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Managing Director Japan

  • Application Deadline: Dec. 7, 2022
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 7, 2022
  • Tokyo, Japan

We are looking for a new leader of our operations in Japan. Our office in Tokyo opened in 1991 and today has 15 employees who are responsible for Gard’s successful and expanding P&I portfolio in Japan. As the Managing Director of our Tokyo office, you will lead Gard (Japan) K.K., a subsidiary of Gard AS, Norway

This role is separate and distinct from the Representative of the Japan Branch of Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – (the Gard Norway P&I Club).

Please see further down for text in Japanese.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Develop and maintain a strong, professional working environment for all employees in line with our core values, to ensure best possible business performance and member services

  • Establish and maintain relationships with the Japanese shipping community, relevant authorities, and other key stakeholders for Gard’s business in Japan

  • Ensure close collaboration with other Gard offices, including bridging activities between the head office, other Gard offices, and Gard (Japan) K.K. to work together towards Gard’s overall long-term objectives

  • Lead and manage the office in compliance with all applicable laws, with overall legal and administrative responsibility for all employees

  • Establish and manage key external relationships, including supporting underwriting and claims activities

  • Ensure that the Japan office operates cost efficiently within Gard policies and the local regulatory framework

The Managing Director reports to the Chief Claims Officer in the Gard group, having responsibility for all Gard’s regional offices.

Skills & Requirements

  • You have strong leadership skills, demonstrated through:

    • Taking initiative and giving direction in line with long-term objectives

    • Developing people in an empowering way to enable them to achieve goals

    • Driving results through strong focus on business and service performance

  • You are a professional and confident representative toward members, brokers, and other stakeholders

  • You are a unifying leader with the ability to build effective relationships and communicating with internal stakeholders and strategic partners

  • Strong written and spoken English; written and spoken Japanese, along with an understanding of Japanese business culture, would be considered an advantage

  • In addition, a high degree of cultural, equality, diversity, and inclusion awareness

  • Knowledge of the Gard’s industry segments in which Gard operate as well as the insurance industry in general is an advantage


Gardでは日本事業における新しいリーダーを募集しています。Gardの東京事務所は1991年に開設され、現在は15名の社員が日本でのP&I事業の発展・拡大に取り組んでいます。東京事務所のマネージング・ディレクターには、Gard AS(ノルウェー)の子会社であるガードジャパン株式会社を率いていただきます。

この職務は、アシュアランスフォアニンゲン・ガード・イェンシディグ(Gard Norway P&I Club )の日本支店の代表者とは異なります。


  • 当社の基本理念に沿って全社員がプロとして十分に力を発揮できる職場環境を構築・維持し、高い業績と優れたメンバー向けサービスを実現する
  • 日本の船舶輸送業界、関係当局のほか、日本におけるビジネス活動の主要利害関係者との関係を構築・維持する
  • Gardの本部、他の事務所、ガードジャパン株式会社との間の橋渡し役となることを含め、Gardの他の事務所との緊密な連携を確保し、Gardグループ全体の長期目標の実現に向けて協力して取り組む
  • 全社員の管理責任や法的責任を担い、適用されるすべての法律に従って事務所を統率・管理する
  • 引受業務や保険請求業務のサポートなど、外部との関係性を構築・管理する
  • Gardの方針や地域の規制枠組みの中で、コスト効率よく日本事務所を運営する

マネージング・ディレクターは、Gardの各国事務所を主管する、Chief Claims Officerの直属となります。


  • 以下のような優れた指導力があること
  • 長期目標に沿って率先して行動し、方向性を示すことができる
  • 人材を育成して、その人材が目標を達成するのを支援することができる
  • ビジネスとサービスの実績に焦点をあて、優れた結果を引き出すことができる
  • プロフェッショナルな姿勢で社内外のパートナーとの信頼を築くことのできる、優れたビジネス感覚を備えていること
  • Gardの代表者として、メンバーやブローカー等の利害関係者から、信頼を得られること
  • 内部の利害関係者や戦略的パートナーとの効果的なコミュニケーションを通じて関係性を築くことのできる、求心力の備えたリーダーであること
  • 英語での高い読み書き・会話能力、日本語での読み書き・会話能力に加え、日本のビジネス文化に精通していれば、なお望ましい
  • さらに、文化、平等、ダイバーシティ、インクルージョンに対する高い意識を持っていること
  • Gardが事業を営んでいる業界・領域と、保険業界全般の知識があれば、なお望ましい

Work with great people

Senior Claims Executive | Location: Bergen
"The potential for personal development is excellent"
Vice President, Defence London | Location: London
"I have an amazingly varied role. Gard is a forward looking company"
Customer Support Specialist | Location: Hong Kong
"In Gard you continue to learn, everyday"
Senior System Engineer| Location: Arendal
"We are diverse, but tightly connected"

Great Place to Work

  • Friendly atmosphere

  • Career opportunities within a global market lead

  • Work life balance

  • An environment that encourages ideas

  • Colleagues who believe in knowledge sharing

  • A work environment with deep competencies

  • High employee engagement - A great place to work

About the company

For more than 100 years Gard, one of the world’s leading marine insurers, has been helping the marine industries to protect their assets and safeguard their income. Having expanded from our origins in southern Norway to a network of 13 offices across the globe, we have witnessed the impact the sea can have and have learnt a thing or two.

Despite our breadth and depth of experience and expertise, we try to learn something new every day to prepare our Members and clients for their next journey, and to find and deliver the right solutions. So, whenever the unexpected arises it is good to know that someone is ready, willing and able to assist; someone with expertise that has been refined for over a century.

It is not just what we do, but how we do it that delivers the best value in the market – matching our expertise with an unrivalled commitment to what we do. We will turn every stone to find a solution and see it carried through.

Such ability and dedication is rare, so we take great care in choosing, training and supporting our employees. The way we see it, our people are the difference between good and great.”

1907Assuranceforeningen Gard established on 9 October

1939Insures 40 per cent of the Norwegian tanker fleet

1958Starts to insure vessels outside Norway

1973Moves into the offshore energy sector

1983Sets up an office in London

2000Insures more than 5,000 vessels

2004Sole ownership of Gard Marine & Energy

20072007Celebrates its centenary with nine offices and 300 employees

2015Insured tonnage is in excess of 260 million gross tonnes

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