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Development Engineer

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Järfälla
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Järfälla

Are you a Development Engineer who wants to be part of a unique journey in the expansive solar industry?

About the employment

We are looking for an additional employee to contribute to the development of our solar panels. You will work in a small group focusing on module-related issues, such as evaluating new materials, improving performance and production processes, ensuring compliance with regulations and certification requirements, and finding requirements for new markets. You will work closely with, among others, the production department, product managers, installers, and salespeople.

Main duties

  • Plan and perform testing and analysis of modules

  • Maintain and improve BOM (Bill of Materials) and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Support other departments with knowledge and troubleshooting

  • Maintain supplier contacts and provide specifications and material samples

  • Maintain and expand the certification of our products

About you

To succeed in the role, you need to be driven and self-motivated, while at the same time enjoying working in and between teams where you support each other with varying tasks. You have good communication skills and collaborate smoothly with people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds. Furthermore, you are quality-conscious and structured, but at the same time able to adapt to an organization in rapid development.

Your background

We believe that you:

  • Hold a Master of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Energy Technology, Materials Science, or other relevant field

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in engineering, product development or project management

  • Master English and preferably also Swedish in speech and writing

Other merits

  • Experience in IEC certification, CE compliance or similar

  • Knowledge in solar cell technology

  • Experience from a manufacturing industry

  • Experience in measurement techniques and -instrumentation

  • Programming skills, e.g. Python, C#

Does that sound interesting?

The position is filled on an ongoing basis, so do not hesitate to submit your application.

Midsummer consists of employees from all over the world, including more than 20 nationalities, and they enjoy a vibrant mix of cultures and skills.

Work with great people

Erik Rantala
"Det är en ynnest att ingå i ett team som får framtiden att hända idag. Mina kollegor är mycket fokuserade, och hela gänget är helt enkelt en skön samling människor som kommer från hela världen."
Klara Takei
Module and cost compliance manager
"Det bästa med Midsummer är de fantastiska, kunniga, roliga, arbetssamma och ibland knasiga (fast på ett bra sätt) kollegorna! Och vår grundinställning är att ingenting är omöjligt."
Erik Rantala
"It is a privilege to be part of the team that makes the future happen today. My co-workers are very focused, and the entire crew is just a great collection of people from all over the world."
Klara Takei
Module and cost compliance manager
"The best thing about working at Midsummer are all the fantastic, competent, fun, driven and sometimes goofy (in a good way) colleagues. And that we believe nothing is impossible."
Thomas Bervenmark
"Jag gillar utmaningen med olika uppgifter som hamnar på mitt bord. Flexibiliteten. Alla dagar ser olika ut. Mina fantastiska kollegor på olika avdelningar är också väldigt hjälpsamma och delar med sig"
Thomas Brevenmark
"I like the challenge with the different tasks that come my way. The flexibility where every day looks different. My wonderful colleagues in different departments that are always very helpful."

Great Place to Work

  • Do you want to change the world?

  • Join us on a journey where no ideas are too big

  • Together towards a fossil-free world

About the company

Midsummer is a Swedish solar energy company that installs discrete solar roofs that we manufacture in Järfälla with 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional solar panels. We have a high-tech, Swedish product and own the entire value chain from development and production to installation. Under the Midsummer Machinery brand, we supply production systems for flexible thin-film solar cells.

Midsummer controls the entire value chain from manufacturing equipment to finished solar roofs. This has been achieved through the development of advanced solutions for mass production of flexible thin-film solar cells.

We were founded in 2004 and today have 130 employees in Sweden. We are in an expansive phase and have begun construction of a new factory in Italy. We intend to continue to expand both in Sweden and internationally.

Från maskiner till solcelMidsummer grundades år 2004 med önskan av att omvandla världens mest klimatvänliga energikälla till brukbar energi för alla.

Vår visionMed den mest hållbara solpanelen förändrar vi synen på det konventionella taket och accelererar övergången till förnybar energi

HållbarhetsarbeteHållbarhet är kärnan i Midsummers verksamhet och något som genomsyrar alla led i organisationen. Midsummers hållbarhetsarbete baseras på vår strävan att minska miljöpåverkan från våra egenproducerade solcellstak.

Arbetsglädje varje dagMidsummer jobbar proaktivt för en arbetsplats fri från diskriminering och som främjar våra medarbetares hälsa, arbetsglädje och effektivitet. Våra medarbetare kommer från ett flertal delar av världen och vi är övertygade om att ett team med olika bakgrunder och kompetenser skapar lönsamhet.

Vill du förändra världen?Då har du kommit rätt! Midsummer är ständigt på jakt efter drivna människor med ett stort intresse för innovativ teknik, solenergi och stilren design. Kom och utvecklas med oss där inga idéer är för stora!

Solar roofsMidsummer was founded in 2004 with the desire to transform the world's most climate-friendly energy source into usable energy for everyone.

Our visionWith the most sustainable solar panel we transform the conventional roof and accelerate the transition towards renewable energy

Focus on sustainabilitySustainability is at the core of Midsummer, and this is something that permeates throughout all levels of the organisation. Midsummer’s sustainability efforts are based on our desire to reduce the environmental impact of the production of solar roofs.

Daily job satisfactionMidsummer works proactively for a workplace free from discrimination that promotes our employees’ health, job satisfaction and efficiency. Our employees come from different parts of the world and we are convinced that a team with different backgrounds and skills leads to profitability.

Want to change the world?Then you've come to the right place! Midsummer is constantly looking for dedicated people with a great interest in innovative technology, solar energy and stylish design. Come and develop along with us, where no ideas are too big!

Midsummer AB

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