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Machine Learning Engineer
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Location: Stockholm

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Hiring Manager
Oscar Johansson

Job Description

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will sketch and build systems for our customers. As a consultant, you will work closely together with our customers to find solutions to their AI efforts.

Most tasks will require substantial research to find optimal methods, which you will have to be comfortable with performing on your own.

Skills & Requirements

You should have graduated or be close to graduation with a Master's degree in machine learning or a related field of study, with excellent academic results.

Although varying levels of previous experience with machine learning is acceptable, you should be willing to learn and be able to learn quickly.

Previous experience with software development and common machine learning libraries is highly valued.

About the company

Aiwizo is a startup specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We help companies to understand and make the most of the latest developments in artificial intelligence. By building an understanding and working closely with our customers, we inspire innovation and new applications of machine learning.

We are looking for more people who are excited to take theory into practice, to discover valuable applications of machine learning. At Aiwizo, you will continue to grow and be able to shape how machine learning is being applied in the industry.

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