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Carrier Integration Specialist - Kasper team

About the Carrier Management

Carrier connectivity is the very foundation of our company and we are the team that will make this foundation as solid as possible, allowing us to grow and thrive.

We are making sure that we implement the right carriers as efficiently as possible, that we make the most of our carrier library, that we keep our carrier related customer promises, and that we nourish and develop the relationships with our carriers.

We are building the best Carrier Library in the world.

Purpose of Role

As a Carrier Integration Specialist, you are the technical liaison between us and the carrier. You will acquire an extensive knowledge about the carrier’s service offering and the carrier’s technical interfaces which you will combine with a deep understanding of the product platform you work on including best practices for carrier service integration. Based on this understanding you define work packages for the development team and make sure they have all the answers they need. Next to this, you need to test, validate and implement all carrier related developments together with the development team.

You will join the Central Carrier Library team, which is the team responsible for making sure that nShift's strategic carrier library is maintained and kept up to date. Your work is driven by the needs the organization, such as requests for changes on current carriers, support related to the carrier library as well as helping to resolve incidents and bugs.

Carrier connectivity is vital to us and you are the expert on exactly this.

Your responsibility

The primary task for you as a Carrier Integration Specialist is to truly understand the carrier’s transport services and make sure that we build and maintain a carrier library with the right quality.

  • Own and drive changes to our carrier libraries. A change can be everything from a minor bug fix to a full implementation of a new major transport service or a full re-build of a current service.
  • Manage the dialogue with the carrier’s technical counterparts, making sure we have all the needed information, and that the carrier understands what is needed on their end.
  • Take the end-to-end responsibility for each task, large or small, making sure you find all the answers you need and that all the necessary work is completed to deliver a fully functional carrier connection to our customers
  • Read, analyse, and understand technical documentation as well as service definitions from the carrier, translating this into work packages for development.
  • Test and validate all developments with all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Properly document your work so that others can find and easily understand what’s been done.
  • Diligently work according to defined processes, using the assigned tools to support your work as well as the work of your colleagues and the whole organization.
  • Apply principles for chargeable time, secure proper work orders, and report time spent for billing purposes.
  • Support the rest of the organization based on your deep knowledge of carriers and implemented carrier services.
  • Take active part in general development of the product platform including best practices for carrier service implementation and maintenance.
  • Act as an ambassador, promoting our company in the relationship with carriers as well as other external parties and actively work to establish good relationships.
  • Realize you are the link between all internal departments, the Carrier Management organization, and all external stakeholders such as customers and carriers.
  • Understand that you work with the very core of our product and that there will be times when extraordinary efforts will be needed to solve issues with customer impact.
  • Be prepared to occasionally travel to meet carriers or other external parties in physical meeting.
  • Keeping an open and proactive mind, always looking for new ways to reach the overall objective of the Carrier Organization – the best carrier library in the world.

Work with great people

Sofie Johansson
Customer Support Agent
"Our Customer Support is an important part of our strategy; Providing competent and good support gives us satisfied users!"
Razvan Costin Dobre
Software Engineer - Engineering
"A place where you meet great colleagues that support you to become the best version of yourself."
Andreea Dragomirescu
Team Manager - Enterprise Production
"We are building cool tools that help our customers do their job more efficiently"
George Catalin Dumitru
QA Automation Engineer - Post Production
"I am lucky to be a part of the nShift company because it offers me the opportunity to constantly evolve with a team that helps me when I need and appreciates me for the results obtained."
Madalina Florientina Ciucu
Front End Developer
"I find the biggest reward in building features from scratch, surrounded by bright people, our work making an impact to lots of customers."

Skills & Requirements

Professional Experience

  • You are passionate about carriers. You know what they mean to our business and how we fit into theirs. You know what it takes to win them over to our side.
  • You are analytical and able to work independently to overcome issues and solve the task at hand. You finish what you have started.
  • You are curious and constructive, and you like troubleshooting and debugging.
  • You are helpful and open to cooperation with others. You are not afraid to support wherever needed.
  • You can express yourself well both vocally and in writing. You can document your work in a structured and understandable way.
  • You have high standards, for yourself as well as for others, and you make sure to deliver your tasks with a high quality.
  • You are proficient in English. Additional language skills are an advantage.
  • You have experience with technical integration between systems and in working with requirements towards development teams.
  • You have experience from the logistics and preferably from the transportation industry, or from systems integration.
  • You have experience in technologies such as API’s (REST and SOAP) as well as with XML and EDIFACT files.
  • It’s an advantage if you have experience from our domain, either from a MCPMS platform like Delivery Hub, or from working with the carrier systems we integrate with.

Meet the manager

Kasper Mannsverk
Carrier Library Manager

How long have you worked for nShift?

Worked in Edi-Soft since 2002. Later we were Consignor and then merged into nShift

What do you love about nShift?

I feel at home here. I have been involved in everything since the beginning and I have this ownership feeling. I love that we are always developing and always ready to conquer another part of the world with our software.

What difference will this role make to nShift if I join?

Carriers are the crown jewel of our business. Our company is nothing without carriers. You will have an important role and your effort will matter much to our business. Having you onboard will enhance our abilities to build the best carrier management software, and we can further build the biggest carrier library any software has ever had.

About the company

nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift’s software is used globally by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania.

Karuna Thamala | Contact Person

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