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Senior Full Stack Developer - Oikotie Asunnot


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You? Experience in agile development with object-oriented programming, writing testable code and developing web platforms. Eagerness to take part in product discovery.
Role? Senior Full Stack Developer contributing to the future of Oikotie Asunnot, one of the leading real estate marketplaces in Finland: designing and implementing scalable and robust web services, APIs and databases in a cloud environment.
Tech stack? Angular (with NgRx state management), Typescript, PHP 8, and relational databases (MySQL/Aurora). Environments are run in AWS. Behat, Jasmine and PHPUnit for automated integration tests. Additional services include among others Apache Solr, OpenStreetMap, and Thumbor. Some of our smaller standalone services use React and NodeJS.
Location? We work in a hybrid way so you can be based anywhere in Finland. If you like, our office is there for you just a few steps away from the Helsinki railway station and Tuesday is the day you will find most of us there!
Why us? This is a unique opportunity to work with one of Finland’s most popular websites and its +1 million unique weekly users. Developers are highly valued in our teams and are encouraged to pitch in with ideas on how to push the service forward. Our benefits include 6 weeks of holidays, recreational and lunch benefits on top of your salary, and flexible working hours and spots!

Sounds like your cup of tea? Check out the details below!


  • Experience with writing testable and maintainable code. Our release process is fully automated end-to-end and we aim to produce clean, understandable code.
  • Mastering frontend development with Angular and backend development using relational databases e.g. MySQL/Aurora.
  • Understanding or experience with version control like Git. Potentially, experience with large-scale projects* (with multiple dependencies and 3rd party integrations)
  • Potentially even experience from high-load cloud environments, preferably in AWS.
  • Fluency in English (even on Monday mornings;-). Our official language is English and we gather together people from multiple backgrounds (memes in Spanish, Indian cooking recipes, database parodies, and dog videos circulate on our Slack channels!)

  • As a person , you are a curious self-starter willing to develop yourself and take on challenges with a problem-solver mindset. You are constantly looking out for leading-edge technologies and theories, educating yourself and implementing relevant ones in your and your team’s workflow. If you are inspired by problems and creating something new from scratch, we believe that our working culture is a great fit for you!


Day-to-day work & Projects

As a member of our growing Oikotie Asunnot team, you are one of the key contributors to the new features development and the renewal of the marketplace’s architecture. With the mission to serve our customers to make smart choices in our marketplace, we deliver a first-class product thanks to dedicated teams both for web and mobile applications. Over 70% of our users use the website on mobile, so knowing the best practices for development for both desktop and mobile users is essential. Your main focus is on designing and implementing scalable and robust web services, APIs and databases in a cloud environment. Furthermore, you ensure the quality of our services in the complex hi-load environment through diverse practices like monitoring, efficient logging, automation and unit testing with code coverage. We do discovery work, conceptualization and experimentation guided by OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), develop in sprints, and release on demand.

Not everything is sweet, so here’s the main opportunity to improve

As we are scaling up our software architecture and collaborating across teams, we aim to modernize the architecture and make it more loosely coupled. Thus, your expertise is needed in analyzing the current situation and throwing in ideas.

Moreover, we’re on our way toward a deepened alignment with the other Nordic Schibsted brands and countries. If on one hand, this might lead to yet-to-be-seen scenarios in terms of actual teams’ collaboration and shared practices, this also translates into more international opportunities for both technical and personal development!


During your first few months, we help you to get on board, settle into the team, gradually take over your role and collaboratively start building new features for Oikotie Asunnot. Further down the road, approximately in 6 months, we’re eager to see you standing on your own (we’re here to have your back!). You finish backlog tasks & also contribute to building our vision, strategy and work methods. For example, your expertise is needed in product discovery initiatives where you would act as a tech expert. How do we bring even more traffic and new listings to our real-estate platform, it’s up to you and to the team!


Our Oikotie Asunnot team, gathering together 12 bright experts of developers, QA, designers, Product Managers & Engineering Manager, and the rest of the Schibsted Nordic Real Estate tech community are eagerly waiting for your first day! We are mature in agile practices and our work is guided by OKRs in a network of empowered cross-functional product teams.

How do we collaborate? We win together by celebrating and caring for each other, we encourage each other to be curious and actively develop ourselves for example with the help of LinkedIn Learning platform and Schibsted level training, and we are empowered to be fearless to share ideas and challenge ourselves to really make a difference for our customers.

Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces

Bilbasen, Blocket, DBA, FINN, Oikotie, Rakentaja & Tori. Did you spot any familiar names? Then you already know a bit about Schibsted and our Nordic Marketplaces! We pulled our strengths together in January 2023 and are now collaborating tightly at the Nordic level to innovate further our marketplaces' user-friendliness in mind to empower millions of people interacting with us in their daily lives. Our goal is to increase the positive impact on society and the planet tenfold by 2035. We also aim to transform services into a next-gen marketplace by taking on a larger role and responsibility in key user journeys.

There are 1400 of us across the Nordic Marketplaces and we’re lucky to work with colleagues who share the passion for their work, are friendly and caring. Have a sneak peek at our boogie on LinkedIn & Instagram, get to know the Schibsted Tech & Shetech Communities along with the Schibsted Talks podcast hosted by our very own colleagues.

Inclusion for us means creating a fair workspace where each of us is respected and celebrated by the stories we bring within us and is given equal opportunities to thrive. Check our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging on our sustainability page.


Our Engineering Manager (Oikotie Asunnot) Yevgeniya Nättilä at yevgeniya.nattila(at)schibsted.com, or by phone on Wednesdays from 9-10 at +358468108645 (only for candidates) is happy to tell you more about the daily work and Alessia Porazzi, Talent Acquisition Specialist, (alessia.porazzi(at)schibsted.com) can share insights about our company culture!


1. 50 min meeting with the Talent Acquisition Specialist, Alessia (your background & skills, career goals and Schibsted as an employer)
2. 45 min chat with the Engineering Manager, Yevgeniya (diving deeper into your background, role goals & expectations)
3. 75 min technical interview with a few developer colleagues and our Engineering Director, Juha (get to know each other, how it would be to work as part of the team, diving deeper into your skillset)

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Schibsted Finland doesn’t accept unsolicited profiles from recruitment agencies and won’t pay fees to any third-party agency or company that doesn’t have a signed agreement with us. If provided, we're free to contact the profiles ourselves.

Work with great people

Gözde Yigit
Product Manager
"What I love about SMF are the people, team spirit, challenging work, the sense of humor and the kindness. It warms my heart knowing that our work really makes a difference for the environment."
Samuli Paavilainen
Sales Director Jobs
"The possibility to work with such a diverse talented people creates this unique culture that inspires me every day. I would describe our culture with the words: openness, empathy and good boogie."
Sari Nieminen
Content Producer
"The best thing in Schibsted is its community and workmates. You are welcome to join any conversation and your opinion is accepted and valued."
Agustí Pellicer
iOS developer
"We are a welcoming bunch of people and everyone has been very friendly to newcomers. We even have a tech forum to share what we learn and present them to everyone who is interested."
Ruth Richman
Data Analytics Specialist
"What I enjoy most about my work is problem solving and always learning something new. It’s also really rewarding to see your work shape how the company changes and develops."

Great Place to Work

  • Lunch benefit

  • Recreational benefit

  • Heltti healthcare services

  • Extended insurances

  • Support for individual learning & development

  • Office library

  • Good Life Coffee office cafe & barista

  • HOMEsted - ergonomic home office

  • Weekly game nights

  • Devices of your choice

  • MyWeek - your own wellbeing week

  • SMF Activities - after work events

  • GoByBike - bike benefit

  • Possibility to work abroad for 30 days/year (EU)

  • Baby bonus

About the company

You might know us from our leading brands Tori, Oikotie and Rakentaja. We have a great bunch of over 250 talented professionals, who are working towards empowering people to make smart choices in their daily lives.

We like to describe ourselves as curious, kind and happy people. We invest in well-being and learning, and we put all our effort into delivering great products for a more sustainable future. We firmly believe in our company’s mission “Empowering people in their daily lives” and we live by our values: “Win together, Be curious, Have courage”. We have great professionals with various areas of expertise to work with and we highly value and nurture our diverse community.

Our culture is based on trust, working together, always learning more and challenging the status quo, in a nice and friendly atmosphere. We encourage our employees to lead a sustainable way of life both professionally and personally. All in all, we believe this is a pretty awesome place to be. But the thing is, we are just getting started! We need more smart and curious people to join our journey – so if this description of us resonates with you, please continue getting to know us more. We also want to get to know you, so if you are interested in working with us, leave your contact information with an open application.

Read more about us on our Career page.

Our valuesOur Schibsted Finland values are:

Win togetherWe are all in! We take part, share and include others. We use differences as a strength. We are kind and trust in good intentions.

Be curiousWe find new ways and we seek ways to delight our users, customers and co-workers. We move fast to learn fast, mistakes are part of growth. We are eager to always learn more.

Have courageWe aim high. We believe in ourselves and in people around us. We speak up and share our solutions. We are ready to offer and receive help.

Alessia Porazzi | Contact Person

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