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Tech Co-Founder in London or San Francisco

I'm looking for technical co-founder to join Cape. I'm looking to work with a passionate, fun and hard-working partner.

Cape is currently in private beta via TestFlight (iOS only), it has been built by freelancers as a starting point and now I want to work with someone with technical expertise full time to craft the best thing it could be!

Cape combines mobile, social, location and communication aspects.

Ideally I am looking for an experienced full stack developer with an eye for design who has worked either as a CTO / technical lead / iOS developer in a start up environment previously. You will be responsible for all things tech and will have access to top tech advisors when needed.

I am hoping the right combination of salary and equity will attract the perfect partner here.

Work with great people

Victoria Haynes
Founder & CEO
"We wanted to find a way to use location that people are comfortable with."
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Tech Co-Founder

Skills & Requirements

The below skills are ideal but I am looking for the right chemistry and I am open to changing the tech used if you think there is a better solution.

  • Expertise working on mobile apps
  • Location experience, geofencing a plus.
  • Solving the challenge of location tracking with low battery drain
  • The ability to provide guidance and assessment of what and how third party technologies can help

The current app and the API backend requires a good expertise in:

  • iOS, UI development, Core Location, network communication
  • Rails
  • Software design & architecture
  • Layer SDK

About the company

Location as a way of communication.

The vision for Cape is to use location as an easy, automatic and non-creepy way of communicating. An app that gives you peace of mind that your friends are safe without having to reveal exactly where they are.

Whether you want to only share that you are in a safe place or not; or that you want to leave digital breadcrumbs through the geo-tagged chat; or even live location sharing when useful.

You are in control, you decide what is shared and with who.

The idea came from constantly worrying if my friends got home after nights out. People would promise to let you know when they got home but people tend to forget!

I thought in today's tech fuelled world there must be some app we could use to solve this issue. I found apps which share your live location but they felt intrusive and unnecessary, we just needed something that would let people know we were ok without having to be tracked the whole time.

With Cape we are using your location but in a way that gives peace of mind without invading your privacy and it works automatically in the background.

The current version of the app targets millennial females and those who care about her. It allows you to see if your friends are in pre-set “safe places” and it works automatically, so at the end of a long night out or an online date all you have to do is walk through the front door and your friends will see you are safe but not exactly where you are.


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Victoria Haynes | Contact Person

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