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Data Engineer

Do you want to use your data engineering expertise to make the use of medicines safer? Do you thrive in multidisciplinary teams and enjoy solving problems of concrete value to the global pharmacovigilance community?

Then this position is right for you!

The pharmacovigilance product portfolio develops and maintains software-as-a-service solutions used by authorities, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations in small and large countries worldwide to collect, collate and analyze reports of adverse drug reactions from across the globe.

The data collected (stored in our global ICSR database Vigibase) is also core in the areas of Research, Signal management and the VigiBase data services including Custom Searches. To improve the management of data and the technical support for data management activities we have identified the need for a new role focusing on databases, data pipelines and data management oriented services.

We are now looking for a skilled and creative data engineer to strengthen our skills and practices in these areas. The data engineer will have a unique opportunity to help UMC and its customers bring value out of our extensive data assets to both internal and external stakeholders, in a fun and dynamic multidisciplinary organisation.

The role will be part of Solution Engineering where the home base will be.
The majority of work will be performed in close collaboration with the Data Scientist and PV Scientist in Research as well as the Custom searches team and of course the rest of the Solution Engineering teams.

The Data Engineer has the following main responsibilities:

  • Support data scientists with different degrees of data engineering competence in developing their data pipelines and deploying their proof-of-concepts products to Azure.
  • Be responsible for the security and policy compliance of the data used by the data science team and its infrastructure.
  • Help designing and optimizing database structure and application structure for speed and usability.
  • Expert advice on cloud computing / Azure (e.g. how apps in Azure can access data on site).
  • Ownership on how data is transferred from VIPS into DB06 for Research and custom searches purposes (instead of the current #1, which is less relevant for us as virtually all our apps access the databases directly).
  • Set up a good data access structure for DB06 and individual databases on DB06 (currently we make all data scientists sysadmins once they are senior enough).
  • Cost optimization for database / server use.
  • Ensure data quality and fit-for-purpose.
  • Be the interface between the Data Science team and the Products team, ensuring the data science team’s needs are met while ensuring harmonization of data infrastructures across the organization.
  • Be the champion of good development practices in the team, fostering a culture of good CD/CI, DevOps and MLOps.
  • Propose initiatives beneficial to the team in the area of automation and harmonization.
  • Gather a deep understanding, via data analysis and visualizations, of our unique database of side effects of medicines, to advise on fit-for-purpose data infrastructures on Azure and lead their implementation.

Work with great people

Salvador Alvarado
Regional Manager
"Working at UMC has given me a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives, by contributing to strengthening the role of medicines safety in many countries world-wide."
Pinelopi Lundquist
WHO CC Director
"It’s always been important to me to contribute to the safer use of medicines, and I get to do just that in my job. Most days, I leave the office feeling like I’ve contributed to something important"
Elsa Rådahl
System Developer
"I really enjoy the variation in my work, and learning more about the different aspects of the development process and infrastructure."
Shachi Bista
Data Scientist
"The environment at UMC is very open and accepting, and there are extremely smart and dedicated people here who are always working on challenging problems."
Elki Sollenbring
Senior Pharmacovigilance Education Specialist
"I love exploring how to deliver training, like self-paced online or instructor-led distance courses. There’s so much we can do at UMC to reach people across the globe!"
Tommy Dzus
Pharmacovigilance Education Specialist
"I get use my competence and knowledge to help make the use of medicines safer for everyone, regardless of where they live in the world."

Skills & Requirements

  • University degree in data science, software engineering, engineering physics or similar.
  • Excellent oral and written English.
  • Experience of working in an agile software development setting.
  • You have a MSc degree in computer science, engineering, or other quantitative discipline.
  • You have hands-on experience in deploying data science products securely in cloud infrastructures.
  • You have good programming skills and rigor in documentation and testing
  • You have good data analysis and data visualization skills
  • You are proficient in Python, knowing R is a plus.
  • You have experience of working with databases and SQL.
  • You have experience with building pipeline (using for example Airflow) and setting up good CD/CI and MLOps practices.
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience of data engineering or similar roles.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and are comfortable working with multiple stakeholders, with diverse backgrounds and nationalities.
  • You are innovative, independent, driven, and can quickly devise fit-for-purpose deployment solutions.
  • You are generous and enjoy helping others to solve problems.

Great Place to Work

  • Real-world impact – Working for the greater good

  • Learning organisation – Skilled and curious staff

  • Flexible work hours – Allows us to be at our best

About the company

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is a centre for international service and scientific research in the field of pharmacovigilance. We are the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring, and manage the technical and operational aspects of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring since 1978.

As an independent, non-profit foundation, we support the World Health Organization, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders who share our vision of advancing medicines safety. Through research and development of new scientific methods, we explore the benefits and harms of medicines for patients, and offer products and services used by health authorities and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

UMC follows the collective agreements between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and Saco-S and ST. Union representatives are Malin Zaar (Saco-S) and Jessica Avasol (ST), +46 (0)18-65 60 60.

Matilda Ahnfelt | Contact Person

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