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Junior Product Designer

The design team at Upsales is growing and we are looking for a Junior Product Designer to join our team.

A designer at Upsales

We tend to think about the designer role kind of like a full-stack developer and believe our designers should master both the fieldwork of UX and the nitty-gritty pixel-perfect UI that combined is used to solve problems and enables a great workday for our users. We are a small agile team that makes a huge impact on thousands of users.

Designing for Upsales

The days of traditional CRM’s are history, at Upsales we create a sales coach that boosts our user’s performance by AI recommendations and effective sales tools. Your goal is to increase our user’s performance in their different roles. Our users come from different industries, with individual challenges, in different roles. Understanding these is key, and it’s what makes Upsales a service loved by salespeople.

What you will do

  • Lead and oversee the user experience of a product from concept to launch in partnership with product managers, developers, and stakeholders

  • Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into something useful and valuable for our users

  • Contribute to strategic decisions around the future direction of Upsales products

  • Design end-to-end flows and experiences that are simple and elegant for our supported platforms (browser, iOS & Android)

  • Define, craft, and evolve designs within Upsales visual systems

  • Interview customers and analyze data to find and solve problems

  • UI copywriting: We find that the words in your design are just as important as the rest of the UI

Tools you need to master

  • UI design tools like figma

Minimum experience

  • 1 year of experience building and shipping applications or software at the level of whole features/products that encompass an end-to-end experience across a variety of platforms

  • Interaction Designs skills defining how an experience should behave based on understanding people's needs

  • Experience using prototyping skills to demonstrate how a particular flow or interaction will work

  • Visual Design skills with proficiency in typography, desktop/mobile UI, color, layout, iconography, and aesthetic sense and how these elements impact product function

  • Experience leading product direction and strategic thinking while developing product goals, identifying opportunities, and making decisions based on the impact on people and the company

  • Experience representing work to a broader product team and other leaders, clearly and succinctly articulating the goals and concepts

  • Fluent English level

  • Prior experience of working in agile teams

Preferred experience

  • Experience in facilitating and structuring user feedback during the discovery process

  • Building user data prior for UX research purposes

  • Experience in facilitating discovery interviews with customers

  • Experience in working with sales and/or marketing-centered products or services

Work with great people

Elin Lundström
Chief Financial Officer
"På Upsales får jag ta mycket ansvar och driva igenom många egna initiativ, vilket gjort att jag utvecklats oerhört mycket de tre senaste åren. Det är en bra kultur och jag har fantastiska kollegor!"
Eric Östholm
System Developer
"Jag fick direkt ett stort förtroende, vilket gav mig chansen att visa vad jag går för. Jag skulle verkligen rekommendera att jobba för Östgötaslättens fetaste techbolag."
Ingrid Söderberg
Marketing & Growth Manager
"På Upsales utvecklas man i en rasande takt. Vi satsar otroligt mycket på marknadsföring och jag tycker det är spännande att få vara med på en så unik tillväxtresa som vi faktiskt har framför oss."
Adam Normelli
Head of Marketing
"Upsales är för dig med höga ambitioner som vill ta sig an större utmaningar och utvecklas i teamet. Vi arbetar som ett lag men det är även viktigt att kunna ta eget ansvar och driva projekt framåt."
Robin Berntsson
Senior Software Engineer
"Gillar att jobba fullstack, det är spännande att vara involverad i hela processen, från databas till design. Produktens breda omfattning gör också att det är väldigt stor variation på varje projekt"

About the company

Upsales was founded with a vision to solve pain points for B2B companies, building the next generation sales and marketing software.

In 2019, Upsales was listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, and was awarded IPO of the year. Upsales differentiates itself from competitors by being fully focused on delivering the fastest digital solution to the most common growth problems. Upsales is currently working with customers in 10 countries, and our ambition is to scale in Sweden and Europe to continue building the next generation sales and marketing platform for fast-growing B2B businesses. We are a team of 70 people in our offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Skopje.

Joel Feist | Contact Person

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