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Factory workers

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2022
  • Järvenpää
  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2022
  • Järvenpää

We are looking for factory workers to work in many different tasks. Currently we need mechanics, assemblers, welders, machinists and surface handlers. You need EU-Passport!

Our client is a global technology corporation that produces forklifts for industrial use. Our workers are very satisfied with their working conditions and salary. This is a great opportunity to get a long-term job at a global company and learn new skills.

You don't necessarily need previous experience or education , since they will teach you everything you need to know at the factory. All you need is motivation to learn and good physical condition.

You will work in three shifts; day, evening and night. Salary starts at 13€/hour. In addition you will receive an evening and night bonus. Welders' salary starts at 14€/hour and machinists' at 15€/hour.

What we hope for:


  • Good physical condition
  • Good english
  • Willingness to work long-term

What we offer:

  • A long-term employer you can trust
  • Good working conditions
  • At least 13€/hour with great bonuses
  • Work clothes and safety shoes

If you are interested, please send us your CV. Our recruiters will be in touch with you and help you get the job you want! For more information call us at +358 40 123 9959 mon-fri 9.00-16.00

Great Place to Work

  • Henkilökohtainen työsuhdeneuvonta

  • Kilpailukykyinen palkka

  • Luotettava työnantaja

  • Hyvät mahdollisuudet vakinaistua

  • Personal employment counseling

  • Competitive salary

  • A reliable employer

  • Good opportunities for a permanent contract

  • Personaalne töönõustamine

  • Konkurentsivõimelist töötasu

  • Usaldusväärne tööandja

  • Head võimalused tähtajatule lepingule

About the company

Here at Wellpack, we have people who really care.

Wellpack Oy is a Finnish staffing and recruitment company founded in 2013. Our goal is to help our employees and customers succeed.

As an employee, you are the most important and your work is a valuable thing. We strive to provide the most stable work environment possible for every employee. We are ready to help our own employees flexibly according to their needs. More info on us can be found at www.wellpack.fi

Hyvä yhteydenpitoUskomme että hyvä yhteydenpito työntekijöihimme on meidän menestyksen salaisuus.

VastuullisuusHoidamme kaikki velvollisuutemme viimeisen päälle ja viestimme toiminnastamme mahdollisimman avoimesti.

LuotettavuusOlemme toimineet jo vuodesta 2013 ja meidät tunnetaan luotettavana toimijana.

TurvallisuusKuulumme HPL:n liittoon ja koulutamme henkilökuntaamme jatkuvasti.

Good communicationWe believe that good communication with our employees is the secret to our success.

ResponsibilityWe take care of all our responsibilities to the last and communicate our activities as openly as possible.

ReliabilityWe have been operating since 2013 and we are known as a reliable employer.

SafetyWe belong to the HPL association and we constantly train our staff.

Hea suhtlusUsume, et hea suhtlus meie töötajatega on meie edu saladus.

VastutusKanname viimseni hoolt kõigi oma kohustuste eest ja anname oma tegemistest teada võimalikult avatult.

TöökindlusOleme tegutsenud aastast 2013 ja oleme tuntud kui usaldusväärne tööandja.

OhutusKuulume HPL ametiühingu ja koolitame oma töötajaid pidevalt.

Eliel Lindqvist | Contact Person

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