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Video Editor


  • Capture content, film, design, animate and edit creative and enticing videos
  • Pre-production: logistics, interview scheduling, shooting schedule
  • Video Editing: interviews, reels, cutdowns, b-roll, sizzles, reels, etc.
  • Post-Production: color-grading, special effects, rotoscoping, motion/camera tracking, keying, sound design and mixing, encoding, subtitles, etc.
  • Audiovisual Archive: organizing and updating its content, and will record and edit studio footage including spokesperson speeches and YouTube series.
  • Concepting, storyboarding and presenting, with the ability to explain your ideas to the video team as well as to non-design stakeholders alike
  • Passionate about all aspects of the video creative pipelines, from the tools (both hardware and software) to the important role it plays in communicating information and ideas across all levels of the communication department
  • Work collaboratively with internal stakeholders, graphic designers and editors
  • Deliver exceptional creative consistently whilst committing to deadlines, by managing expectations
  • Foster positive working relationships and fun to spend time with

Work with great people

Director Sword Technologies
"We give you the means to manage your career."
Ludovic DENEE
Microsoft Development Team Leader
"As soon as you’ve understood that you are the only limit to what you want to achieve, everything becomes possible."
Tech Lead
"You never know in advance what you will discover tomorrow and you definitely need people to survive to this."

Qualités et compétences requises


  • 5+ years’ experience in video and motion
  • Fluency in Adobe creative suite, especially — Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Audition
  • Creative video writing skills will be highly valued
  • Strong verbal communication skills — we predominantly use UK English , but as a European company, any additional second languages are very welcome
  • Be up to date on current video/motion trends to bring fresh ideas and innovation into your work, as well as an interest in continued learning and development
  • Good eye for detail
  • Demonstrate understanding of implementing brand guidelines effectively
  • Highly organized in workflow and post production pipelines
  • Resourcefulness, diligence, and creative/technical problem-solving skills
  • Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced environment

Please include the following in your application

  • A showreel showcasing bold and impactful creativity across a range of visual styles
  • Some standalone examples, or a portfolio of video and motion examples that are relevant to the blockchain/crypto industry or a similar financial/technical industry
  • Some standalone examples of strong storytelling through video and motion
  • Please show at least one example of your creative process, from brief and mood board to storyboard and sketches

Great Place to Work

  • Strong human values

  • Personalized contractual offer

  • Multicultural company

  • International company

  • Sustainable growth for 10 years

  • Long-term career plan

Sur la société

Sword Group is an international Consulting, Services and Software company driving global leaders in their digital and technology transformation.

Sword Technologies in Luxembourg is a company employing more than one hundred forty consultants. Our people work for large Luxembourgish and European Institutions clients.

Our human purpose is to promote a friendly atmosphere allowing us to share more than work
: this results in corporate events such as multicultural lunches,
entity meetings, close and regular managerial follow-up which fully
contributes to maintain a positive working atmosphere.

Our business purpose is to offer comprehensive and integrated responses
- more particularly in the automation of processes making possible the
extract of information from the raw data present in computer systems.

We are specialized in 4 main areas: Data Analytics (BI, AI, etc.), Custom Dev (Microsoft .NET, Java JEE, etc.), Customer eXperience Management (CXM/CCM, ECM/DMS, Desktop publishing, UX/UI, etc.) IT Ops/Services (Support, Admin, Cloud, etc.

Dec 2000Foundation of the group by Jacques Mottard

Dec 2002Sword Technologies settles in Strassen

March 2012Headquarters in Luxembourg

October 2013Relocation of Sword Technologies to Windhof

March 2015Transition to more than 50 employees in Luxembourg

Oct 2018Transition to more than 100 employees in Luxembourg

June 2018Editing service center

Sword Technologies

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