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Director of HR & Talent

  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2023
  • Oslo
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2023
  • Oslo

The Conduit in Oslo is seeking an accomplished and passionate Director of HR & Talent to lead our human resources function. The Director of HR & Talent will play an instrumental role in handling all recruitment, training, and development and HR administration functions required to ensure operations are fully staffed with qualified employees in a positive, safe, and healthy work environment. Essential to this task is the capability to find and inspire great talent to be part of The Conduit in Oslo’s team, establish policies and procedures to train and measure performance, and the ability to act as a leading advocate for the company.

As our ideal candidate, you will have the vision and capacity to build an amazing employee experience for all existing and prospective employees of The Conduit in Oslo, helping make it a leading company to work for in Norway. You should have:

  • Deep knowledge of HR, legislation, and compliance
  • A passion to develop and instill a healthy and supporting company culture amongst all employees in a thriving team based on The Conduit’s mission, vision, values, and strategies
  • Characteristics of an inspiring leader and supporter to provide positive mentorship and guidance to managers and employees. A healthy dose of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the ability to connect with staff at all levels
  • Strong communication skills to promote The Conduit as a leading employer, useful for all recruitment, hiring, and staff retention purposes
  • The ability to analyse all levels of HR, from recruitment to onboarding, training, performance to turnover, to identify business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and develop meaningful and achievable action plans for each
  • Work experience in hospitality, and ideally experience in openings.
  • Understanding of the nature of how to develop culture and motivate employees working within a dual profit-purpose organisation.

Responsibilities & Key Duties

Employee Relations

  • Promote strong and effective Employee relations throughout all Conduit in Oslo operations.
  • Establish and oversee internal employee communications programs including orientation, newsletters, recognition programmes, etc.
  • Seek to know all employees by name, and maintain a relationship of trust and confidence with each.
  • Maintain an open-door policy where employees and managers can seek guidance as needed.
  • Be readily available to handle employee queries and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Assess the condition of employee facilities and make recommendations on maintenance repairs or renovations and refurbishments requiring capital expenditure budgets.
  • Be an integral part of creating a culture of nurturing and respect, with the goal of having a happy and effective team in all operations.


  • Develop and lead all aspects of recruitment to ensure the best candidates fill vacancies
  • Ensure job descriptions are appropriate with suitable responsibilities, reporting structures, KPIs, etc
  • Analyse and understand the competition’s strengths and weaknesses in recruitment, benefits, training, development, etc., and successfully direct recruitment and development activities for each
  • Stay up to date on industry trends and incentives of interest to attract target employees
  • Seek to reduce and minimise turnover and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Training and Development

  • Ensure standards, policies, and operating manuals of all operations are updated and communicated properly to employees through orientation and ongoing training
  • Handle all aspects of training and development
  • Identify training opportunities related to performance gaps and market opportunities and develop training programs required to meet business goals
  • Ensure training objectives are met across all Conduit in Oslo executive and operation levels
  • Work closely with the Operations Director to review and develop all supervisors and managers
  • Create and lead training programs as required
  • Source third-party trainers as required
  • Lead performance reviews and employee development programs to mitigate poor performance and promote performance excellence
  • Assist with company leadership planning and develop cross-training and professional development programmes for the advancement of potential Supervisors and Managers.

Payroll & Benefits

  • Stay updated on legislation related to wages and benefits
  • Develop and handle all aspects of payroll and benefits policies to ensure employees are receiving competitive benefits packages
  • Ensure Employees receive compensation properly.


  • Regularly review labor costs for individual operations and seek to maintain controlled labour costs without negative impact on operations or customer experience
  • Develop and oversee HR budgets
  • Assess division spending and recommend corrective actions as necessary.


  • Attend and coordinate regular executive meetings
  • Ensure all company HR practices are in compliance with legislation, policies, and procedures and generally accepted principles
  • Help finalise and maintain an updated Employee Handbook and ensure policies are adhered to, and make recommendations for modification where appropriate
  • Ensure all Managers and Supervisors understand HR objectives and practice good industrial relations procedures, and provide training and support as needed
  • Ensure all personnel records are updated and maintained with the utmost confidentiality
  • Handle all Employee absences, grievances, disciplinary action, underperforming performance reviews, terminations, and exit interviews
  • Adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures
  • Actively champions and promotes The Conduit Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Supports and contributes to the overall success of The Conduit in Oslo and the wider Conduit brand.
  • Alongside your key duties, you may be asked to complete other tasks as and when necessary and reasonably required in line with business needs.

Safety and Health

  • Ensure all precautions are taken to safeguard against incidents in areas under your supervision.
  • Identify HSE training as required
  • Conduct thorough investigations of each workplace injury to identify ways to prevent recurrences.

Skills & Requirements

Above we have listed the skills we would like the Director of HR & Talent to have. Below speaks more about the individual’s leadership abilities:

  • Has skills in understanding the dynamics and happenings within a group
  • Understands and is committed to team objectives
  • Has strong interpersonal skills needed to build trust amongst employees at all levels
  • Considers and uses new ideas and suggestions from others
  • Trusts, supports, and has a genuine concern for all employees
  • Encourages the development of all employees
  • When listening, attempts to hear and interpret communication from other's points of view
  • Respects, is tolerant of, and invites individual differences
  • Views individual differences as a way to build new ideas and innovations
  • Involves others in the decision-making process
  • Influences others by involving them in the issue(s)
  • Works for consensus on decisions
  • Acknowledges and works through conflict openly
  • "Owns" problems rather than blaming them on others
  • Encourages feedback on own behavior
  • Leads an active lifestyle
  • Alignment with the ethos of The Conduit around sustainability and social impact.

Skills & Experience

  • Preferably a degree in industrial relations, HR, psychology or other related programmes
  • Minimum of 5 years as an HR Manager or similar position
  • Training experience desired
  • Hospitality experience
  • HR Literate: Strong industrial relations knowledge
  • Service Orientation: Obsessively adamant about providing high-quality assistance to employees, at all times
  • Critical Thinking: Uses logic and reasoning to find solutions, conclusions, and approaches to challenges
  • Decision-Making: Uses good judgment to make well-thought-out decisions, in a timely manner Financial Management: Assesses financial performance and creates strategies to balance labor costs with operating requirements without negative impact on the guest experience
  • Speaking and Writing: Communicates in a professional and effective manner
  • Active Listening: Gives full attention when others are speaking, doesn’t interrupt, takes time to understand, and asks appropriate questions before responding
  • Coordination: Brings together management from different operations to build a stronger and more cohesive workforce
  • Mediation: Brings others together to assist in reconciling differences
  • Time Management: Efficiently manages one’s own time and the time of others
  • Computer-literate: Able to work confidently with Excel, PPT, Word, and possible HR software.


Regardless of whether your experience is relevant to every one of the above points, if the Conduit and our ethos resonate with you, we encourage you to send in an application.

About the company

The Conduit was established in London in 2018. The Conduit’s mission is to convene a collaborative community of people passionate about social, economic, and environmental change that scales and accelerates solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Our community members are entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, activists, civil society leaders, and policymakers, bringing together knowledge, networks, and capital for sustained positive impact.

Our members believe that the world’s most pressing problems are better understood as opportunities waiting for entrepreneurial solutions and that through collaboration we can create a better future.

Oslo has been chosen as the location for The Conduit community’s second clubhouse. It will combine world-class curated impact-focused programming on key thematic areas, and community building, with first-class ethical hospitality, in surroundings designed to cultivate creativity.

The Conduit in Oslo will open its doors in Autumn 2023. You will be joining a core team in growth mode and a global brand that is in an exciting stage of international expansion. The role requires you to be able to operate in a fast-paced environment as we prepare for the opening. We’re an energetic and fun place to work, the leadership is creative, committed, and has an ethos to win. You’ll need to match our energy and our commitment to achieve our mission and impact goals.

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