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TechOps Engineer

Northvolt is looking for TechOps Engineers to join our IT team. As a TechOps Engineer, you will be contributing towards building one of the first large scale European battery factories, which will play an important role in the transformation to a carbon free society.

We work with a "cloud-first"-mindset which presents us with unique and interesting challenges, pushing the traditional ways of working in manufacturing. We have a ruthless focus on automating all our IT infrastructure and processes, and applying IaC or IaC like philosophy to each and every aspect of it.

We know that many different names are given to this role in other companies, and your experience likely spans a variety of areas. It is likely that in the past you have had titles like sysadmin, system engineer, infrastructure engineer, devops engineer, SRE engineer or even system architect. It is also very likely that you have significant experience with both *nix and Win platforms, and probably even a bit of networking.

We are a new company with great plans and great people. We are constantly figuring out solutions to new types of problems. If you are a problem solver, this is for you! Come join us on our journey of transforming the world.

Things you will do:

  • Design, test and deploy infrastructure to operate a modern factory producing large amounts of data and connected batteries daily and be at the cutting edge of a so called 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
  • Bring best practices from various IT engineering disciplines to industrial world and very often be part of optimization and value-added engineering of products, services and solutions from world’s leading technology and manufacturing companies. Simply put, you would be helping us bring industry up to speed with technology.
  • Work to develop and help to document Northvolt’s processes around design, provisioning and deployment of our complete IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with the InfoSec team to continuously test, monitor, and improve the security of our IT and IoT infrastructure.
  • Work with our networking team implementing SDN and IaC automation principles in our industrial, building and private&public cloud networks.
  • Have a day-to-day communication and close relationship with senior engineering and product development teams from some of the biggest technology providers in the world and constantly evaluate and provide early adopters feedback for some of their flagship products and services.
  • Share the platform (tools and competence) and closely work with our DevOps team. We like to think that our TechOps is very similar to our DevOps, just a tiny bit more fun. Meaning that we not only work with products, tools and services that are designed as cloud native and built for automation, but deal with large variety of systems, products and services, each with its own set of challenges and on a different leg of a journey towards technological maturity and advancement. For some, this is cumbersome and tiring process, but for you and us, it is the reason we love our jobs. We find ways to automate things that are not meant to be automated.
  • Work with all our IT teams to help build out the right enterprise architecture and integrate a wide variety of systems and business applications in a way that would minimize manual administration, eliminate repetitive tasks and automate them to an extent which would allow our IT team to not get stuck in administration but focus solely on fun and challenging tasks of further optimization and implementation of new solutions.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional group of experts across the company to make sure we build the right things together for the right reasons and learn how general mass scale manufacturing works, and how electrical batteries are designed, developed, and produced from cradle to grave.
  • Keep up with the state of the art in IT infrastructure, “everything as a code,” virtualization, “containerization” and IT engineering processes, as well as develop more domain knowledge in related areas (among others, automation, battery manufacturing and connectivity).
  • Help us build a great team and make Northvolt a great place to work!

Work with great people

Josephine Korijn
Investment Manager
"We move at a fast pace and decisions are made in a deliberate, thoughtful, and bold manner."
Mohamed Farah
R&D Electrode Manager
"At Northvolt there is no right or wrong. Everyone brings something to the table."
Maria Åstrand
Director Raw Materials
"It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of starting up a new industry segment."
Erin Mathews
Industrialisation Manager
"I love being a part of such a bold effort to tackle the energy problem."

Skills & Requirements

  • Some work experience (we need new and experienced engineers, so level of experience will determine seniority of the role)
  • designing and managing various components and aspects of enterprise IT infrastructure - Linux and Windows platforms
  • deploying and managing infrastructure in public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) using infrastructure as code (ideally Terraform)
  • Designing, building and managing on-prem data centers and private clouds
  • working with distributed systems, microservices, load balancing, etc.
  • working with virtualization, containerization and related technologies
  • Advanced scripting, and some basic programming skills (in at least one language).
  • Good communication skills, ability to Get Stuff Done, and a learning mindset
  • Passion for solving problems with technology in simple yet innovative ways, especially with open source software
  • Accepting that things change, constantly. Requirements, designs, deadlines, technologies, solutions, tools, opinions... all those do, and should change. We do not want you to cope or deal with changes, we need you to drive them.

Other qualities that we cherish are sense of quality, friendliness, motivation to take on new challenges, grit and a sense of humor.

Great Place to Work

  • World leading technique

  • Top specialists as team peers

  • International environment

  • Fast paced & entrepreneurial culture

  • Warrant program

  • Wellness grant

About the company

Northvolt makes green batteries for a blue planet. Affordable cells and high-quality battery systems. All manufactured with a record-low carbon footprint. Purposely built to provide Europe with the opportunity to switch to renewable energy – efficiently and entirely.

To accomplish this, we do things differently. We design, manufacture, and recycle everything under one roof. We even build our own factories. All this is incredibly challenging and requires us to think in unconventional ways. We’re constantly experimenting, learning and adapting to make batteries so great – they will one day make oil history.

Northvolt is growing fast. We’re staffing our international office in Stockholm, our R&D facility, Northvolt Labs, in Västerås, as well as our Gdansk facility for production of battery systems. We're also hiring for our gigafactory Northvolt Ett in Skellefteå, Sweden. We want to work with smart individuals from all disciplines. Strong individuals that truly want to make a positive impact on the future. Those of us already on board share a passion for our mission. We’re prepared to work hard in pursuit of excellence. We enjoy the ride and our main drive is to make a difference for real. As a team, we’re dedicated to thinking new, working hard and having fun.

Alixandra Halvarsson | Contact Person

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