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Amun AI - Seeking Co-Founder & CPO for Next-Gen Scientific Data Platform with AI

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Solna
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Solna

Join Us as a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) to Revolutionize Scientific Data Management with the Power of Artificial Intelligence!


Artificial intelligence is transforming our world, and its power is waiting to be unleashed in life science and healthcare. Due to the data- and compute-hungry nature of AI, there is a huge demand in moving to public or private cloud computing solutions to take advantage of AI in life science. However, due to the privacy and high confidentiality of data in life sciences, strict regulations and considerations prevent data to be shared or aggregated in one place to be analyzed. As a result, researchers in institutions and biotech companies are struggling to manage their research data, share them in collaborations and apply advanced AI methods on their data - this impedes it from generating values and creating impact on society.


Amun AI provides a next-generation scientific data management platform powered by AI. Our platform is designed to address the challenges of managing scientific data while complying with strict regulations and confidentiality requirements. We are working on prototypes building on top of Generative Large Language Models, including ChatGPT and diffusion models, to create a streamlined data analysis workflow and friendly user interfaces for our customers. Our platform enables collaborative analysis workflows, reduces regulatory overhead on sensitive data, and offers a ready-to-use cloud platform or self-hosted on-premise deployment.


Our product has been used in large EU-funded research projects, and we have a strong market interest from leading universities, research institutions, and healthcare organizations in EU and USA.


  • Hypha App Engine used in EU Research Infrastructure project (AI4Life 4M€) to back the BioImage Model Zoo to provide AI models for processing biomedical images to international users.
  • Hypha released publicly as open source software (under MIT license).


  • ImJoy was used in a Cervical Cancer project with Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Received KTH Innovation and ALMI funding


  • ImJoy: Research project with ~1000 users/day
    We initially developed the ImJoy framework and used it to power ImageJ.JS – an image analysis software which helps >1000 users/day to process their research data in the browser and mobile devices.


To grasp this market opportunity and build and scale a company, our current team needs a Chief Product Officer (CPO) with a strong understanding of the technology to join as a co-founder. The CPO will be responsible for driving product development and taking on the leadership role for our product and technology development. The ideal candidate will have experience in scientific data analysis, data management, development of AI-related products, and a data-driven mindset.

Work with great people

Wei Ouyang
Martin Hjelmare
Emma Lundberg

Skills & Requirements

We're seeking a Chief Product Officer (CPO) to lead product development and management, including defining the roadmap, driving technology and product development processes, and ensuring high-quality product delivery to customers. This is a vital leadership position with the potential to evolve into a role where you can drive business development and potentially become the CEO in the future. As a co-founder, you'll shape the future of the company and work closely with the team to drive business development and growth, making a real impact in the life sciences and AI industry.

In order to succeed in the role, you must have:

  • Strong understanding of scientific data analysis and data management

  • Experience in developing AI-related products

  • Experience in product development and management, preferably in software-related, data science, or artificial intelligence business, ideally in an international context

  • Customer focus and a data-driven mindset

  • A strong drive, be a team player and highly capable of working independently.

  • A Master's degree in engineering or business

  • Fluency in English and Swedish


We offer a great opportunity to join an aspiring and innovative company right at its start. As a co-founder and Chief Product Officer, you will have a significant impact on the direction and success of our company. You will work closely with the other co-founders and the rest of the team to shape the product and technology vision, define the product roadmap, and build a strong technological foundation for our company's growth.

We understand that exceptional talent deserves recognition and value. While we are unable to provide a traditional salary at this stage, we believe in sharing our success. As you commence your journey with us on a part-time basis and progressively transition to a full-time CPO, you will have the opportunity to earn ownership stakes in the company, reflecting your invaluable contributions to our growth and prosperity.

We believe in diversity and therefore welcome all applicants regardless of gender, background, orientation or beliefs.

Great Place to Work

  • Business Development Coach from KTH

  • Access to mentor and investor network

  • Proof-of-concept funding

  • IP and legal counseling from KTH

About the company

Amun AI AB is a spin-off from world-leading KTH research in Sweden, specializing in AI-powered research for healthcare, biotech, and life sciences. We offer a collaborative AI-powered data management platform that streamlines data analysis workflows and enables data scientists and researchers to create AI-powered analysis tools while collaborating on data acquisition, annotation, and analysis. Our platform securely manages scientific data with both cloud and on-premise options. It's used in EU-funded research and in demand by leading universities, research institutions, and healthcare organizations in the EU and USA.

At Amun AI AB, we prioritize close ties with academia to stay ahead of cutting-edge research and innovation. The leading team member and Assistant Professor Wei Ouyang has recently started a research group at KTH & SciLifeLab, with secured funding to further develop the platform for an automated microscopy imaging farm and large-scale AI models in data-driven life science projects.

This Company is currently supported by KTH Innovation where startup projects receive extensive support from inhouse Business Development Coaches as well as additional support such as team development support, IP and legal counseling, access to industry, mentor and investor networks.

Wei Ouyang | Contact Person

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