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Data Engineer to Aftonbladet

  • Application Deadline: Feb. 5, 2023
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 5, 2023
  • Stockholm

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We are calling all Data Engineers to apply to Aftonbladet, Sweden’s biggest news source, reaching more than 4 million people every day. We are renowned for our independent journalism and our credo to make Sweden a little bit better, the world a little more understandable and life a little easier.

During 2020 Aftonbladet developed a new Data Strategy that focuses on transforming Sweden’s biggest newspaper into a truly data-driven company. To enable this we built a Data & Insights team tasked with collecting, structuring, enriching and analysing all available data. And there is a lot of data to dive into: we are generating 500 million new events consisting of over 20 billion data points each and every day. We are using a modern cloud-based Data Warehouse (Snowflake/AWS), DBT, Airflow2 and several front-end presentation tools like f.e. Tableau & Amplitude for display and research.

Engineering is not only about creating pipelines, but also about connecting people to data. In our team, we want to do exactly that. Our mission is to “Enable all the people in Aftonbladet to do their own analysis and bring insights to actions” and we will achieve that by educating, evangelising and always supporting the business end-to-end.

Your contribution does matter and you will have a great impact on how we are doing business and in our fight for an independent and strong fact-based journalism.

You will be part of a great team consisting of other Data Analysts and Data Scientists. You will report to the Head of Data & Insights.

What you do: extract/ load/ transform data & monitor scheduled data flows

  • Build large scale ELT pipelines leveraging AWS, Snowflake, Airflow and many other state of the art data and analytics technologies.

  • Document, monitor and consistently improve our data flows by working together with the central data platform teams.

  • Proactively survey the technical architecture, tooling and solution landscape seeking opportunities to optimise time to data, data quality and model agility.

  • Collaborate and coordinate with data engineer peers to design and ensure data flows across Schibsted Media.

  • Ensure data privacy regulations are solidly and efficiently adhered to in all our data engineering work.

  • Formulating user stories and refining them until they can be well understood by everyone else.

  • Co-operate and communicate - we are a team and we help each other as much as we can.

Who you are: A structured, analytical & motivated team player

  • You possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a quantitative discipline (i.e. Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Informatics).

  • You have worked a couple of years within the field of big data or data engineering and are experienced in transforming and building data pipelines.

  • You have a good business understanding and are able to switch seamlessly between drawing technical details and sketching simplified pictures.

  • You are structured and analytical - you know that for every problem there exists also a solution.

  • You are a great team player and a true believer of the principle: "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!".

  • You are fluent in English, SQL and at least one programming language like Python, Java or Scala.

  • Understanding the basics in Swedish would be beneficial - in the end, all our articles are written in Swedish and so is most of the metadata.

  • You are very curious, eager to learn new things, able to admit your mistakes and willing to learn from them.

  • You don't think 'scrum' is the user-interface of an old point-n'-click adventure and are able to work agile in a medium-size team.

Hello from your Manager!

Hi! I am Tobias and I will be your manager. I have been a team leader for almost 10 years at various companies and I always put my team first in all of my priorities. We are currently working hybrid (Mondays and Wednesdays at the office), but meet every day in a short stand-up call and on several other occasions including team activities like team breakfast and gaming after-works.

I value honesty and trust between each team-member and myself. There are so many things that I either don't know or don't fully understand, but I am eager to learn and to explore them together with you. You will have a lot of autonomy, but also always my support when you need it. Aftonbladet is a great company to work for: very fast paced and always leaning towards the latest tech-stack. Just reach out to me, if you are having any questions at any point in time. I am looking forward to working with you!

Hello from the team

Hi, I'm Mattias and I will be one of your new team-mates! You will be joining a friendly team with an open and collaborative spirit, where exploring new ideas and new technology and tools are the norm. We work with other teams and functions to try to bring data to the heart of every decision in the organisation, and with curious and driven stakeholders comes alot of creativity and collaboration on a daily basis.

This is in-fact the second time I work with Tobias, when he changed jobs I decided to follow when the opportunity arose. Tobias is open-minded to new ideas and input, and happy to see you run with your ideas and see where it will take us. He is keen on the whole team feeling good and working well together and values the team-spirit. He can also probably beat you in rocket-league with his hands back-tied and blindfolded.

Work with great people

Nivette Dawod
Reporter, Aftonbladet
"Det bästa med att jobba på Aftonbladet är att ingen idé är för knasig eller för liten. Kreativiteten flödar. Dessutom är kollegorna fantastiska!"
Kristoffer Bergström
Reporter och krönikör, Sportbladet
"Förut tittade jag på sport. Sedan började jag jobba med Sveriges skarpaste journalister. Nu förstår jag sport."
Gustaf Tronarp
Reporter, Aftonbladet
"På Aftonbladet jobbar de bästa journalisterna. De råkar också vara väldigt varma, roliga och ibland lite småtokiga människor. Det är en fantastisk kombination."
Staffan Lindberg
Utrikesjournalist, Aftonbladet
"Som utrikesjournalist på Aftonbladet har jag hela världen som min arbetsplats. Jag kan inte tänka mig ett mer spännande och meningsfullt jobb."
Ebba Thorneus
Reporter, Aftonbladet
"Bland det bästa med Aftonbladet är lagandan. Alla är alltid beredda att hjälpa till - i stort som smått. "

About the company

Aftonbladet är svenska folkets primära nyhetskälla som varje dag når omkring 3,6 miljoner läsare och tittare, via mobila plattformar, webben, online video och som papperstidning. 250 000 svenskar är i dag prenumeranter på Aftonbladet Plus. Varje dygn publiceras omkring 500 artiklar, men också ett stort antal videoinslag och tv-program.

Aftonbladet bevakar Sverige och världen och är ofta på plats och rapporterar direkt vid stora nyhetshändelser. Breaking News är en av de bärande delarna i vår journalistik och online video en integrerad del av nyhetsredaktionen. Stor vikt läggs också vid daglig agenda-journalistik, granskningar och gräv, underhållning, sport och livsstils-journalistik.

Tidningen grundades 1830 av Lars Johan Hierta och ägs i dag av den norska mediekoncernen Schibsted (91 procent) och Landsorganisationen, LO, (9 procent).

Tobias Wagenknecht | Contact Person

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