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Job Description

Presales Solutions Consultant

In Capgemini, we focus on delivering the best possible solutions to our clients within various industries. Therefore, we are searching for another PreSales Solutions Consultant to join our Business Development team.

We are looking for a senior consultant in information technology, products, solutions, and services with experience in the automotive or manufacturing field.

As a Capgemini Consultant, you will stand as a primary coordinating authority between business units and delivery teams and you will be a partner to the client in both the commercial and implementation phases.

We are looking for a person who will:

  • Stand as a lead problem solver
  • Develop proposals to clients , and manage implementation in terms of concept
  • Moderate communication between professional and technical departments both internally and on the client side
  • Present the outcome to the client
  • Formulate a solution offering and the associated value proposition over IT technologies
  • Act as a partner of sales managers
  • Communicate, convey value, and negotiate effectively
  • Conceptualize, structure, defend and define the development

What do we need from you?

  • A broad overview , as well as a high level of specialization in 2-3 selected supporting topics
  • Expertise covering not only IT technologies and platforms (such as BPM, DMS, ECM, RPA, OCR, CRM, ODS, DWH, BI, AI, ML,...) but also selected areas of expertise on the client side
  • Understanding of SDLC (Software Delivery Lifecycle) and its individual phases
  • Practical experience with SQL
    and at least one programming language (Java, Kotlin, C#, Python)
  • Practical experience with cloud infrastructure , understanding of differences between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid operating models
  • Basic experience with at least one enterprise-level database engine (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL)
  • Basic understanding of differences between SQL and NOSQL databases
  • Basic understanding of data processing and migration (e.g. data lakes, ETL/ELT) and visualization Understanding of how application services are operated (application operating models) and integrated* (messaging, ESB, SOA…)
  • Some understanding of DevOps and associated tools and ecosystem
  • Fluency in both the Czech and English language
  • Ability to travel

What else is nice to have?

  • Practical experience with a messaging platform (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Understanding the differences between integration protocols (SOAP, REST, RPC, Protobuf)
  • Understanding of front-end and mobile technologies
  • Some understanding of cyber security in terms of integration (OAuth, OpenId Connect, JWT...)

And what you can look forward to in Capgemini?

  • We offer a space for self-realization, further development (certifications, etc.), and a door open to ideas! The advantage of Capgemini is our shared international know-how.
  • We trust each other, so you will meet with great flexibility (in working hours, distribution of home office/office).
  • And much more!

Interested in what you read? Great! Share your CV with us and we will be looking forward to meeting you!

Want to find out even more about life in Capgemini?

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Contact Person
Romana Šilová

About the company

Capgemini Czech Republic patří do celosvětové skupiny Capgemini s více jak 300 000 zaměstnanci, se zaměřením na oblast poradenství, IT technologie a digitální transformaci. Na českém trhu jsme více jak 20 let partnerem předních bank a pojišťoven. Svým klientům pomáháme růst prostřednictvím poradenství a hotových řešení či řešení přímo na míru. Našim zaměstnancům nabízíme zázemí mezinárodní konzultační společnosti a zároveň příjemné pracovní prostředí lokálních poboček v Praze, Brně a Ostravě.

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