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Open Application

If there is no announced job which suits you, please feel free to send us an open application. We will try to match it with the current needs and opportunities at our organization and get back to you, if there is a job that matches your skills and expertise.

How to submit an open application:
Click on "I'm interested" and make sure to include your cover letter along with your resume.

Work with great people

Pedram Vahedian
Full-Stack Developer
"What I love about Houston is that everyone is so warm and welcoming, and of course the awesome office."
Katja Petukhova
Front-End Developer
"The best thing working at Houston are all the great work possibilities and the people with awesome attitudes and positive vibes."
Veerendra Kumar Deverashetty
Full-stack Developer
"The reason I came to work at Houston in the first place are all the opportunities to work on many interesting projects and for allocated extra time for learning."
Mariia Vavilova
Front-end Developer
"Technologies used are interesting and there are opportunities to further growth. People are really sweet, the office atmosphere is calm and cozy, processes are clear as well as the future plans."

Great Place to Work

  • Flexibility and remote work days

  • Lunch benefit on top of your salary

  • Culture & exercise vouchers (400€ / year)

  • Extensive occupational healthcare and leisure time

  • Hintsa Performance 7 months personal coaching

  • Discount on massage + massage chair at the office

  • Bike benefit

  • Childminder service for a sick child

  • Team events

  • Drinks, snacks and games at the office

  • Working equipment of your choice

  • 8 self-study days per year

  • In-house training sessions

  • Project rotation

  • Help from other Houstonians

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • 2 hours for your personal projects every week

About the company

We create digital services that integrate business, tech, and a human touch. We challenge our clients to create value through bold decisions. We are a highly skilled bunch because we solve extremely hard problems. We launch into the orbit so we can see the big picture. We don’t do it because it’s easy. We do it because it’s hard.

EmpathyEmpathy is one of the key elements in helping teams grow and build trust. We also need empathy to build trust with the client and to understand how we can best help the users to solve their problems.

ProfessionalismBeing a trustworthy and professional partner for our clients is at the core of everything we do. Skills, good judgment, and polite behavior are expected from all Houstonians.

TrustWe usually work in teams and having a good, solid team whose members trust one another gives strength to solve all the troubles that come along. There is no real respect without trust. We believe we all do the best choices we can under any given circumstances.

RespectThere's always a story behind everyone and everything. Being respectful towards the solutions and the people behind them does not take anything away from you, but it’s a great help in building understanding and trust.

Nisha Yadav | Contact Person

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