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Location: Helsinki

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Mariella Merikallio

Job Description

At Qvik, we are elbow-deep in the consultancy business, but above all in the people business. We create digital solutions for millions of end users every day by doing design, development and consultation work with our clients. And not just any clients, but the most desirable ones in the consumer market – such as Suunto, Säästöpankki, Oura and Kesko, just to name a few.

Our international community consists of 100+ designers, developers and consultants based in Helsinki and Stockholm. We've been rocking the industry for nearly 14 years now. We are not a typical top-down corporation, but an inclusive work community where individuals can affect how we roll. We are 100% owned by our people, the Qvikies.

Are you the one, a new Qvikie?

At Qvik, we hire talented people that are more than a pair of coding hands.

This means that, besides coding amazing software, you have the ability to discuss the best technology choices and solutions with clients, including in the sales phase of a project. We take pride in our work, have the curiosity to take our personal development to the next level, and want to share our know-how with our colleagues. We want to see the same kind of spark in you.

But let's talk about tech. Modestly put, we offer the best possible tech solutions for our B2C customers' needs. To be able to do that, you should have some experience (+3 years) of building cool stuff with languages like:

-JavaScript and/or TypeScript (with React, Next.js, Node.js)

-Python (with Django, Flask or FastAPI)


We hope that you also have some experience with modern cloud platforms (especially AWS and GCP) and the ability to build CI/CD pipelines and automate cloud deployments. We aren't, however, looking for unicorns here. You probably have comprehensive knowledge in a couple of the mentioned languages and frameworks but, more importantly, you have an interest in learning new ones too.

As advisors, we can encounter complex issues in our clients’ projects. This requires curiosity about the customer’s tech landscape and building solutions using the newest frontend and backend offerings. Our customers not only get individual consultants from us but tap into the expertise of Qvik's whole development team.

The people you work with will be from different backgrounds and have different strengths. This means that we cherish a culture of open-mindedness, equality and empathy toward all people. At the moment, we are reinventing our DEI practices on the company level to make Qvik the best place to work for everyone – but there’s always more work to be done, and we hope that you want to be a part of it.

Oh, those projects

At Qvik, you'll be working in small and autonomous tech teams. Our projects are typically a combination of application design and development (hybrid or native), and some APIs in the backend.

More precisely, we build native and cross-platform apps, create amazing UI with React or Next.js, and sometimes combine web and mobile. In the backend, we work with APIs, infrastructure, microservices and scalable systems to help our clients build payment systems, efficient data pipelines, and cloud adoptions, to name a few things. We mostly operate in AWS or GCP clouds.

You work in our customers’ development teams, usually together with other Qvikies. The end products you are working with are something you can show to your family and friends – products you can and want to use yourself. We don’t deliver off-the-shelf tricks, but build new solutions from scratch to fit our customers' demands. So you will usually work with cutting-edge software and not so much with legacy – what could be better than that!

Our offer

We want to care more. We are concentrating on creating an even more inspiring and safe culture, learning by doing, deepening our professionalism, and building an even stronger community.

The salary level in this position will be somewhere between 4,3006,500 €/month + bonuses , and you will have the possibility to become a Qvik shareholder.

Our basic benefits package is also pretty nice: lunch, commuter, culture and sports benefits, and a bike benefit. Obviously, a solid IT budget and the tools of your choice. We also offer occupational health care with extra health insurance, travel and accident insurance, a remote office from January to March (in 2023, Mauritius & the Canary Islands) and many company-supported sports and hobby opportunities with other Qvikies.

Supporting the Qvikies' health and work-life balance is essential for us. We offer a sick-child care service for smoother sailing over the flu season, as well as personal support for life challenges via the Auntie service. And don't forget the community glue, aka parties – we are pretty good at setting up some jams, too :)

In addition, we offer our low-hierarchy culture; flexible working hours; opportunities to try, fail and succeed; as well as a chance for you to concentrate on your actual work. Because that's what you are coming here to do, right?

OK, what next?

If you want to know more about who you'd be working with and how your days would look like at Qvik, get in touch with our technical recruiters: Mariella Merikallio ([email protected]) or Jari Sandström ([email protected])

*Please apply through our recruitment system to ensure that all personal information is handled appropriately.

About the company

Qvik has a strong background in designing & developing mobile services for our customers - but we haven't stopped there. Today we offer full digital solutions with robust and scalable cloud backends.

We hire people who want to do more than just code and design. Qvikies lead, support and make an impact. We make meaningful happen. We are Qvik.

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