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Go Developer

Okay, so, here's the deal: our job at Zimpler is to build a fintech product that makes it really easy to pay and withdraw money online and to do that, we are looking for a new developer to join our team.

As a developer at Zimpler, you will have full ownership of the projects you are a part of. You will belong to a cross-functional team, where you will have a genuine impact on the team's decisions. Meaning that when there will be a challenge or an obstacle, you will be able to overcome it together with colleagues that have your back.
Sounds about right to you? Then check out the details below.

Why you might ask?

We've used a variety of programming languages to write our backend including Clojure and RoR, but as of now we use Go following a micro-service architecture, and it makes up around 95% of our codebase.

However, that is the situation today and we don’t know (yet) what tomorrow will look like: so knowing more programming languages would be amazing, and also being oriented in growing by learning new programming languages would be cool too.

Right now, we are focusing on Golang and new services will be written in Go for the time being. We use Typescript and React to write our frontend. All services run on AWS containerized with Docker and Kubernetes. The deployment chain is fully automated so you can focus on the fun stuff, no day-to-day maintenance and worries.

We are looking for a developer, so we trust you more than us when it comes to the tools that help you work at your best: so you are free to use any hardware, operating system and editor/IDE you are comfortable with.

We also know that software development takes time (a lot of time), thus:

  • No tight deadlines
  • No overtime
  • No working during the weekend

Skills & Requirements

This is what you're good at:

  • You have an Ownership mentality: as a team, we come up with the specs, define the UI, write the code, ship it to production, monitor that it works and ensure that our customers are happy, so we get to see it from when it was just an idea in our minds to when it’s full grown-up and making people’s lives easier
  • You thrive working in small, truly agile teams, always ready to be on the Go
  • You are a bold problem solver and not afraid to create and own your solution

Great Place to Work

  • VAYCAY MODE – Vacation and time off is important

  • CELEBRATING YOU – Choose your special days off

  • TREAT YOURSELF – Annual wellness benefit and EAP

  • PENSION – We provide pension contributions

  • MAMA’S AND PAPA’S – We offer a parental pay top-up

  • STAY CURIOUS – Annual education budget

About the company


We are rapidly expanding in new key markets with a mission to simplify payment transactions everywhere. As we grow, we’re on the hunt for the best, most creative people to join us in sharing our guiding principles and goals. People are at the centre of everything we do and our whole purpose and promise stem from making life easier – for our customers and their customers – with the help of our unstoppable Zimpler crew.

Every person and identity within the expanding walls of our company matters. It is a well-demonstrated fact that a product’s market share and usability increases as the diversity of the team creating it increases. So, for that reason, and many others, we take great pride in our culture. As we’re on a mission to build a global payment solution, naturally our fantastic employees need to represent the world, too. Are you next to join us?


Be you, play togetherWe know that everyone has a singular story, their own sacred style of genius and we value them all equally. We are open and honest and we talk with each other, not about each other. We act without prestige and we always look for other perspectives, knowing that the best results are the ones we reach together.

Drive innovation, deliverWe daydream about a world that doesn’t exist today and to solve the problems of tomorrow. Fueled by curiosity, we always challenge ourselves to use our imagination and drive innovation. We dare to go outside our comfort zone to find better ways to create, collaborate and deliver data-driven results.

Take action, learn, grow,We don't sit around talking about what we could do, we DO IT. We hold ourselves accountable in all our efforts and we ask ourselves “What can I do to beat yesterday?”. We encourage each other to keep learning, to constantly grow and evolve. We aren’t afraid of failures, we make failures a positive learning opportunity.

We 💛 our customersEverything we do, we do with our customers' best interest in mind. We strive for great customer satisfaction and use data to continue to improve. By actively listening and solving problems, we make sure we always suit the needs of our customers and are flexible. To us, qualitative work will always be more important than quantitative.


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