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Master Thesis / Examensarbete

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Linköping +1 more
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Linköping +1 more

Source code visualizing using Tree Maps

With ever-increasing complexity of software-systems, there is a growing interest in program comprehension. Software visualization is a popular program comprehension technique used to support software maintenance, and reverse engineering, which is a way of displaying hierarchical information, often as rectangles. Treemap example Simply presenting appealing visualizations is not the goal of software visualization–instead, the aim is to help the user discover actionable insights about the system under study.

The objective of the thesis project is to develop an application in JavaScript that visualizes where bugs appear in a revision control repository for a project. The purpose is for the user to understand both what areas of the application under development are having most problems and also what areas are the least tested. Both insights are valuable for the team to understand what the status is of the project and what should be done next. Input data will be provided from a real-life project in the form of two csv-files: 1) A list of all commits and files affected that were done during 6 months of development and 2) a list of a sub-set of these commits that contained bug-fixess. Necessary steps include implementing a CSV-parser and designing a corresponding interactive visual representationrepresentationas of a tree map. The treemap generation itself is available in open-source libraries. Different tree map implementations should be tested to judge which one provides the best overview for the end-user. Finally, the end-result should be tested on a focus group of development engineers to see how well this implementation provides a good project overview.

Would dark mode improve the work environment for 10 000 sales representatives?

Winter is coming! Stockholm registers just 33 hours of sunlight in December, or about an hour a day. Together with the energy crisis in Europe people want to avoid turning lights on. How will this affect your work environment?

The objective of the thesis project is to develop a prototype of Upsales in dark mode. The purpose is to understand if dark mode would improve the work environment for sales reps when they are working with Upsales. Finally, the end-result should be tested on a focus group of sales reps to see how well this implementation improves their work environment.

Improve a marketing coordinator's everyday life by categorizing their images automatically

We and our users hate administration and any administration we can remove from our users daily life is a win. As a user of the Upsales Marketing Automation system, the user uploads 100s of images that they use in communication to their customers. Today we allow the user to categorize the images manually, we want to eliminate this process as much as possible. Pictures that are typically uploaded are product pictures, banners and pictures of different people at the company.

Your task will be to find a way to offer automatic categorization of images based on all the images that are currently uploaded by our customers to reduce administration time and speed up the time it takes to find an image you want to include in a newsletter.

Find similar companies that you previously sold to
In b2b sales, it is easier to sell your product to companies that are similar to companies you previously sold to, everyone understands that. The difficult and time-consuming part is finding which similar companies exist that I, as a sales rep, should contact. This is where you come into the picture, together with you we want to improve prospecting work for our 2,000 customers by giving even better recommendations.

Do you have another idea for a thesis project that would benefit Upsales?

Feel free to submit a proposal.

Work with great people

Elin Lundström
Chief Financial Officer
"På Upsales får jag ta mycket ansvar och driva igenom många egna initiativ, vilket gjort att jag utvecklats oerhört mycket de tre senaste åren. Det är en bra kultur och jag har fantastiska kollegor!"
Eric Östholm
System Developer
"Jag fick direkt ett stort förtroende, vilket gav mig chansen att visa vad jag går för. Jag skulle verkligen rekommendera att jobba för Östgötaslättens fetaste techbolag."
Ingrid Söderberg
Marketing & Growth Manager
"På Upsales utvecklas man i en rasande takt. Vi satsar otroligt mycket på marknadsföring och jag tycker det är spännande att få vara med på en så unik tillväxtresa som vi faktiskt har framför oss."
Adam Normelli
Head of Marketing
"Upsales är för dig med höga ambitioner som vill ta sig an större utmaningar och utvecklas i teamet. Vi arbetar som ett lag men det är även viktigt att kunna ta eget ansvar och driva projekt framåt."
Fredrik Seidl
Team lead product development
"The code I write today is used by thousands of sales reps. tomorrow"

About the company

Upsales är ett lönsamt och snabbväxande svenskt Tech-bolag, som gör webbaserad mjukvara inom B2B. Vår produkt är efterfrågad, etablerad och skalbar internationellt. Vi är cirka 70 anställda och sitter i centrala Stockholm och Linköping.

Joel Feist | Contact Person

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