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Senior Mobile Developer to develop the award-winning Terveystalo application

Do you want to work where the code you develop is aimed to fight for a healthier life? Our mission is to use data and our Nordic expertise to create a world with fewer sick days and more healthy, happy years.

Terveystalo Digital Health is seeking a Senior Mobile Developer to develop award-winning Terveystalo App

Terveystalo App team is close to business and responsible of Terveystalo mobile application for individual customers. We provide services for over a million customers. You will be working as part of a team of developers, QA, designers, PO, healthcare specialists and business & marketing specialists.

In this role you can take ownership of developing Terveystalo App. You will make technical decisions & participate in the daily life of a team committed to great results. You´ll collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software and ensure the app meets performance, security, and scalability requirements.

We appreciate experience in the following:

  • Solid expertise in React Native + React, Typescript
  • Node.js, Redux, Terraform
  • Experience of Android + iOS
  • Mobile app developer background
  • Developing an app distributed through app stores
  • Developing a high-volume consumer application
  • Knowledge of Google Cloud or Azure Cloud platforms and services
  • Language skills: Finnish and English (fluent spoken and written)

Work with great people

Johtava psykologi
"Me haluamme huolehtia myös mielen hyvinvoinnista. Työmme tavoite on mahdollistaa hoitoon pääsy heti, kun apua tarvitaan, ja tukea ihmisten luontaista kykyä selviytyä vaikeuksista."
Lead Psychologist
"We also want to care for mental well-being. Our work is aimed at being able to provide help right away when needed, and to support people’s natural ability to cope with difficulties."
Digikehityksen johtaja
"Tavoitteemme on parantaa digitaalista käyttäjäkokemusta tehostaen ammattilaisten työtä, tukien päätöksentekoa automatisaatiolla, nopeuttaen hoitoon pääsyä ja tukien yhteiskunnan hyvinvointia."
Digital Development Director
"Our goal is to develop digital user experience to ease professionals’ work, support decision-making with automation, provide quick access to care and support the well-being of our society."
"Työssäni palkitsevaa on mahdollistaa pitkiä potilassuhteita, joissa löydämme syyn vuosien oireilulle. Jatkossa voimme hyödyntää digisovelluksia varmistaaksemme yhä kattavamman ja ennakoivamman hoidon."
Senior Physician
"It’s rewarding to create long lasting patient relationships where we discover the root causes for their symptoms. In the future, we can use digital apps to enable more comprehensive & preventive care."
Johtava työterveyshoitaja
"Työni on nykyään entistä enemmän ennaltaehkäisevää, ja yhdessä muiden työterveyden, hyvinvoinnin ja sosiaalialan asiantuntijoiden kanssa teemme tiedosta terveyttä."
Lead occupational Nurse
"Nowadays, my work is more and more preventive, and together with other experts of occupational health, well-being and social work we draw on data to foster health."

Skills & Requirements

As an ideal candidate you have:

  • Willingness to take a responsibility for implementing business needs to our products
  • Skills to define features in co-operation with PO’s and designers
  • Passion to create a good quality code that lasts time, and ability to write a tech documentation in English
  • Understanding of DevOps principles & practices
  • Solution-oriented way of working and eagerness to learn
  • Ability to plan and produce different implementation options, to substantiate views for e.g. business specialists
  • Collaboration skills and ability to work in a team
  • Self-management & self-activity
  • Experience in agile methods and willingness to work agilely
  • Ability and willingness to operate in a hectic and ever-changing environment with a positive attitude and tolerance to handle pressure

We have development centers in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu. However, most of the work will be done remotely from your own preferred location.

We offer you:

  • Meaningful & responsible position in the leading healthcare provider in Finland
  • Modern & evolving tech-stack
  • The excellent career development opportunities offered by the product house

Sounds like you? Please submit your CV or share your LinkedIn-profile and optional application letter by the latest on 31.3.2023 via our application system. Feel free to mention your salary request, possible GitHub (or similar)-profile and the earliest possible starting date in your application documents. Remember to use the application system as we do not accept applications by email.
In this position you will be employed directly to Terveystalo.

You can familiarize yourself with Terveystalo here: https://www.terveystalo.com.

Any questions regarding this role? Don’t hesitate to contact Pasi Ponto ([email protected]), Sami Heikkinen ([email protected]).

Great Place to Work

  • Kaiken keskellä ihminen

  • Lääketiede luotsaa

  • Yhteiseksi hyväksi

  • Human being at the center

  • Steered by medical science

  • For the common good

About the company

Terveystalo is the largest private healthcare service provider in Finland in terms of revenue and network. Terveystalo is also a leading occupational health provider in the Nordic region. We offer a wide variety of primary health care, specialized care, and well-being services for corporate and private customers and the public sector.

Terveystalo' s digital services are available 24/7, regardless of time and place. Health and well-being services are also provided by Terveystalo' s over 360 clinics across Finland. In Sweden, we offer occupational health services at 120 clinics. Terveystalo is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and has a predominantly Finnish ownership.

In 2021, Terveystalo had approximately 1.3 million individual customers in Finland and the number of customer appointments was approximately 8 million, with more than a quarter of these taking place via remote channels. Terveystalo employs over 15,500 healthcare and well-being professionals. Terveystalo is a Key Flag company and member of Association for Finnish Work. www.terveystalo.com

Työtä terveemmän elämänTyömme ytimessä on halu luoda hyvinvointia. Tahdomme olla terveydenhoitoalan edelläkävijöitä, joten kehitämme jatkuvasti ajatteluamme, osaamistamme sekä työskentelytapojamme. Meillä pääset osaksi huippuosaajien moniammatillista yhteisöä, jossa autamme toinen toisiamme onnistumaan. Arvojemme mukaisesti pidämme ihmisen kaiken keskellä.

TyöyhteisöOlemme huippuosaajien yhteisö, jossa kaiken keskellä on ihminen. Vaikka suhtaudumme työhömme vakavasti, emme ole totisia emmekä pönötä. Meillä jokainen saa tuoda näkemyksensä esiin ja ottaa vastuuta.

MoniammatillisuusMeillä on osaajia koodaajasta huippukirurgiin. Kokoamalla moniammatillisen tiimin potilaan ympärille, kukin tiimin jäsen voi tehdä erityisosaamistaan vastaavaa työtä. Meillä kenenkään ei tarvitse osata kaikkea, vaan lähellä on usein toisen asiantuntijan apu.

KehittyminenTerveystalo kasvaa ja kehittyy, ja tämä luo kasvunpaikkoja myös sinulle. Meillä saat vastuuta ja tilaa kehittää asiantuntemustasi. Pääset työskentelemään innostavien ja osaavien ihmisten kanssa. Haastamme itseämme ja toimintatapojamme, ja kokeilemme rohkeasti uutta.

EdelläkävijyysTeemme tiedosta terveyttä. Panostamme kehitystyöhön, ja rohkaisemme kaikkia terveystalolaisia innovoimaan. Kehitämme vaikuttavaa terveydenhuoltoa asiakkaidemme ja yhteiskunnan hyväksi tiedon ja teknologian avulla. Viemme osaamistamme myös uusille markkinoille.

Work for a healthier lifeAt the core of our work is the desire to create well-being. We want to be pioneers in the healthcare industry, constantly developing our thinking, skills and ways of working. At Terveystalo, you will join a multi-professional community of top professionals where we help one another to succeed. Our values, are based on putting the human at center.

Work communityWe are a community of top professionals who put the human at center. While we take our work seriously, we have fun at work. Everyone’s opinion is heard, and everyone is given responsibility. We work for the common good in all situations, help each other out and promote diversity, inclusion and equality, so that every Terveystalo employee can thrive

Multi-professionalismWe are a team of experts ranging from programmers to top surgeons. By assembling a multi-professional team around the patient, each team member can focus on their own specific skills. With us you don’t need to be the master of all domains as another expert will be standing by to help. We believe that by combining the efforts of the top specialists

DevelopmentTerveystalo is growing and developing, and this will, in turn, create opportunities for growth for our employees as well. You will have room to develop your expertise through responsible tasks and get to work with inspiring and highly competent people. We challenge ourselves and our practices, and boldly test new initiatives by putting ideas into p

PioneersWe draw on data to foster health. We invest in development and encourage all Terveystalo employees to be innovative. With data and technology, we are enhancing the impact of healthcare for the benefit of our customers and the society at large. We export our know-how also to new markets.

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