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Electronics Design Engineer

The Koenigsegg Electronics department is responsible for designing and developing software, electronic control units (ECU) and supporting tools for all Koenigsegg's cars. We are working very closely with the other engineering departments, production and service/aftersales. We are now looking to expand the team with skilled and experienced electronics design engineers with the ability to transform product requirements and production needs to state of the art solutions and to also further advance the electronics and electrical architecture in our cars.

The responsibilities associated with this position put a strong requirement on your ability to cooperate with other departments in other technical domains. The development activities are primarily focused on designing electronics (ECUs) for our cars.


  • Take full ownership of ECU design, from scratchpad to production
  • Generate circuit requirements
  • Create circuit design specifications
  • Design and develop custom circuits: analog, digital, power electronics
  • Perform board signal and power integrity analyses
  • Perform verification and validation

Work with great people

Markus Lundh
Prototype driver and technician
"I get to leverage my strengths and put me in opportunities where I can shine – from production to prototype tech & driver!"
Kenneth Christensen
Engine Assembly Team Lead
"Working with first-mover tech, the daily work at Koenigsegg is always a exciting challenge. Not for the weak of heart."
Elif Ozdemir
Homologation Engineer
"The feeling of having a part in building a piece of art, a Koenigsegg, is just… beyond description!"

Skills & Requirements

Need to have

  • Experience in selection and use of microcontrollers and their peripheral circuitry
  • Experience designing digital communication busses
  • Experience designing board level power supplies: buck, boost, etc
  • Skilled in PCB layout, stack-up definition, and EMC optimization
  • Proficient with Altium or other schematic and PCB layout design software
  • Hands-on experience designing, building, and testing PCBs


  • Experience in automotive electronics
  • Experience in RF design and systems
  • Experience in HV-electronics
  • General familiarity with basic control theory and digital implementation of controls and filters

Great Place to Work

  • Opportunity to impact a growing company

  • Work alongside world-class talent

  • Flexible work schedules + Culture of collaboration

  • Long track record of success and profitability

  • Engaging and sharing work environment

  • Quick decision making, flat hierarchy

About the company

Koenigsegg is most known for building some of the fastest cars in the world; with almost all of our megacar technologies that are patented and made in-house by our almost 500 world-class technicians, engineers, sourcing experts, production craftsmen, and communicators.

What we’ve created is a unique proving ground of engineering creativity that makes use of our breakthrough megacar development and legacy to push the boundaries of sustainable mobility technology.

So, what’s next?

We are on a universe-denting mission to develop the next generation of breakthrough tech and products. We are looking for outstanding, impactful, and authentic individuals to grow with us. Our ambitions are inspiring but will push the limits of what is possible – requiring one to work efficiently amid our cross-functional teams to execute at high-quality levels.

The goal is clear: innovate and transform.

Viktor Sivertsson | Contact Person

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