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Match-making Mastermind? We want you!

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Stockholm

ReklamBanken (https://reklambanken.se) is growing and we need more hands on deck when we set sail for our next adventure. We are on a quest to bring new standards to match-making services and break away from the conventional recruitment industry.

Our mission is to make people and companies happier and enable them to grow together in perfect harmony where everybody feels like a winner. If we succeed, it’s a win-win-win situation. Because when all stakeholders are happy, everyone will be happy, and that’s the ultimate goal.

ReklamBankens process has proven to be appreciated not only by the people we represent but also by our fantastic clients. As a matter of fact, we are drowning in work and we need you to keep us afloat!

The team currently includes six people and one grumpy dog in our Gamla Stan office here in Stockholm, plus one more located in London and some additional sidekicks that help out with expertise on occasion. Here are some amazing colleagues Jill linkedin.com/in/jill-parment, Lisa S https://www.linkedin.com/in/li, Christoffer linkedin.com/in/christoffer-w-lundstrom, Lisa N linkedin.com/in/lisanordlund, and our boss, Pontus https://www.instagram.com/pontus_in_the_window/. Together we use our heads, hands and paws to mediate incredible people for advertising and in-house agencies, scale-ups, and world-renowned game studios.

We are now looking for the ultimate people person and organised mastermind. Someone who can be responsible for our clients, from start to finish, top to bottom, and side-to-side.

You who contact us are used to being the captain of your own projects and will manage resources, time, budget, expectations, stakeholders, and candidate conversations. Everything to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved. You are a true problem-solver who loves a challenge, no matter if it seems too big or too small. Someone that will do their utmost to deliver quality over quantity.

You have a proven track record of successful cases and credentials and you might have worked in the creative, communication, and/or gaming industry in an earlier life. But this time, your assignment is not to implement a technical feature or new design. Instead, you will work with people to help them grow and evolve as professionals and individuals. It’s an extremely rewarding 9-to-5, 24/7, 365 days a year job, if you ask us.

Besides being a super-talented project manager, we also think it’s essential that our next person speak our client’s language and understand their hiring needs. You are used to building teams and can identify the nuances in a role by simply looking at a job description. That’s why it’s important that you speak Swedish, English, and fluent Business. We truly appreciate other languages too and we think diversity is an important parameter when we are helping clients find the perfect match.

Our next bright skipper must be the following:

  • A person who loves people and human interactions

  • An organized mastermind

  • Used to manage a variety of stakeholders

  • Able to express oneself verbally and in writing

  • Speaking Swedish, English, and fluent Business

  • An individual who loves spending time in the office together with our amazing colleagues and grumpy office dog

  • Last, but not least, extremely passionate about helping people and businesses find value through match-making made in heaven

Are you everything we just mentioned? For the love of god, send your application today! We can’t wait to rock the boat together with you!

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About the company

About ReklamBanken

Our incredible network covers a range of skills and competencies. Besides helping advertising agencies, in-house agencies, scale-ups, world-renowned game studios, and everyone else in need of fantastic freelancers in the communications industry, we also help organisations with recruitment, just like the one above.

Read more about our vacant positions and gigs on https://reklambanken.se/jobb/

Steg 1.När vi får in en uppdragsförfrågan som vi tror skulle passa dig så hör vi av oss.

Steg 2.Du får då veta mer om jobbet som ska göras och de ekonomiska förutsättningarna.

Steg 3.Tycker du att det verkar intressant så presenterar vi dig för uppdragsgivaren.

Steg 4.Du träffar dem och om ni gillar varandra så skriver vi avtal. Jobbet utförs och du skickar din faktura till oss.

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