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Chief Data Officer to OKQ8 Scandinavia

  • Application Deadline: Oct. 9, 2022
  • Stockholm
  • Application Deadline: Oct. 9, 2022
  • Stockholm


How do we show the world's 300,000 gas stations how to go from fossil revenue to digital? How do we transform a company that yesterday had oil as core asset, today retail, and tomorrow data? How do we move as quick as possible from old legacy to realizing the full potential of a data mesh-inspired data strategy within the framework of a modern MACH architecture? And, using that as a tool, how do we create a data-driven organization where all product owners become data owners, where you go from using data as fuel for various systems, to instead developing data products that have value in themselves - i.e. not only as a basis for data-driven decisions, but with AI-generated models for prediction and prescription that deliver business value and/or sustainability value in their own right?

We want to answer these and similar questions together with you, and then get started and build the data setup and the team required to make it a reality. To succeed, we believe that you are a strongly driven data star, who is basically a data engineer, data scientist or equivalent, combined with leadership experience in building strong data squads within the framework of a large organization in change, alternatively in a tech startup that is born to change.

Your Mission
You report directly to the CIO where, in close collaboration with the IT management of the company, you will build a completely new data unit, a unit that will require a new crew (offshore and nearshore) and a number of procured systems.

You will lead both the migration from the old to the new, as well as contribute to the procurement of all new data-related systems, where in addition to a number of platforms to be decommissioned, you will bring in a new setup for master data at a central level as well as a data platform with pipelines and guidelines for managing all reference data as DaaPs at domain level.

You yourself are responsible for recruiting and managing the data engineers and data scientists (offshore/nearshore) who will be responsible for the implementation, configuration, maintenance and development of various data-related systems.

To this is added a certain "training" component, where in addition to leading the engineers and data scientists who are chaptered centrally and allocated to the domains to make a difference in the operations, you are also responsible for coaching efforts towards data owners in the domains, as well high-level level contributions to C level and the business.

Work with great people

Lisa Öhrqvist
Communication Coordinator
"OKQ8 har gett mig möjlighet att utvecklats både i min roll som kommunikatör men också som människa."
"Det bästa med mitt jobb är variationen. Ingen dag är den andra lik. Samt lagandan, vi har så kul tillsammans."
Area Manager/Försäljningschef
"OKQ8 erbjuder många spännande roller inom olika områden och härliga möjligheter att växa och utvecklas!"
Lisa Öhrqvist
Communication Coordinator
"OKQ8 har gett mig möjlighet att utvecklats både i min roll som kommunikatör men också som människa."
Daniel Slorafoss
Head of Supply Chain Oils
"Hos OKQ8 tror vi på hjärta och talang – gör du ett bra jobb öppnas mängder av spännande möjligheter."
Area Manager/Försäljningschef
"OKQ8 erbjuder många spännande roller inom olika områden och härliga möjligheter att växa och utvecklas!"
"Är du vår nästa kollega?"
Felix Simoens
Trainee B2B Sales 2019
"Jag har fått de bästa förutsättningarna att utveckla unika kompetenser och rivstarta karriären"
Karin Arding
Trainee Retail & Associations
"OKQ8s traineeprogram har gett mig som nyexaminerad chansen att göra skillnad från dag 1 samtidigt som jag får möjlighet att växa i en organisation som är mitt i förändringsresan mot hållbarhet."
Areeba Khan
Trainee B2B Sales
"Det bästa med OKQ8:s traineeprogram är att man får vara med och göra skillnad. Det finns stora möjligheter till att kunna bidra och leverera värde samtidigt som man utvecklas som person."
Sofia Emanuelsson
Trainee Sustainability & Network
"Som trainee på OKQ8 får jag chansen att lära känna bolaget på djupet, testa olika roller och att växa både som människa och medarbetare varje dag, samtidigt som jag har otroligt kul på vägen."
Eric Egelius
Trainee Finance
"OKQ8 har gett mig som trainee möjligheten att utvecklas inom flera olika områden då programmet blir skräddarsytt utifrån kompetenser och intressen."
"Här har vi aldrig tråkigt då vi är i en föränderlig bransch. Vi får även stort förtroende från våra ledare som uppmuntrar innovationer och eget beslutstagande."
"De stora möjligheterna att både påverka och förändra är det som får mig att trivas på KP. Det och givetvis mina fantastiska kollegor som sprider glädje och värme i korridorerna!"
"KP för mig är en familjär atmosfär, höga ambitioner, stor samlad erfarenhet och kompetens. Det är en otroligt härlig känsla att vara i en bransch som både växer och är en del av en hållbar framtid."

Skills & Requirements

Your Competence

In the management of data engineers and data scientists, it is necessary that you yourself master both areas at a sufficient level, and at least one at a specialist level. This includes purely technical aspects around systems, database management, cleansing and information modeling etc., but also an ok statistical level and knowledge of the most common languages ​​for ML/AI. As a minimum, it should include areas such as:

• Architecture: Architecture in general and MACH & data architecture in particular.

• Platforms and tools: Preferably knowledge of some of our existing data-related systems, where we partly have legacy that needs to be decommissioned, some systems that are used for an undetermined future (e.g. Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX 2012 and U-SQL) as well as some more analytical tools (e.g. Power B/I and Treasure Data CDP), but perhaps even more beneficial to have advanced knowledge in various types of cloud-based systems that will be relevant in the future (e.g. kubernetes, snowflake, databricks, sagemaker and other systems for ingestion, orchestration, data catalog, storage, DQM and monitoring etc.).

• Data Science: General skills in data science and ML/AI (clustering, decision trees, artificial neural networks, XGBoost, KNN, SVM, ANN, etc.), OK skills in ML-based programming languages ​​(Python, R, SQL, etc.), as well as at least general knowledge of more advanced statistics (probability theory, multiple regression, factor analysis, etc.).

• Development: Extensive experience with agile mindset and agile development processes

In order to successfully act as a bridge between your data team and more business-related development, in the coaching of data owners at the domain level, it can also be good to have at least some knowledge of business development/product development. At a slightly higher level, it will be useful to have management and communication skills to participate in the data-related transformation of the division and the company and to broaden the data maturity at the management/C-level.

Your Experience

Above all, you have good experience of transformation and digital disruption in general and data innovation in particular, but to some extent also leadership and communication both downward and upward in various organizations.

It doesn't hurt if you have experience working with MACH architecture, based on an API-first strategy with a best-of-breed portfolio of cloud-based platforms and microservices with headless deployment. Extra plus if you have worked with domain-driven design, with distributed systems and decentralized data responsibility.

You have worked with similar things before, where you were the leader of data units in a larger organization or a tech startup before, alternatively that you led a data squad and feel it is time to grow into the task and step up to the next level of challenges.

Your Personality

You are passionate about data as the power to make a brutal difference. It doesn't hurt if you, like so many of us, are passionate about making this difference being about achieving things that do good for "people & planet", and do it with a healthy business as a consequence - not just as an end in itself.

You have a good drive, grit is your middle name and you are known for not giving up. You like to see concrete results from your efforts around data and innovation. But above all, we believe that you want to play a central role in creating, together with a group of other dedicated trailblazers, a local success story that leaves a disruptive impact on both sustainability and business - we want this disruption to go down in history, and do it as one of the forerunners of how we managed to create a net positive mobility business that actually helped save mother earth for this and the next generation.

And we want you on the journey as the one who, using data as a tool, actually made sure it was successful.

Great Place to Work

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About the company

OKQ8 Scandinavia is one of Scandinavia’s largest fuel companies. For us, the transition to a fossil-free society is a top priority. The transition has begun, and it is not just us who need to rethink. The whole society needs to do so. Our industry is one of the contributing factors to climate change and we want to lead the development that changes it. It is urgent, so we have set sharp goals for ourselves. In 2045, neither we ourselves, nor any of the products we sell, will make a negative contribution to climate change. It covers our entire business. Sustainable development requires clean energy and climate-neutral mobility. We will deliver that. As you need it.

Visste du att OKQ8:TOM

TOMI grunden är ett kooperativ som verkar för sina medlemmars bästa. Idag har vi 1,6 miljoner medlemmar fördelat på sex föreningar runtom i landet.

TOM2012 etablerade Europas första hållbara station. Idag har vi 10 hållbara stationer, vilket innebär att stationen byggs med hållbara material, delvis drivs av solceller och bergvärme, och därmed gör av med 50 % mindre energi än en vanlig station.

TOMSatsar på utökad laddinfrastruktur för att förenkla för kunder och medlemmar att köra eldrivet. Genom ett samarbete med Skellefteå Kraft byggs just nu det som ska bli ett av Sveriges största nätverk av supersnabbladdare med 150 kW effekt längs landets vägar.

TOMÄr Sveriges största grossist av förnybara energilösningar genom vårt bolag KP. Nästan var fjärde villa med solpaneler i Sverige har köpt och fått dem installerade av KP.

TOMHar Sveriges största stationsnätverk av Neste MY Förnybar Diesel (HVO100). En diesel tillverkad av förnybara råvaror som minskar CO2e-utsläppen med 70 - 90 %.

TOMÄr en av Sveriges största aktörer inom biltvätt med över 460 anläggningar på fler än 280 platser runtom i landet.

Rufus Lidman | Contact Person

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