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Summer trainee, Embedded System Development / summer job

  • Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2023
  • Vantaa
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2023
  • Vantaa

Are you a student interested in electronics or programming? Join Murata's Embedded Systems Development team to gain work experience in unique embedded system development for MEMS sensor testing purposes.

We are looking for a summer trainee for the Embedded System Development team in our Product Development unit in Vantaa for the summer 2023. In this position, you will be part of a team responsible for developing challenging and high-performance embedded systems for supporting the various testing needs of product development projects. Studies in the field of software or electronics, as well as related hobbies and interests, are considered an advantage in the position.

Depending on your background and skills, your summer may include the following tasks:

  • MCU selection and evaluation for embedded projects
  • Develop code to embedded system info display, development may include back/front end software development
  • Robotic prototype development of a component-under-test selector for packaged ICs
  • Embedded system calibration development and related signal processing

We expect from you:

  • Studies in a technical field (e.g. DI or Master of Science in Engineering), preferably with an emphasis on electronics or programming.
  • English language skills. Knowledge of Finnish language is helpful, but not necessary.

As an advantage is seen:

  • Experience and/or hobby in electronics or programming
  • Experience with embedded displays (LCD/OLED/EINK)
  • Experience with robotics

Our summer job is suitable for you if you are enthusiastic about electronics, software and related design and development tasks. We appreciate good problem-solving skills and independent task handling with a touch of innovation. You will be comfortable with our team if you are eager to learn and independent, but also willing to work in a group from time to time in our fast-paced environment. You will be part of a 15-person expert team, which includes electronics and software professionals.

In your work, you are creating meaningful solutions that improve, for example, driving safety and quality of life in the areas where our products are used. We are the global market leader in our region and we develop and manufacture our products in Finland, so you get to experience the benefits of an international, constantly growing and developing company.

Our culture is based on our values, which are employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and we have agreed together what the values ​​mean in practice. We call this cultural etiquette. According to our cultural etiquette we strengthen employee satisfaction by helping each other, treating each other equally and friendly as well as open discussion culture. We also strengthen customer satisfaction by being proactive and innovative and always thinking what our customer needs. Would this kind of work community suit you?

Does this sound like your summer job? Leave us an application!
Submit us your CV and a brief cover letter, where you describe what made you interested in this role, latest by 28th Feb 2023. If possible, we interview applicants already during the application period, and the position is filled as soon as a suitable person is found. According to the contract, the position starts in May or June.

Still wondering about something? For more information about the position, contact the hiring manager Jani Taiminen by email ([email protected]).

Read more about Murata at www.muratafinland.com and follow us in LinkedIn (Murata) Instagram (@muratafinland) and Facebook (@MurataElectronics).

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Work with great people

Manabu Tsukahara
Komennuksella Suomessa Team Leader -roolissa
"Murata on erinomainen työpaikka kehittyä ammatillisesti sekä kartuttaa tietotaitoa. Täällä työskennellessä oppii ymmärtämään erilaisia kulttuureja, mielipiteitä ja näkökulmia."
Henna Pietarinen
Senior Production Manager
"Tuotekehitysyksikkömme on täynnä osaavia ammattilaisia ja heidän kanssaan on mukava tehdä töitä. Täällä oppii myös itse joka päivä uusia asioita."
Hristo Brachkov
Senior Technology Expert
"Muratalla minulla on mahdollisuus hyödyntää intohimoani fysiikkaan ja teorian soveltamiseen käytännön työssä. Pidän myös siitä, että Murata aidosti edistää turvallisemman yhteiskunnan kehitystä."
Lotta Lappeteläinen
Processing Operator
"Jos mietin, että mikä on paras työssäni, niin kyllä se on työkaverit!"
Henna Pietarinen
Senior Production Manager
"Our Product Development unit is full of highly talented professionals and I enjoy working with them. I learn something new every day."
Manabu Tsukahara
Expatriation in Finland as Team Leader
"Murata is a good place for personal growth and developing skills and competencies. Here you’ll learn to understand different cultures, opinions and point of views."
Hristo Brachkov
Senior Technology Expert
"At Murata I have the chance to put into use my passion for physics and for implementing theory into practice. I also like that Murata is truly contributing to making our world safer."
Lotta Lappeteläinen
Processing Operator
"If you ask me what is the best thing in here, I’ll say the colleagues!"

About the company

Murata Electronics contributes to the advancement of society with innovative sensor technology that makes driving safer and improves quality of life. We are a global market leading manufacturer of accelerometers, inclinometers and gyro sensors which provide crucial reliability and accuracy in various applications such automotive industry, health technologies and in industrial uses. We are part of Murata which employs 74 000 people globally with over 1000 people working in our technology center in Vantaa.

Jani Taiminen | Contact Person

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