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Operations Associate - Cape Town
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Computer/IT Services




Entry level

Location: Cape Town

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Victoria Jackson

Job Description

About MEST: MEST provides a 12-month Entrepreneur-in-Training (EIT) program, which infuses African tech enthusiasts with a combination of hard IT and practical business skills, equipping them to build successful commercial tech companies. At the end of the program, teams have the opportunity to pitch for funding and a seat at the MEST Incubator.

Since its inception, the Meltwater Foundation has invested $20 million into the program, supporting aspiring African entrepreneurs through the training program and incubator. Over 350 individual entrepreneurs have graduated from the training program and over 30 tech companies have been launched via seed funding and mentorship from MEST.

While Accra, Ghana, will remain headquarters for the training program, MEST is forging a strong incubator network across Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa.

Key responsibilities for OPERATIONS ASSOCIATE:

1. Font of house responsibilities:

  • Welcoming guests and advising tenants of their arrival
  • Issuing guest tokens
  • Managing courier deliveries and pick-ups
  • Answering the phone for business related queries
  • Customer relationship management and reporting on discussions with tenants in case of problems - basic tech support
  • Managing email inquiries, queries from tenants, suppliers
  • Managing MEST Incubator calendar
  • Daily checking of room reservations and managing tenant needs
  • Morning check ups on arrive and feeding into Vivian ( cleaner )
  • Kitchen orders and stock take

2. Day to Day Finance

  • Invoicing to tenants / film crews etc
  • Assisting with payment / debtors list and invoiced made to MEST Incubator
  • Petty cash and recording
  • Receipt filing
  • Compare pricing options to ensure purchasing from the more effective source

3. Overseeing day to day smooth running of office space

  • Ordering and checking office supplies and purchasing
  • Updating layout of open space periodically to keep the space feeling positive
  • Manage air-conditioners, including temperature during the day and servicing yearly
  • Being aware of damages and breakages. Ensuring solutions and repairs take place appropriately.
  • Keeping an eye on network connectivity and reporting problems
  • Strict assets lists and making sure they are always updated
  • General office admin
  • Working with suppliers to meet tenants needs

4. Assisting with events and marketing

  • After hours events assistance for weekend shoots / events
  • Assisting with mail chimp
  • Sending invites for in house events
  • Collating marketing lists as per required
  • Assisting with tenant communication - Liaise with CONTRACTEE, startups, tenants, and clients of THE SPACE, to keep them informed of developments, news, or other informal interactions that may enhance or disrupt their experience

5.Manage tenant onboarding and offboarding

  • Walk tenant through the space ensuring they have the required contact details
  • Guide new tenants through the rules of the space
  • Explain procedures, limitations,and answer any questions
  • Ensure tenants feel welcome and comfortable in the space
  • Manage the move out process to ensure it is smooth and pleasant
  • Ensure access is removed from the security systems
About the company

MEST is a Pan-African training program, seed fund & incubator, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. We offer a 1-year training program for skilled, aspiring tech entrepreneurs, led by a staff of internationally experienced teaching fellows. Each year, we look for Africa’s top talent looking to begin their journey toward becoming globally successful software entrepreneurs.

Since its inception in 2008, MEST has invested over $15million in training 400+ individual entrepreneurs and over 25 high technology companies across Ghana and Nigeria have been mentored and funded.

MEST entrepreneurs have developed solutions addressing local & global markets, received outside follow-on funding from global investors, and have gained admittance to top accelerator programs such as Y-Combinator, 500 Startups and TechStars.

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