#1Vi er eid av bønder, baker selv i Norge og gjør det vi kan for å redusere klimagassutslipp

#2Vi har avgitt et Plastløfte til planeten og kutter plast der vi kan

#3Vi har signert bransjeavtalen om å halvere matsvinnet innen 2030 og sikter mot kun 1% svinn

#4Vi tilbyr sunnere bakervarer med mindre salt og sukker og grovere alternativer i alle kategorier

#5Vi har 150 kolleger fra 30 land som alle gjør oss til Lantmännen Unibake

Viola Baldoni | Contact Person

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