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Optimization Algorithm Engineer

The mission
Most will agree that universities and colleges are quintessential to a well-functioning society. However, with their inherent operational complexity and immense size, they are among the most difficult organisations to run efficiently. TimeEdit is on a mission to solve this by delivering the most comprehensive suite of efficient resource management tools to the higher education sector globally. We are the fastest growing provider in the industry and are expending rapidly with new implementations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, to name a few. More and more universities are discovering TimeEdit to solve their scheduling and resource management needs.

The challenge
With the market transitioning away from legacy monoliths, Excel spreadsheets and home-grown has-beens, the TimeEdit Engineering team plays a pivotal role in defining the next generation of digital tools for universities across the globe to use. To accelerate our growth journey, we are looking for another set of capable hands to join our team and help develop the timetabling and resource management products of tomorrow.

The role
As an Optimization Algorithm Engineer in TimeEdit's Optimize team, you will:

  • Be part of an empowered team consisting of a Tech Lead and 2-3 engineers, delivering optimization products that are being used to schedule students, faculty and staff

  • Work with products that will redefine the how universities and colleges approach scheduling, and has the potential to truly disrupt the operational capabilities of the higher education sector

  • Create, innovate and develop the product in accordance with the product’s roadmap and strategy defined

Your day-to-day

  • Research and development of optimization algorithms for university course timetabling
  • Testing and validating performance of algorithms
  • Assisting implementation projects with modeling of constraints
  • Conduct sprint planning and help crafting technical specifications to complement the PMs business requirements
  • Reflect and evaluate on how we can keep improving our methodology, culture, and the business value and outcomes we deliver
  • Be part of an exciting and challenging growth journey together with some of the world's most talented Engineers, Product Managers, Customer Success Managers and Sales Representatives

Work with great people

Steinar Morland
VP of Business Development
"The office lighting is really flattering. That, together with the awesome customer feedback, are two main reasons behind our high confidence that we'll be global leaders soon."
Linn Treutiger
Product Owner
"TimeEdit combines young conviction with balanced experience in a pretty unique way. I genuinely love the dynamics across our teams."
Malin Magnander
Implementation Manager
"The close collaboration with our customers is the first, second and third best thing about this job. Well, together with my coworkers who also qualify for first, second and third."
Peter Mårtensson
Implementation Manager
"I've been a TimeEdit user for years before joining the team. The highlight as a user was the annual TE Summit, and I think the highlight as a TE team member will be the same (but 10x as cool)."

Skills & Requirements

We urge you to apply if you…

  • Have 5+ years experience within development
  • Experience with data structures, algorithms and heuristics
  • Are mathematically curious
  • C++ experience is a plus
  • Experience with ‘Integer Programming Modeling’ is highly desirable, though not mandatory
  • Possess great communication skills; fluent in English, verbal and written (Swedish is not required)

We believe you are an individual who can and wants to contribute with your own ideas and challenge our way of thinking. We believe that you enjoy “blank canvas” problem solving, and consider yourself a self-starter. We are a company with high ambitions, and we believe that you have them too. That said, we simultaneously believe you have strong ethics, and practice value-based leadership.

Great Place to Work

  • $2,500 grant for personal development

  • Monthly stipend for gym membership

  • Growth opportunities

  • Awesome company retreats and regular team outings

  • Modern offices around the globe

  • Flexible hours and a remote friendly environment

About the company

TimeEdit was established in Gothenburg in the mid 90’s by an astrophysicist making a timetabling application from an Excel sheet on crack. Since then, the system has been professionalised and developed further to arguably become the world’s most modern fleet of resource management tools for higher education institutions.

Today, TimeEdit is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing EdTech companies. On average, our customers spend 20% less on facilities, representing more than 4MEUR (!) in savings per year (yes, we’re pretty proud of that!). Less money spent on empty rooms means more resources allocated to research projects and higher education quality.

We recently celebrated our 150th customer and are growing fast through new exciting applications and a global roll-out. Today, more than half a million students, teachers and schedulers use our products every day (yes, we’re pretty proud about that, too!).

Our office is located at Kungsportsplatsen in the heart of Gothenburg. There’s standing desks, great coffee (according to most), open areas, closed offices and a very BBQ friendly terrace.

Context, not controlIf the team is fully aware of our purpose and how it maps to TimeEdit's current state of business, we believe we can make much better decisions and accomplish far more than through a top-down management model.

Swing for the fencesWe encourage experimentation. Better to try and sometimes fail than to sit tight and… fail for sure. Each mistake carries a lesson, and we make sure to learn from it.

Judgment > PoliciesSocial media policy. Travel policy. Buy a round of beers at an event policy. Work from home policy. Nay. Our policy on these (and most things) consists of three words: Use good judgement.

Work-life fitWe're scaling a company where people can build their work around their life, not the other way around. Flexibility means you're in the driver's seat to create a schedule that works for you, your passions, and the people you love.

Linda Johansson | Contact Person

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